Little Jedi girl joins the Dark Side at Disneyland

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  • Jefferey Wiza Reply

    If I remember right, the photo only shows about half their stock. I was there in January 2016. It was tricky to find. Head down alleyway, turn right (avoiding more obvious bar), stick to right side of cross-alley, avoiding another obvious bar, go down dark and dreary stairs below street level, come up to unmarked steel-armoured door, open into darkly-lit whisky heaven.

  • Urban Orn Reply

    Nope, William already went over to the dark side. He killed the soldier while Dolores was getting water.

  • Grant Huels Reply

    He went to the dark side and is a head honcho at BuzzFeed. He manages content, doesn't create it any longer.

  • Alfreda Rutherford Reply

    So princess Leia went to the dark side...

  • Dakota Gerlach Reply

    R: Yang...I am your father. Y: What the hell are you talking about Rubes, you're my sister dork. R: Come to the dark side. I can teach you the ways of the Sith Lord. Y: No way, you'll have to "force" me to, eh get it? Ahaha. R: Enough foolishness, I shall not cut off your arm now. Y: Are you going to make me hands solo? R: Grrr...........*cuts* *off* *Yang's* *arm* Y: Oh my gosh, you actually cut my hand off! Let's just call this fight a Tai. *jumps* *into* *trash* *chute*

  • Dariana Brekke Reply

    4 counties went to the dark side...that's all

  • Lysanne Feeney Reply

    “I don’t want them to be alone,” I hear my mom whisper to my father. I sit outside their door as I try peeking to see what costumes they’ve made us this year. As a family tradition, Mom and Dad craft costumes based on what my brother wants to be, and since I’m finally six years old this is my first year. It is always fun finding out what the surprise will be for him, and now it is even better. I see sparkles on the wall and try leaning a little further into the bedroom to sneak a glance. “Gotcha!” My dad yells and swoops me up in his arms and twirls me. I laugh and kick my legs and I hear my mother cover up the costumes. Dad carries me back to my bedroom and lays me in bed. “Gotta sleep so tomorrow comes faster!” he says tickling me. With a quick kiss on the cheek and a flick of the night light on, he’s out the door. I sigh and roll over to look at the ceiling and look at all of the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. I really hope I’m a sparkly astronaut this year… -- Jonas clicks the door shut behind him and climbs into bed next to his wife. “Did you put her to bed?” she whispers to him. He puts his face in her neck and breathes. “I don’t want them to be alone either,” he whispers back to her keeping his face in her neck. They lay there in silence for a while before he turns to look at her. “It was different with Alec and all his buddies…” he says again. “Now we have Alice out there for the first time tomorrow and we know how nosey she is. Do you think Alec will keep her away?” he turns onto his back and covers his face with his arms. Lauren looks over at Jonas and rubs his chest. “Alec has done this for a while, he doesn’t know about the Taker, but he’s getting a clue. He will keep her away,” she says a few times more for herself than for her husband. He pulls her into him and together they lay in silence looking at the moonlit ceiling, dreading the following night and what their rebellious little girl will get herself into. -- I bounce from couch to couch shrieking, holding my space suit in one hand, already wielding the helmet. My brother stares at me from the kitchen wide-eyed shaking his head as he holds his hockey stick and jersey Mom made. Mom walks into the kitchen and looks at me mid-jump from couch to couch and laughs at me. Alec joins her in the giggling, and Dad comes into the room and stops. He waltzes over to me and grabs me, holding me above his head, flying me into the kitchen. We help Mom make the orange pancake batter as she makes pumpkin pancakes, and Dad draws faces on the eggs. “You do know you can’t eat with the helmet on,” Alec says to me, as he gently pushes my head to one side. I swing at him but am met with a nice solid slap in the shin with his hockey stick. I grunt and remove my helmet, setting it beside me on the table. I make faces at Alec across the table and he flicks fragments of eggs at me. I notice Mom and Dad are more silent than usual and watch them glance at each other back and forth. Mom sets her fork down and places her hand on mine. “Honey, do you remember what we talked about today?” she asks me. I grunt again and roll my eyes. “Alice, look at me,” she says more sternly. I side-glance at her. “Yes, Mom I remember. Stick with Alec, and don’t come home until the porch lights flick three times,” I say to her. “Mom, I’m going to get all the candy in the neighborhood this year anyways, good luck getting me home!” She squeezes my hand and let’s go. “Alice, listen to Mom,” Alec says to me with a mouth full of pancake. “You have to listen to me, or else you can’t play capture the flag with us anymore.” I stare at Alec wide-eyed. “You wouldn’t…” “I mean it!” He points his hockey stick at me, and I try grabbing it. I look at Dad and he stares at his plate, hardly touching his food. I don’t understand why it is such a big deal we are sent away in our costumes, just to get candy, and *can’t* come back until the lights flick three times. They act like I may die. -- I hear Alec yelling at Mom as she adjusts his hockey jersey and pads. Dad and I sit in the bathroom as he ties my hair in pig-tails. I stand in front of him in the mirror, as he finishes the last one and we look at each other. We both tilt out heads one way, then tilting them another. I tilt my head way back and look at him and scrunch my face. “Agreed,” he says, pulling them out. He puts on a heavy rock song and we jump, headbanging around the bathroom and sing the words to our favorite song. “What are you two doing?” Mom says as she stands in the door. I stop mid head bang on the toilet, and Dad is straddling the tub with his air guitar. We glance at each other and back at Mom. “My hair…” I say back at her and she smiles, turning in the doorway and leaves. I jump off the toilet and look in the mirror at my now messy, long, rocked-out hair. Dad walks behind me in the mirror; we turn and high-five. “This is more like Alice hair,” he says to me. Dad follows me into my room, helping me into and zipping up my space suit. My gloves are sparkly and I wave them around the room casting light all over the walls. “Waaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” I yell as I flail my little arms. I whop Dad in the face and gasp. “oops,” I say to him and he laughs at me, pulling my arms to my side. “Stand still you wild girl,” he says as he helps me into my boots. Once my space shoes are on, I stomp and jump around my room. Dad picks me up and pulls me into his arms. I giggle at him. “Alice, I need to talk to you,” he says into my hair. I pull away from him. “Daddy, I’m sorry for whopping you in the face,” I say gently to him. His green eyes look all over my face, laughing. “It’s okay, I think I’ll survive,” he breathes. “You’re my buddy, you know that right?” his green eyes still on me. “You’re tough and strong and you can fight off all the aliens tonight,” he flexes his right arm and grunts. I flex both of mine and grunt back. “You have to stick with Alec, baby. You can’t come home until the lights flick how many times?” He asks me. “Three!” I hold up three sparkly fingers. He sets me down and squats to eye level with me. Putting my space helmet on, he leans his forehead against mine. “You’re my buddy,” he says into my face shield. -- “Alice, come on!” Alec yells back at me. I huff at him as his team of hockey players run ahead of me, and I shuffle behind them in my space suit. I squeeze my way in between him and his best friend Derek. I lead the pack of boys up and down the driveways, collecting fistfuls of candy first. Smiling cutely, I receive more candy than the boys behind me. I begin running ahead of them, trying to fill my bag to the top. Alec and his friends hustle behind me, trying to keep up. He keeps yelling after me and I turn and stick my tongue out at him, throwing a Twix in his direction. He and Derek fight for the candy bar on the ground. The night has surrounded us and I watch all of the girls in princess costumes and witch hats run by. I scuff at them... at least I can actually be what I’m dressed up one day and I look scary. “Alec am I scary?” I ask him. Derek laughs, and Alec shoves him. “No Alice you’re not scary,” I look up at him in my slightly over-sized helmet. “But you’re the toughest, baddest, girl out here. You can save the planet.” I nod my head and trudge on. My bag begins to become a little too heavy, so I take off my helmet and dump my candy bag into it. I toss my bag and begin walking holding my helmet now as a bowl for more candy. We haven’t been out long, but with all of the extra candy I’ve received, it’s becoming too much. “Alec, can we go home to drop off our candy to have room for more?” All of his friends stop and turn around, yelling “NO” at the same time. I stop walking and squint my eyes at them. “It’s not a big deal! We can dump them in piles in the tree-house!” The boys look at each other and Alec shakes his head. “Alice, you heard Mom and Dad. We can’t,” he looks at Derek next to him. I huff and stomp in my space boots past them. Eleven-year-old boys think they know everything. Alec said I was tough, and he’s right. I can protect myself from anything scary out here. At the next house, the boys run into a “rival” hockey team and begin playing an improv game of hockey. I slowly back away, and begin running through the back yards. I’ll climb into the treehouse and dump my candy super-fast, and be back before their dumb game is even over. I walk into the backyard, hearing Mom and Dad out front with all the other parents. I stand at the base of the tree and look up, realizing I can’t climb the ladder while holding my helmet. I look at the back door then back up the tree. I bounce on my feet for a few seconds, and then decide to just dump the candy in my room and leave out the back door before anyone knows I’m home. I bounce across the yard and sneak up the stairs so nobody sees me. I sit on my floor and dump out my helmet, looking at all of the sweetness I collected in the night. I hear the parents out front become quiet, and the lights in the house flicker slightly. I drop the Snickers I was holding, and look up at the lights and shrug. I grab my helmet and begin padding down the hallway. I hear the front door open and freeze. Mom and Dad enter the house, and then I hear another set of footsteps, heavy. *Alec* I think, and pout about the fact he realized I slipped away.

