Lindsay Lohan Is Probably Going Back To Jail

The future does not seem so bright for Lindsay Lohan right now. In a hearing on Thursday, which was a follow up from her 2012 reckless driving case, a Los Angeles judge declared Lindsay must complete her community service. If not, there will be severe consequences — meaning jail time. The 28-year-old actress only completed 10 hours of community service in the span of three years since her last hearing. Page Six reports Lohan is left with 115 hours remaining by May 28th.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the reporters the actress will be moving from London to New York for the sole purpose of completing the hours and he is positive his client will complete the remaining hours by May 28th. The city prosecutor, Melanie Skehar, does not agree with Holley, and is highly skeptical about Lohan completing her duties. If Lohan does fail, she will most probably be facing jail time.

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