Lightning And Rainbow Caught In A One-In-A-Million Photo

An image has recently gone viral on social media for its once-in-a-lifetime uniqueness. The image? Lightning and a rainbow capture in one single shot. Greg McCown was driving on his way to work in Arizona when he witnessed lightning and rainbow all at the same time. The spectacular scene left a huge impression on the 42-year-old real estate agent that he vowed to shoot it someday. After seven years and millions of attempts, Greg McCown finally got it.

The photo was so beautiful that it looks like it’s been Photoshopped, but it’s 100% real. Greg McCown used a basic DSLR camera kit, but the biggest problem he had to face was where the lightning will strike — and how fast he’ll be able to catch it. “Our reaction time to see lightning and hit the trigger in time to catch it just are not fast enough, so I used a lightning trigger. This is a small device that sits on top of the camera, senses the lightning & fires the trigger… I’ve seen similar things happen only a few times in my life while actively looking for it,” McCowan wrote, adding “To catch it with the camera was nothing short of awesome.

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