  • Dallas Sawayn Reply

    At the end of the school day... "Cleaning duty for a whole month, that sucks!" I had to stay in the office for the entire fourth block, but Lily came here right after getting out of her last class, so now I can talk to her, which isn't so bad. "Yeah, but at least I wasn't expelled." While going over the punishments for fighting, it was due to the testimony from the guys from third block, the kid from the restroom yesterday, and the general audience in the cafeteria that I was not expelled, unlike the five kids who fought me, who won't be coming back to school tomorrow or any day after that. "Hey, you're Ryan Smith, right?" In front of me, two guys are walking towards me and Lily. They are big, like the guys I fought in the cafeteria. "Yeah, wassup?" "We heard about you fighting off those gang members earlier." "Please, join the karate club!" Huh? "Yeah, you're not in any clubs, are you Ryan?" "I'm not in any... but what's the karate club?" "It's a club where we practice martial arts, and at the end of the year we have a tournament to find out who is the strongest." "There was a member watching your fight, and he told us about how you'd be a great addition to the team." "So please, join us!" Can I really join them? I'm not supposed to fight, but I guess I already did. I need to return home right after school, and that's when most clubs meet. Hm... "What do I have to do?" "We practice every Tuesday and Thursday after school." "And we sometimes participate in local tournaments." "I have to go home after school, so I wouldn't be able to go to club meetings." "Yeah, Ryan's father is really strict." I can't do anything with Lily anymore because of Peter. I really only have weekends for myself now. "Yeah, he'd never let me join a karate club." "What if we can convince him?" "Yeah, what if we can?" "Um.. if you can convince him, then anything's possible." "Right! Clark, call up the core members and have them assemble here, now!" "I'm on it!" The guy, Clark, pulls a miniature picture box from his pocket and starts tapping it with his fingers. Damn, it's a cell phone. Lily says it's a cool little thing that everyone has, but I don't see the appeal. The guy next to Clark also pulls out his cell phone, and they both start calling people. "Hey, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Tanner, captain of the karate club." The one who's name I didn't know finally introduces himself. "I'm Clark, the vice-captain." A few minutes later, six more muscular guys have joined us. "Alright guys, we're going to Ryan's home to convince his dad to let him join the karate club!" "Let's do it!" The additional six say in unison. What a bunch of goofballs. On the twenty-minute walk home, the karate club guys followed me and Lily the entire way. From the way those guys acted, the karate club is starting to sound more like playtime than actual unarmed training. From the dojos I visited as a child, we never jumped on each other's backs and tried to carry each other, which is what two of them were doing right until we got to my house. I use the key in my pocket to open the door and enter the house. I don't remember Peter setting any restrictions to having people over, I just didn't want to have Lily here in case Peter would cause a scene. We wait for about thirty minutes for Peter to come home. I don't know how he'll react to having nine unknown people in the living room, sitting on his furniture and the floor. "Who are these people, Ryan?" Peter asks when he sees the living room. I made sure I was visible so he wouldn't think it was a home invasion or something. Though, we are all high school students. "Mr. Smith, please. We are members of the karate club at school, and we want Ryan to join us!" "Yes, he would be an excellent addition to the team!" "Please consider it!" "Is this true?" Peter asks me. "Yeah, they want me to join." I reply. "Why'd you invite them all over here?" "If I were to join the club, I'd have to stay after school on Tuesday and Thursday, and go to club events." "Wait till Jody gets home, then we'll talk about this." He says, and walks to his chair. As he gets closer, the club member sitting in it gets up and walks to the other side of the room. Peter then changes the channel on the picture box TV and waits. Two and a half hours later, Jody comes home. "What's with all these people?" Jody says when she walks in. "They want Ryan to join a school club." Peter tells her. "Oh, that's nice." "Do you think he should be joining clubs? "I think it's an important part of the high school experience, yes." "But of all things, the karate club?" "What made you want to join the karate club?" "Ryan's a really good fighter." Lily stands and speaks. "A group of gangsters at school tried to fight him, but Ryan knocked them all out like it was no problem." "Ryan, is this true?!" Jody gets worried easily, so it's no surprised she would be shocked to hear this. "They attacked me first." "What was your father teaching him?" Peter asks Lily. Grandfather is Jody's father. "I don't know." "Please, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, let Ryan join the karate club. If he joins, we can protect him from being targeted by any more gangsters." "That's right. Gangsters won't dare attack a member of the karate club or friends of its members." This might work. If it's to protect me, Peter and Jody might let me join the club. "But he'll just be fighting different people." "I need to make a call." Peter says, and he walks out of the room. "Did we convince him?" One of the club members asks. "I don't think so." I reply. A few minutes later, Peter comes back. "Alright, you can join the club, but Jody and I will be going to every event. If we can't, then neither can you." "That's fine." Tanner says for me, and he gets up to shake Peter's hand. "Ryan will be a valued addition to the club." "Thank you!" Many club members say at the same time. A little while later, after introducing themselves to Peter and Jody, the karate club members left. Soon, it was only Lily, myself, and Peter and Jody. "Who is she? She doesn't look like a member of the karate club." Peter asks, probably eyeing her unmuscular arms. "I'm Lily, it's a pleasure to meet you." "She's the girl you saw the movie with?" Jody asks. "Yeah, I met her and her parents while living with grandfather." "Well, I better go home too." "Bye." "Wait, it's dangerous at night." People would know, he is a police officer. "Walk her home, Ryan." "Right, let's go." This is surprising, letting me leave the house so late. Lily leaves first, but I am close behind her. POV: Peter. Should I have let Ryan join the karate club? Should I have let him walk the girl home just now? Maybe these are signs that he is growing up and becoming a man. Maybe this means we won't ever get our Ryan back from before the incident. If the incident never happened, is this how things would have turned out? "So those were your parents?" Lily asks me as we walk side by side. It's only around six-twenty, so it's not dark yet. "Yeah, Jody's okay, but Peter is pretty strict." "Well, I'm glad I got to meet them." I look over at Lily, and it's amazing how her smile reflects the rays of the setting sun. It almost makes me upset when we reach her house twenty minutes later. Well, at least now I know a faster way to her house.

