Lice Found Living In Woman’s Eye

A woman in north-east China made a harrowing discovery — at least twenty lice had taken up residence in her left eye. The tiny insects had taken over her eyelashes and infiltrated underneath her eyelid. She reportedly caught the lice during a previous extended stay at the hospital.

The woman was immediately taken to a specialist for treatment. “These lice were all white in color,” her physician, Dr. Bao said. “At first I thought they were a parasitic bug, like mites or something similar. Upon closer examination under a microscope, however, we determined they were lice.

Nurses sterilized the woman’s eye and plucked the intruding insects out one-by-one with a pair of small tweezers. Though this story may sound shocking, it isn’t the first case of lice or other small insects nesting in or around a human eye.

Above: Lice infestation in human eyelashes.

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