  • Tia Mraz Reply

    THIS IS A LONG REPLY, PLEASE BARE WITH ME, I HAVE A LONG EMOTIONAL STORY TO SHARE: I'm a male community college student who just turned 20 in early October. This past summer was the toughest sequence of trials and tribulations I've ever been faced with (although most of 2016 was pretty shitty). Since I was 5 I lived in the same home with only my Mom, Dad and a few pets. Due to my dad's book design business going under and him becoming disabled, we gradually struggled more and more with making ends meet. Eventually our landlords could no longer find it financially viable to let us rent and told us to come up with the money or leave. We had no choice but to start packing without a destination in sight. This was in late June. At the time I had been with a girl for about 2.5 years and we were at the peek of our relationship. We had many ups and downs but at that point we were very happy together. She was planning on working with the YMCA in Spain and staying there for a total of 5 weeks. She was supportive of my situation every minute before her trip. During my last day in my childhood home, I made arrangements to stay with a close friend of mine, my mother with her friends, and my dad would soon get acquainted with sleeping in his small Mini Cooper countryman. Around this time my work hours were also cut from 30 hours/week to only about 10. By this point we were considered homeless and my loving girlfriend was nearly 6,000 miles away from me (I live in SD, CA). Luckily my dad is a veteran and we were able to find relocation assistance from the VA after over a month of living a nightmare. In late August we were settling into a small apartment and were extremely excited to have a home once more. Although I was still only working a fraction of what I was used to and I was forced to move about 10 miles away from everything I was used to, my family and I were immensely grateful to have a place to call home. A few days passed after moving in to the new apartment and I was counting down the days my girlfriend would return. She was my light and motivation for keeping a positive attitude, and I couldn't wait to hold her again... The last week of her trip she was no longer required to work and was free to enjoy her experience in a new city that was Madrid, Spain. I was aware she had been out drinking and clubbing with her coworkers. Although I felt uneasy watching her get shitfaced through her posts on social media, I found the courage to be supportive of her and her opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and really live! This however, meant she would send me close to no messages during the 5th and final week of her trip (the same week I was beginning to move into my apartment). I felt alone and confused. The day finally came for her arrival at LAX. I was uneasy and had thoughts bouncing everywhere. I came along when dropping her off at the airport initially, but I couldn't work up the energy to pick her up after her trip, so her adoptive dad went alone. She made little to no effort to make plans to see me despite the length of time we had been apart and the situation I just recently faced. I tried not to overthink things and thought it would be appropriate if she spent more time with her family instead at least the first few days--nope. She instead made plans to visit Disneyland accompanied by a few of the very people she just spent 5 weeks with, I received no invitation (maybe she assumed I couldn't afford it, maybe she just didn't want me there). During this time I was extremely uneasy; living in a new area, looking for a better job, TRYING to apply for medical insurance that I had lost over the summer, planning out my upcoming college semester, keeping my head on straight after recently going through a nightmarish state. My girlfriend paid far too little attention to me than what I was used to and comfortable with. Eventually she agreed to a date after THIRD day she had been back. I was incredibly excited to see her. I planned for us to grab some coffee and see a movie. Upon meeting up, I couldn't recognize her right away. She had some new piercings, she was distant and cold, and not the least bit excited to be reunited. To wrap up the story, we did NOT end up watching the movie. She and I sat in my car and she proceeded to explain how she did NOT miss me while she was gone and how she thinks I could've done more to handle my situation. She made it clear she wanted to be single and gave me the whole "it's not you, it's me" speech. But trust me, she managed to throw in a few punches in there. RESOLUTION: The break up was August 5th. At least a month later she attempted to "check up on me" and see how I was feeling (she left on fairly good terms, nothing ugly). I refused to respond. I kept looking forward and didn't want to comply with her (the way I ALWAYS did in the past. I treated her like a queen and apologized and ran to her even if she was wrong... you get the idea). I wanted to prove to her and myself that I could be strong and move on. She then blocked me on social media and I still had not spoken to her since our break up. The only contact we've had was on my birthday in which she volunteered a nice "happy birthday :)". To which I replied "Thanks I appreciate it, I hope you're doing well" which she followed up with "Thank you. You too" My parents and I believe she had a drastic change of heart because she cheated during her trip and I learned to accept it as the truth although I may not have all the evidence. Every day of our 2.5 year relationship up until 3 months after our break up I would wake up and think about her. Recently after figuring out my parents (my only family) are divorcing, I've been researching potential branches of military I could join. I feel as though I have nothing left. This morning I finally woke up thinking about something other than a girl. I woke up thinking about myself wearing a USMC outfit. Today I worked up the courage to throw out old pictures and momentos of my ex. I'm finally motivated to accomplish something difficult and respected. I am going to become a Marine so I can prove to myself and my ex that I am capable. IMPORTANT: I essentially lost my steady income, my childhood home, the only girl I've ever loved as well as her family who treated my like their own, my health insurance, a few friends, my motivation for school and fitness, stable family with happily married parents, and interest in girls all within the span of 2 months. What's keeping me alive is the belief that I can survive and be happy with what little I still have, and the goal of becoming a US Marine and do something positive with my life. It's a little farfetched (and a little nerdy), but in times of hardship I turn to philosophy that so far has best been delivered to me by Star Wars. I personally am not religious but if you dig deep and are open to learning about Jedi and their take on life and hardship, you'd be surprised how helpful it can be. For the past several months I've recited several quotes straight from the movies and tv series: "Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose" "Live for the living" "Never become desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy" and perhaps my favorite... the Jedi code... "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force." If none of this has touched you yet, here's the last bit of knowledge I may be able to share with you at this hour... have will. Resist the "dark side" and don't give in to your fear, hate or jealousy. No matter what you go through, if you summon the will and strength to overcome it, you will give new meaning to the word "proud". Forget how proud others may be of you. Think about how proud you will be of yourself for not being consumed by the darkness despite all obstacles. Be mindful of your emotions and control them. Do not let them control you. I could go on for hours about this but I'm realizing this post is now insanely lengthy. If you'd like to keep talking about it feel free to pm me, friend.

  • Lyric Bradtke Reply

    [super mega spoilers up till vol4 and a bit after](/s " Sorry it took a while. Life & it was a lot of writing. It's been a while since I last read them so I might be missing some details but you should get the general idea. I'll make a tl;dr of the very major points and then a summary of each volume which explains the most important parts. Note they are summaries so they are explained & executed much better in the LN (especially vol4). This only covers end of vol 1 to end of vol 4.   TL;DR: Rolonia joins Braves, Mora kills Hans, Rolonia revives Hans, Nashetania almost kills Chamo, Braves capture Nashetania and Dozzu (one of the three kyouma commanders) and save Chamo, Braves makes temp alliance with Nash and Dozzu to kill Tgurneu, Adlet's childhood friend is now a corpse enemy who knows about Tgurneu's trump card, manages to relay it to Adlet, trump card is Black Barren Flower and is a human girl with white hair and single horn (AKA Fremy), can steal power of the crest of six braves the deeper they go in the wailing demon territory, Adlet decides to keep this secret between him, Rolonia and Hans for now.   End of Vol 1 - Nashetania leaves and Rolonia appears. After more confusion about who the seventh is, they decided to just proceed onward and figure it out as they go along since everyone is up for some Majin slaying anyway. Rolonia is the Saint of Blood. She can heal, manipulate blood, get info from tasting someone's blood and controls her whip or objects covered in blood. This is going to play a role in the next volume.   Vol 2 - They get ambushed by Tgurneu's forces but managed to escape to the "Eternal Flower" which is like a hill/cave of some sort that kyoumas can't enter (as well as heals the braves). While on the way there, Mora is confronted by a kyouma saying that she is out of time. Turns out, Tgurneu planted a spy in the temple Mora was staying before the events of the LN and poisoned her daughter. Only Tgurneu has the cure, so Mora made a pact with Tgurneu using Marmanna (Saint of Words)'s power, which basically kills the party that breaks the pact, but both parties have to agree first. The pact was that Mora will kill one of the six braves and in exchange, Tgurneu would save her daughter. After more fights with Tgurneu's forces the braves ended up splitting up (don't remember why). Hans, Rolonia and Mora are together and Mora is once again reminded that time is running out. Fighting happens and Mora manages to kill Hans. Rolonia manages to revive Hans and he's pretty pissed at Mora and when others found out, she basically lost her leader position but they all move on anyway. Mora doesn't know for sure, but she did in fact complete her part of the deal with Tgurneu so her daughter was saved (since Hans technically did die). The epilogue also introduces the 3 commanders of kyouma who have their own armies and agendas.   Vol 3 - A lot of Goldof backstory. Braves encounter Nashetania andf the majin commander that she works for, Dozzu (shoots lightning), incapacitates Chamo by making her eat a Saint Instrument that Nashetania made which basically shoots blade inside her stomach. Chamo will die if they don't find Nashetania to stop it. After some Goldof drama and detective skills, they find her and save Chamo. I think Nashetania lost an arm as well. In the epilogue, they kinda captured Nashetania and Dozzu and interrogates them. Dozzu tells them that the three kyouma commanders (Dozzu, Tgurneu, and Cargikk) made a pact using the Saint of Words power that the first side that kills three braves gets to lead all the kyouma to do whatever they are planning (because the commanders had conflicting interests), and if they disobey they die. Dozzu's main goal was to revive the majin and use it to make peace with humans but a sacrifice will be made (500k people). Braves disapprove, but they decide to temporarily team up to kill Tgurneu since he has the most tricks up his sleeve and both parties want to stop him.   Vol 4 - They introduce the Corpse Soldiers, which is a group of special undead that are apparently "stronger than Goldof, and faster than Hans". One of these guys is Raina Milan, Adlet's childhood friend. Tgurneu didn't actually kill him but made him prisoner in the wailing demon territory. When he was there, he tried to escape and met Nia Grasta, who was a woman working with Tgurneu. Nia received ability to escape death from Tgurneu, which Tgurneu got from the goddess of fate somehow. Out of guilt (I think), she passed the ability to Raina, but mentions that as it gets passed, it gets weaker. Afterwards, Raina gets caught escaping and killed to be turned to a corpse soldier. Back to current time, his ability made him able to think even though he was a corpse soldier but he can't move at all because a kyouma is controlling them. Sometime before braves enter the forest where they meet the corpse soldiers, Raina overhears Tgurneu talking about the weapon "Black Barren Flower" (BBF) which is apparently Tgurneu's ace up his sleeve and can kill the braves. Raina knows that he and other corpse soldiers will be fighting the braves so he thinks up a way to relay the message to them (despite having little to no control over his body except his thoughts) since its the only way to save the braves from getting annihilated. After Rolonia falls for a trap, Adlet comes to help her but they still get cornered but Hans saves them both anyway. I don't remember why but basically Adlet is convinced that there was someone in the forest that can tell them about Tgurneu's ace. In the middle of all this, Raina manages to throw a piece of cloth or something to the ground which later Adlet noticed as being unnatural and could mean something. After beating the kyouma that controls the corpse soldiers, Adlet notices the cloth and does some investigating. Raina slowly losing his conciousness is running out of time to let the braves know about the BBF since the kyouma controlling them died. As a last ditch effort, he hums a song that is familiar to the village Adlet and Raina grew up in. It was weak but Adlet manages to identify it in the forst and finds Raina, where Raina manages to relay the message to Adlet. Raina didn't recognize Adlet since he's barely concious/alive, but I think Adlet recognizes him. Raina tells adlet that the BBF is a weapon that steals the power of the crest of six flowers as they get closer to the center of wailing demon territory, and its form is a "girl with white hair and a single horn on her forehead. And the look in her eyes is terribly cold." Adlet surprised about it decided to keep it a secret between him, Hans, and Rolonia for now and heads to regroup with other braves.   Other info idk where they belong: Nashetania's crest is fake and was given to her by Dozzu which Dozzu got from Hayuha Presio (previous Saint of Time). Tgurneu has a team called "Dark Specialists" which are basically kyouma with unique qualities/powers. Tgurneu's real form is a fig, which takes over a kyouma's body if eaten he can also take other kyouma's body parts for his own.   ----------------------------------------SUPER SPOILERS BELOW------------------------------------------------   Hans, Chamo, Mora, Goldof, Rolonia, and Fremy are the real braves. Nash and Adlet are fake. Tgurneu gave Adlet the crest and somehow conditioned(?) Adlet to have the mindset of protecting Fremy so that Fremy can end up killing all the braves as the Black Barren Flower (hence why Adlet is kinda in love with Fremy). Neither Fremy nor Adlet knew this about themselves.")

  • Emilio Okuneva Reply

    Sorry, I went to the dark side haha (EE). You wanna talk photonics/plasmonics I got you, but sadly my high level physics is pretty weak. Just the very basics of QFT is as far as I got.

  • Hollie Kuhn Reply

    I wonder if there will be that dark side of the moon effect. Basically when night falls it a race back to your ship before you freeze to death. Or at least on certain planets. Also the flash burns would be awesome as well. Unprotected planets basically get blasted with intense heat and radiation in sunlight due to no atmosphere or something. I don't know the real effect I'm not a scientist. But yeah would be cool to be on a mission and lose track of time. All of a sudden it's a life or death race to your ship. Hopefully you have a pilot you leave with the ship to come pick you up doing the classic mass effect 3 jump into the Normandy.

  • Verona Ferry Reply

    Ahh fuck, I liked that guy from TUF Latin America, good dude, shame he went to the dark side

  • Althea McCullough Reply

    He became so mad be went to the dark side.

  • Joan Wilkinson Reply

    Maybe this is the lore where semira never found her and she went to the dark side

  • Cassandre Kub Reply

    yeah, but he went to the dark side.

  • Evert Oberbrunner Reply

    Eh, dislike? I hope that my post doesn't come across as that. I've always watched movies as movies, but a week ago I read the Jar Jar Dark Side theory and was wondering if it's worth reading more into the events in a movie. Perhaps I should stop thinking about that stuff too much. It was definitely simpler before.

  • Dale Flatley Reply

    Im sorry... I did that a few times... I was a mostly legit player but occasionally I went to the dark side.

  • Boyd Orn Reply

    Katie stared, jaw agape as she took in the sight before her. She had hoped to visit the hotel's gym and work off some of the nervous energy before visiting the park the next day for the very first time in her life, but when the little girl stepped inside, she discovered a group of six men wearing dark robes and standing around the lifeless body of a custodian. Not even six hours ago, Katie had waved hello to that kindly old woman, and now she was gone at the hands of these monsters. Their satisfied grins soon turned into snarls of surprise and anger at the sight of young Katie, and she was only shocked into action when she caught a glimpse of their overly-large fangs and finally made the terrifying conclusion to their identities. Katie threw open the door and sprinted down the hall as the vampires screamed at each other. "INTERLOPER!" "She has seen too much!" "She must be destroyed!" "No, she must be used. We shall hunt!" "Nothing must stand in the way of the hunt!" "Then let it be so!" said the final monster, and soon his words were followed with an indecipherable babble that made Katie feel strange and... almost hollow. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her and she felt a surge of relief when she spotted a police officer in the lobby. But when she reached out to grab the officer's hand, Katie's hand instead phased right through it. She yelped with a mixture of confusion and surprise, and when she noticed no one had reacted to her or this strange phenomenon, she tried again. Nothing. From the other side of the lobby near the bank of elevators, she could hear a cackle from one of the monsters. All six of them stood in a row, their robes flowing in a breeze that wasn't there. "Nothing must stand in the way of the hunt, child. Mortal eyes are not to see what you have seen, and in doing so you have put our works into danger. We have ripped you from your world... soon you will have no world at all." The monsters stepped forward in perfect unison, their dark procession looming ever closer toward the frightened little girl. Katie gave a shriek, and bolted out of the hotel and into the Anaheim streets. ---------------- At first, Katie tried to avoid the crowds of people as she scurried along the sidewalk, but soon she realized it was pointless. Despite her shouting and anything she could physically do, no one could see her and anyone would just phase through as if they were ghosts. Or was it as if *she* was a ghost? Katie certainly didn't feel dead, but how would she know? The monster had mentioned a hunt, so maybe she was alive... for now. But how had this happened? She dared not return to her room to try and wake her parents and sister, the last thing Katie wanted was to lure the monsters to her family. So she ran into the night as fast as her little legs could take her. From every shadow she could see movement, and the unmistakable cackling of the monsters hung in the air, never drawing closer but never fading into the night. She crossed streets to stay in the light of lamp posts, but they now somehow felt dim and cold. She stopped to catch her breath for only a moment once, but started again with a jerk when she felt a hand claw at the back of her hooded sweatshirt. Katie understood then that they wanted her to run, to keep running until she couldn't run anymore. Until she was too exhausted to struggle against them. Until she too would be like the sweet old lady she'd found them huddled over. Katie felt a renewed sense of fear and sprinted down the street with only one singular goal: escape. But to where? As she turned a corner, Katie looked up to see what street she was on. It didn't matter, she had no idea where she was. But with her attention skyward, she noticed something in the distance. A single, small firework had shot into the sky and with a noiseless explosion, the letter "K" formed in mid-air. It glowed with a beautiful, radiant, yellow light and for the first time that evening, the fear that had taken hold of Katie diminished ever so slightly. Katie could hear screams and wild hissing from behind her, and she turned to see three of the vampires mere yards away, recoiling from the same light. She took it as a sign, the only one that made even a shred of sense, and started to run to the source of the firework as it dissipated into the night sky. ------------- Katie ran through a massive, empty parking lot, and for the first time she could get a clear view of the monsters since the pursuit had begun. Gone now was the vile laughter, but in it's place was something the little girl felt was even worse. "First we shall drink your fear. Then we shall drink your blood. And last, we shall drink your soul" they chanted in unison. Katie could feel exhaustion creeping up her limbs and her chest ached terribly with each lungful of air she gasped, but still she ran. Their pace had quickened as well, but each time they got close enough to grasp at their frightened prey, another firework shot into the sky. The monsters would throw themselves into the shadows at the sight of every launch, giving Katie time to widen the gap between her and her pursuers. At last she had made it across the vast parking lot, and only then had it truly dawned on Katie where she was. On the other side of the large iron fence was a patch of greenery that had the smiling face of Mickey Mouse made of flowers, and behind that was a building with a simple sign that read "Disneyland" in large, friendly letters. She wished she had time to enjoy the moment, but as she reached the fence, the chanting of the monsters grew ever closer. She turned and saw the six fanged men marching toward her, their arms now outstretched toward their intended victim as they drew ever closer. Dread had washed over Katie, and she backed against the locked gate, bracing herself. But at her touch, the gate opened and Katie tumbled backward, giving a started yelp as she landed in a heap on the ground. Katie glanced up, and was astonished to see the gate snap shut once more, barring her would-be attackers from entry. The monsters broke their chant, their surprise matching Katie's, and they began to struggle against the iron gate. Their confusion soon gave way to fury, but despite their best efforts, the gate would not move. "Nothing must stand in the way of the hunt!" one of them snarled, but as he attempted to leap over the gate, the monster slammed into what Katie could only see as a wall of light. The monster fell to the ground shrieking, a small tuft of smoke emanating from his robe. Katie stood up from her prone position, her heart still pounding with fear and adrenaline. The monsters stared at her with hunger and rage. "We know not what trickery this is, but know this, child: you have only delayed the inevitable. This place cannot keep you from us forever, and soon we shall finish the hunt." And with a sound that nearly resembled thunder, they faded into the darkness. "Hmph. Trickery. Indeed." said a soft and warm voice. Katie spun around to see who was talking, but saw nothing. "But then, you can't expect them to have any appreciation for real magic when you're dealing with vampires." The voice was coming from all around, and tears soon began to fall down Katie's face while her eyes darted wildly to find who was now with her. "Wh-who are you? Who's talking? W-where are you?" asked Katie, stepping away from the gate and toward the flower Mickey. "That is going to take some explaining, but I am your friend. We only wish to-" "No!" Screamed Katie. "No! I have had it! I'm scared, I'm alone, I don't know what's going on, and I want answers! WHO. ARE. YOU." The voice gave a soft laugh, then cleared its throat. "Oh you must excuse me, but you remind me of a former pupil. Very well, as you wish." A glowing white light emanated from a spot a few feet away from Katie, and a tall man stepped forward from it. He was dressed in a shimmering blue robe and had a long, gray beard. And perched atop his head was a blue pointed hat with glimmering yellow stars and crescent moons adorned upon it. He looked down at the frightened child and gave a smile. "My name is Yen Sid," he said with the same voice Katie had heard all around her, "and I am a sorcerer and protector of this land. And these-" he gestured behind Katie, "are some of my friends." Katie turned, and at the sight of the sorcerer's friends, she immediately fainted. Yen Sid rushed to the collapsed girl and was soon joined by his companions. "Oh the poor thing, she must be exhausted!" said Minnie Mouse as she knelt down and cradled Katie against her. "We have to do something! We've got to protect her!" Donald Duck quacked, and Pluto gave a quick bark in agreement. "Gawrsh, d'ya think th' fence will hold if they come back?" asked Goofy. "Let us hope so, my friend." said Yen Sid "But we have far more to rely on than a simple barrier. You four, take our guest to the castle and inform Princess Aurora of the situation. I have no doubt her highness will tend to this girl with the utmost care. And you-" the sorcerer glanced to the mouse now at his side before starting to walk toward the park, "contact your brother Oswald across the way. Tell him to be alert for any malevolent magic in the area. At the first sign of trouble, I want him here. We're not going to lose him again." "Gosh, what do you think's going to happen?" asked Mickey Mouse, walking beside his former mentor. "And where are you going?" "I do not know, old friend." replied Yen Sid, "That is why I must go to the Mansion and speak with Madame Leota. I suspect this is just the beginning." And with that the sorcerer vanished, leaving Mickey alone on Main Street. He gulped, worrying over the words Yen Sid departed with, but when his eyes happened upon the statue at the end of the street, he felt a renewed optimism. With a smile, Mickey Mouse headed toward Toontown to call his brother.

  • Ubaldo Eichmann Reply

    Nick woke up to the sound of… nothing. There was no noise. All the yelling and shouting and laughing was gone, no footsteps or rings of bells. He felt a lot better now, and now that the music and noise was gone, his head felt much clearer. He crawled out from under the bush, and looked around. The park was dark. No people, no animals, and all the lights were off. It was a little scary, actually. But Nick had to be brave. It was only darkness, right? And he was nearly four now- no, he *was* four now! The trip to Disneyland was for his birthday! Yes, he was four now. Dark didn’t scare four year olds. Right? And then he heard the sound. It was a slithering, sliding sound. After a moment, he heard another, and then another. Sliding, scraping… like cloth on a rough surface. And that *was* scary. Trying to hold in his tears, Nick backed up a little, looking around for where the sound came from. It was everywhere, all around, and getting louder. And then they appeared. Tall, pale. Dark cloaks that trailed on the concrete. Eyes red with sleepless nights and malice. There were so many of them, higher than he could count. Then again, sometimes Nick messed up and counted too many, so maybe there wasn’t as many as he thought? The tallest of them stepped forward, leaning down, down, down to come face to face with Nick. He sniffled. “Little boy. Why are you out, so late at night?” The creature's voice was quiet, but it sounded like those times when Mommy and Daddy would yell at each other. Nick didn’t know the words to describe it, but it wasn’t nice. “Don’t you know,” The being continued, “That nighttime is when the monsters come out? Didn’t you understand, my *sweet* little boy, that staying up past your bedtime is *dangerous?”* And then the creature grinned, revealing two pairs of long, sharp teeth, that glistened even in the darkness. Nick whimpered. And then he ran. The creatures behind him laughed as he pumped his little arms and legs stumbling away as fast as he could go. Their voices rose, cackling and shaking, rough and scary. And then the slithering, scraping noise began again, in earnest. Huffing and puffing, Nick glanced over his shoulder. The tall creatures were sliding unhurriedly over the ground, robes tight about them. They didn’t run, but they were fast, all the same. Sobbing with fright now, he dashed around a corner, and was met with the sight of a dark, unmoving merry-go-round, the horses frozen into various poses. He clambered over the lip of the ride, and ran through the horses, avoiding the rods and feet that stuck out everywhere. Suddenly, the edge appeared, and he tumbled off the merry-go-round, falling to the hard ground. His hands burned, and he lifted them up. They were covered with grit, and some red scrapes, pain, pain, pain. The dark chuckles of the monstrous creatures followed, getting louder and louder, and he rolled onto his back. They were right *there*, weaving through the horses after him. The extra foot or two of height made them even scarier. At least, until the merry-go-round lit up and started with a jerk. The laughing stopped as soon as the lights came on, and the entire crowd of vampires lurched as the ride began to spin. Despite the fact that they were chasing him, Nick almost laughed. They looked so funny, all tilting to the side at the same time, yanking their hands out of their robes and holding them up in surprise, to balance themselves. But they weren’t laughing anymore. And Nick felt like that was a bad thing. The tallest, the leader, glared down at him, mouth no longer turned up, no longer playing, even though the playing was scary enough. He scrambled to his feet, the scrapes on his palms forgotten, and he ran again. The merry-go-round had surprised them, and now he could run again. But even as he ran, he heard a hissing roar, and the lights and music of the merry-go-round died, sputtering to a halt. A muffled *whoosh* swept past him, and Nick felt himself lifted high into the air, higher than Daddy ever held him. The creature looked at Nick with disdain, and the little boy struggled, trying to get free. And then, around them, the entire park blazed into life. Lights, rides, music, all started at once and rang, bright and happy. The monster hissed, eyes squinting tight, and dropped Nick. He barely had time to scream before something caught him. It was soft and flat, and it whisked Nick away, leaving the creatures in the dust. Breathing heavily, Nick glanced down at the thing that had caught him. It was purple, with golden lines running through it. For some reason, it seemed familiar, but he couldn’t quite remember… And then it stopped, gently. A hand reached up to pat the cloth beneath him. “Good job, Carpet.” Nick looked up, and saw a man, wearing a vest, and big white pants. They almost looked like pillows. And then the creatures were back. They surrounded Nick and the man, hissing and snarling, looking more animal than anything. But the man just smiled, and raised his hand. Immediately, a tiny blue bundle of blue fur smashed into the nearest creature, snarling like a rabid dog. (Nick knew because he had heard one before, just a month ago.) The monsters scattered, moving faster than Nick could see, with the blue creature racing after them, trying to catch one. Finally, the blur stopped, panting, gazing around at the flying creatures around it, and Nick got a good look. He was blue, with antenna and six legs. His mouth was huge, and his eyes were angry. He spoke, voice rough. “Stay… *away!* No… *hurting!”* The monsters only hissed. That is, until a massive grey bear swiped one of them out of the air with a single paw. The creature fell flat to the earth, and didn’t move. The bear looked up at the rest, and spoke. “You’d better believe it, buster! We ain’t gonna be going easy on you, either.” As one, the creatures stopped, and dropped to the ground in unison, standing tall. The first one stepped forward. “You think you can stop us, bear? You cannot overpower us all. We will have the boy!” The bear snorted. “Us all? Us all? Watch who you’re calling outnumbered, now.” At that, all around the park, dozens of others appeared. From the rides and buildings, out from behind trees and bushes, a few even flew down from the sky. Nick gazed around in awe. And then he spotted the duck. Tall, white, and wearing a blue sailor’s uniform. He looked angry, but then again, that’s how he usually looked. And that was just how Nick liked him. With a small shout of excitement, Nick slid off of the carpet and ran over toward his favorite character. Before he reached Donald, someone else stepped out from the crowd, next to him, and held out his white-gloved hands. Nick stopped before the giant yellow shoes, and looked up. Red pants, big ears. So what? He ignored the mouse, running around to Donald, and raised his arms. He didn’t beg to be held much anymore, (after all, he was *four* now,) but he felt like it was okay after all the scary things that had been happening. Hesitantly, large white feathers reached down and lifted him up. A low *guffaw* sounded from the side, and Nick glanced back to see Mickey looking a bit shocked. But then he got a wide grin. “Well, looks like I can’t be *everyone’s* favorite!” Donald held him in his feathery hands, and Mickey turned back to the creatures. “You know this isn’t your place, vampires. You don’t belong here!” The Mouse pulled a large paintbrush out of his pocket, and held it up threateningly. Black paint dripped from the end, and sizzled on the concrete. “We want that *child!”* The largest vampire took a step closer. “Ours is the dominion of the night, and you have taken what we deserve.” Mickey shook his head. “You don’t deserve anything here. Stick to your own stories!” He glared at the creatures, and waved the paintbrush around. Fast, faster than Nick could see, the vampire struck out, and Mickey was thrown backwards, into the crowd. The paintbrush fell to the ground, and there was a collective gasp from the characters. Silence. Nick cowered in Donalds grip. And then Nick heard a muttering. Angry. Low. A rumbling, sputtering noise. He looked up. Donalds face was red as a beet. Nick giggled. Carefully, the duck set Nick down, then took a step forward. “Why.. Why you… I oughta… I oughta… *I oughta…*” But whatever he ‘oughta’ do was drowned out by his furious squawking. Donald, ungainly, waddling, rushed forward, attacking without even thinking. Nick collapsed on the ground, laughing out loud at the sight. And that was before the entire rest of the cast rushed forward to help. The vampires were swallowed up in a wave of animals. Donald snatched up the paintbrush and jabbed it at any vampire that got too close, and the creatures shied away from its touch. Nick sat and giggled every time he saw Donald, jumping around. The monsters didn’t seem so scary now, not if Donald was playing with them. Eventually, the vampires were all driven off or beaten down, and the park settled down a little. Mickey was okay, mostly. Everything was fine. He was surrounded by people again, and while he didn’t know most of them, he recognized them from… somewhere. A funny show. He was tired again, already. Terror does that, along with relief. He stayed close to Donald, his friend, as long as he could. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in the soft arms of an enormous duck, surrounded by the lights and music of a happy park.

  • Ruthie Kirlin Reply

    Sammy was a smart little cookie. It's not just his straight A's in math and English, no - he had real engineering talents, I could tell. He'd been tinkering with those Lego robotic kits since he was five, and he made a functioning intestinal track out of cellophane, wires and Heinz canned beans for his school's science fair. Didn't win a prize, of course - it was too disgusting, but we had a good laugh and his friends loved it. And when, for the tenth birthday, I got him an Arduino, he couldn't be happier. Said he's going to build his own Sam-bot. I remember smiling thinly at those words. I knew it would never happen. You would ask me, of course - why haven't I moved out, changed cities, left him alone to grow and... live. The reason was simple. I'll tell you like I've told to the grey slabs of granite at the cemetary, brushing away autumn leaves from the names of my mother and father. "Too late", I squeezed out to the chill of November air. Too late. The damage had been done. I brush away the moist, scarce hair from his forehead, and they still cling to his clammy skin. Sammy is twelve now, and the horror on his face is almost mature now - it's silent and sunken, deep into his dark hazel eyes that had grown too big too his skinny face. It's not a horror of a child afraid of a monster under his bed, but of an old man peering at his looming demise. Sammy is all wired - there's tubes in his nose and bracelets over his frail wrists, and he's surrounded by an array of lifeless, beeping machinery that is a world away from his clever, funny little robots. The bed, too big for him, is like a sterile womb, a parody of the bed he had at home. I gaze at him with a bittersweet mixture of grief and acceptance, and think of the time before Sammy understood it all. When the colors hadn't been washed out of his face by sickness and terror. As I straighen out one of the trodes sucked to his body, the corresponding screen glitches and I quickly pull my hand away. Doctor Amir and the lady from the foundation don't seem to notice. "Sammy has terminal lung cancer", I explain to the woman. Laura, isn't that her name? Must be it. "But it doesn't mean that we don't have hope and... I really want him to get something special". The Make-a-Wish rep nods her head rapidly - her hazel eyes glazed with that special sort of faked enthusias you see in people working with elderly and in politics. "Everything for our little hero", she cooes and leans over the hospital bed. "Now, Sam, what would you like to do? Do you want to meet Spiderman? Visit Disneyland? Or maybe go swimming with dolphins? What's your very, very, very be-eeeee-estest and greatest wish?" "He likes robots", I offer a helping hand, and Sam shoots me such a look full of hatered, that even the usually daft oncologist sways aside in confusion. Him, but not Laura, who continues to clutch her papers and cling to Sammy's bed handle with the same wide smile plastered to her face. "Can I...", Sammy looks up at her, and a violent cough breakes his body in two before he can continue. One button-black eye briefly slips back to me, full of suspicion and anger. "Can I tell you in private?" Laura smile and glances at me. There's a hint of want, of lust seeping through the flakes of her professional beige makeup, a stain of something not so "kid-friendly" and impure in the way she quirks her eyebrow. "Want to keep a secret from you big brother?" A cough, revebrating painfully in my ears, a howling chorus of jury and judges and executioners. "Yes". She thinks it's cute and I walk out the door, lingering by the window into the room, pawing at the pale hospital windowsblinds, with my back th the corridor where doom looks down from every wall, from every scribbled rainbow and cheery crayon face. I put my ear to the glass: "Just... just one thing..." the coughing muffles and breaks his voice. "I know how it sounds, please..." What will Sam ask for? Maybe a trip to Japan, to see that big Gundam they built? He used to love that anime... "You have to kill my older brother before it's too late". Ah. Too late. There's a gasp and an angry shush from Mr. Amir, the "Samuel, what are you even saying?" and "this isn't some joke, Ms. Corry's here to help you and the other kids, to make your dreams real, not be pranked" and then, finally, the tearful pleading that for the first time exposes Sam for who he is - a frightened, dying child. My brother. "You don't u-understand. You're all in danger - in real danger! Stan, he..." Sam tells them, tells what he pieced together after Mom and Dad died, after he was diagnosed with cancer. What a smart kidHe tells them about what I am, and I look at my hands, enthralled by the patterns carved into my fingertips, by their outward normality. Ah, they are cold, always cold. I look at my chest, at the khaki T-shirt with the Quantico Academy logo printed in coal black, and think that noone will ever believe a scared kid. Some part of me, the one that accepts the guilt, wishes it wasn't true. Wishes for his words to carry more weight than this horrid wet rasp. Wishes for what - punishment? I guess. Behind the closed door, Sammy is telling them impossible, fantastic things about me - that I'm a walking radioactive emitter, slowly inducing radiation poisoning into everyone in my immediate vicinity, damaging electronics, killing smaller animals. That I know about it and want to kill the President. My thoughts turn to the robots, lying down broken in his room. Useless, malfunctioning mess. *Kill my older brother before it's too late*. I push the door open, and in a second, grab both the doctor and Laury in a big hug from behind. My smile is beaming 100 Gigawatts as I chirp to Sam: "So, Sam, what have you picked?" Oh, but there's the other side. The one that doesn't *care*. My hands are cold, but my embrace is warm, and I wink to Sammy like we're conspirators. He's a smart kid, he'll understand.

  • Skye Gislason Reply

    Having done LSD and Molly pretty much everywhere I do have one place I will never do drugs again at. Answer at bottom. Some of the places I've done LSD and Molly at. Sometimes both at the same time, sometimes one drug per visit. Disneyland/California Adventure. (The first time I dropped LSD, I did without knowing what it was until after I had already consumed it was here) (This is happens to be my favorite place to drop Acid and makes the expensive pass worth every penny) The Beach (my favorite place to roll on Molly) Church (don't ask) All of the Halloween Haunts at theme parks The forest, both fenced off on big plots of land, and just open forest Church Camp (I was a bad kid) Concerts of EVERY kind. On LSD I prefer Classic Rock concerts, with very few exceptions. I can only do LSD at concerts where i can sit down, in a closed environment. My favorite concert while rolling is between The Cure and Pink Floyd playing The Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish. However, doing Molly while at a recent Beach Boys concert was the best thing ever and will be one of my favorite nights for the rest of my life. Molly is a great concert drug all around and is great for festivals. Pretty much everywhere you can think of that's either a common place or a popular one in Southern California honestly. ANSWER: The worst and only place I won't ever do drugs on again and is on a plane. I was on a 18 hour plane ride from Tokyo to LAX. Never again not even on a shorter flight. It's totally my fault, and is probably a good time normally (as plenty of friends had recommended it to me) on drugs. But I fucked up and took 40 Legendary Tabs of Acid from Japan. I'm gonna include the back story if you're interested. I'll keep it short. Me, the girl I was dating at the time, and our friend from Japan, went to Japan with the sole purpose of buying Legendary LSD. Me and we'll call her K, thought it was a myth. THAT fucking legendary. Anyways the trip was fun, we bought three sheets of the Legendary LSD after trying some (1 tab of that did more for me then 4 of any other tabs I've ever had. Which is saying something as I've done acid over 70 times.) and were planning on putting them in ziplock baggies, 1 sheet per bag, and smuggling them back to Southern California. It was about 20 minutes until our boarding call and I started getting horrible anxiety about the whole thing. I went into the bathroom, and took my entire sheet. (An American sheet is 100 tabs, the one's we bought had about 40 tabs, being so strong.) I could have flushed them down the toilet, but nope. I (very fucking stupidly) took all 40 tabs and got on the plane. I tripped for 8 terribly terrible days. I don't remember the plane ride, nor the 2 hour car ride home from the airport, just little pieces of wanting to die. I couldn't even think about acid for over a year, and when I started again, started super small. Moral of the Story: Don't let anyone talk you into smuggling drugs. No matter how enticing it sounds, it's not worth it. Sure, luckily K, and our Japanese friend didn't get caught, but they could have. And you could too. You might also end up being forced by your (sometimes really stupid) conscious to take mass amounts of drugs as to not get caught.

  • Hardy Reichert Reply

    I was over 350 pounds on my last trip to Disneyland, and I was really anxious about it until we got there. But ultimately, I was able to ride every ride I wanted to go on without any issues at all. I will point out that I'm a roller coaster wuss, so I didn't attempt any of the Mountains, so there may be issues there. But I did all of the dark rides, including Pirates and Radiator Springs Racers, and everything was super-accommodating. All of the seatbelts extended even farther than I needed them to and none of the cast members loading the rides made me feel like I would be a problem. I was even able to sit with a friend 90% of the time. There were only a couple of rides that couldn't fit at least two of us comfortably. Of all of the rides I did, Autopia was the worst by far. I had to sit in the side of the car without the steering wheel and sort of wedge my foot under the dashboard to reach the gas pedal. It was incredibly awkward and uncomfortable and I would not recommend it.

  • Alexanne Bode Reply

    I'd prefer a TV show. maybe animated if the budget is too big. First season is Mandalorian wars, the jedi civil war, kotor, kotor II. I dunno thats my Star Wars wet dream. Would love to see HK-47 and Darth Revan in action

  • Marianna Herman Reply

    Shriveled tree trunks and small shrubs signal the border of the Flatlands. Good thing too, since you're nearly out of water. You direct the tired horses down a small cliffside path, overlooking the forests of Kazi on the other side of the mountain. Your stomach growls and groans, but you ignore its cries for now. Hours later, you're surrounded by lush vegetation and massive oaks older than the kingdom itself. The warlock takes a moment to help lift a fallen tree trunk out of the path. Jeweled beetles pour out of the snout. Magnus' telekinesis is sure helpful. You're now sitting in the back of the cart, with Maeve and Cal taking the coachman duties. A light drizzle patters against your armor. Amara makes a comment that's been on your mind for some time. "If the wyvern is just a pawn of Vauss...then...I suppose that whatever he is planning will be far worse. What could be worse than the wyvern?" "*Two* wyverns, for starters." quips Cal. "Do you believe in devils?" asks Magnus. "They are *myths*." answers Amara, resting her head on the edge. "The existence of dark energy, Elkado's vision...and Vauss' ability to possess souls says *otherwise*. Legends have basis in fact. Sure, devils have been exaggerated over millennia...but we cannot rule out that possibility, even if there is a small chance, we must act on it." "Is that how Vauss learned necromancy?" you ask. "By making a deal with demons?" "Powerful beings who like to meddle in humanity's affairs is common in folklore. I've always thought that it was innate. But I've been wrong before." Magnus dismisses his own doubts. "Bah, no use hypothesizing." "Hmm. Any ideas on how to counteract possession?" "Runes were my first thought. But...there could be an easier solution. I will only know for sure when we arrive at the Academy." Amara brightens upon the mention of the magical school. "When I was a little girl, I always wanted to visit the Academy, especially the Scholar's Garden. Pretty much anyone who was capable of magic dreamed of such a place. I've heard that it's absolutely breathtaking." You nod. "I've been there before. And yes, it is quite a sight." "If only it wasn't on the other side of Nevras. My parents could never afford a trip like that..." The cart crawls to a halt. You turn to Maeve. "What's the hold up?" She presses a finger to her lips. "Shh. Listen." Echoing through the dense Kazian forest are the raspy frantic yells of a young boy. Maeve then points to a small campsite overrun by three marauders, who are encroaching on a spear-wielding peasant. He's no older than twelve. "Stay back! *I-I'm warning you!*" pleads the boy. "Your brother is sick. He won't be needing those trinkets anymore..." speaks another voice. "Harrow, just kill the fucker." speaks another voice, this time belonging to a woman. Her features soften. Maeve drops the reins and steps off, her boots landing in the damp mud. "We don't know how many there are..." says Cal. She responds by unsheathing the massive blade of her newly acquired Blood Moon claymore. Once she's in a rage, nothing short of an explosive arrow can stop her. ... YOU: FATIGUED/FAMISHED = 3 Pri. 2 Sec. 2 Amulets, 1 Rune Custom Armor Set: (Ravager Chestplate- Damaged - 150 credits (Withstands hard strikes), Helmet of Red Morning- 250 credits (Withstands heavy weapons), Phantom Boots - 250 credits(Masks footstep noise)) (Primary) Serpentine Katana: A unique weapon forged by swordsmiths from the eastern continent of Orikelos. Curved, slender, single-edged Orikelos steel and dravarium blade with a squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. Pierces heavy armor. Impervious to dark energy attacks. - worth 1500 credits (Primary) Thunderstriker Longsword: Can fire stun bolts when charged. Average swing speed. Can penetrate heavy armor. - 600 credits (Secondary) Enchanted Overseer Heavy Shield: Capable of withstanding most melee attacks and spells, as well as dragon's breath. Can penetrate heavy armor and soft cover. - 300 credits Jana's Amulet: Increases attack speed when wounded. (Slow swing speed increased to average swing speed, etc.) - 400 credits (1) Mystic Amulet of Mirahim: Amulet allowing a user to conjure a spectral projection of themselves. Projection can be detonated remotely, causing an arcane explosion. - worth 800 credits (2) Mark of the Abyss (Does not count as amulet/rune): Possession immunity MAGNUS: FATIGUED/FAMISHED = 1 Pri. 1 Sec. 3 Amulets, 2 Runes Traditional Warrior Light Armor Set: Provides adequate protection against light weaponry. (DAMAGED) - Can't be sold Psycrosis Gauntlets: Increases magic attack damage against armored opponents. - 300 credits. Mystic Amulet of Vitality: Potions/elixirs/extracts last thrice as long. (1) - 200 credits Eden's Relic: Bewitched amulet that reduces damage taken from dark energy. - 450 credits (1) Shigoth's Remedy x 1: Restores dark energy reserves and stamina of magic users. In addition, magic attacks will expose enemies to higher thresholds of damage for a limited time. (2) - 200 credits Korzonius's Drink:Instantly restores dark energy reserves when depleted. (1) - 125 credits MAEVE: FATIGUED/FAMISHED = 2 Pri. 2 Sec. 1 Amulet, 1 Rune War Beast Heavy Armor: Dravarium and iron hybrid armor. Provides astounding protection against heavy weaponry such as hammers and spears. Slows the user down as a result. - worth 1500 credits) (Primary) Blood Moon Claymore: Larger type of greatsword that deals significant damage, capable of cutting entire torsos in half. Its weight means that it must be wielded with two hands. Upwards pommel and guard. Blade comprised of iron. Pierces heavy armor and cover. Kills most organics in one hit. - worth 1000 credits (Primary) Recurve Bow: A bow whose limbs curve away from the wielder, stores more power and delivers energy more efficiently to arrows, which can penetrate heavy armor. - 1000 credits Special Dragonskin Quiver: Stores up to 20 special arrows/bolts. Armor-piercing arrows (Can go through cover and multiple targets.) - x 8 Explosive Arrows (Wide radius of collateral damage)- x 7 (Secondary) Crude Rusty Knife : Small weapon used for close quarters situations. Penetrates light armor. - worth 0 credits Shadowrunner Rune: Sprinting/walking makes no noise. Takes more damage from projectiles. - (2) - 550 credits CAL: FATIGUED/FAMISHED = 1 Pri. 3 Sec. 2 Amulets. 1 Rune. Traditional Scouting Jacket: Made out of leather, cotton and strong fibers, it allows unrestricted mobility and houses many pockets for item storage. - 400 credits Phantom Boots: These special boots moderately mask the noise of footsteps - 250 credits (Primary) Corso's Marksman Bow: Given by Cal's mentor, it is a handcrafted recurve bow whose limbs curve away from the wielder, stores more power and delivers energy more efficiently to arrows, which penetrates heavy armor. - 1200 credits Special Drakeskin Quiver: Houses up to 10 explosive, death's touch, armor-piercing arrows. - 120 credits Death's Touch (Brief paralysis of lower limbs) x 3 Armor-Piercing Arrow (Can go through cover and multiple targets.) x 2: Amulet of Ironshard: Arrows/bolts do not break upon contact after being fired. - (1) - 200 credits Amulet of Davas: Doubles the radius of smoke bombs/acid bombs/incendiary potions/explosive arrows/explosive darts and other area of effect items. - (1) - 200 credits AMARA: FATIGUED/FAMISHED = 1 Pri.*(Trained in only spears, bows/crossbows and daggers) 1 Sec. 3 Amulets, 2 Runes Enchantress Robes: Prolongs the use of defensive/healing spells. - 900 credits (Primary) Nocturne Spear: Double edged spear with two sharp blades at both ends to maximize versatility. Enchanted by magecrafters to allow for a telekinetic bond between the spear and the wielder. Pierces heavy armor. - worth 900 credits Amulet of Yanu: The first shot (Magic blasts/Bolts/arrows) directed towards the user is guaranteed to miss. Resets after every encounter. (1) - 400 credits WALLET = 18 credits INVENTORY = Restoration Potion x 1: An illegally brewed experimental elixir derived from vampires that accelerates blood clotting and a victim's healing factor. Seals up severe flesh wounds, boosts effectiveness of the immune system. Shaves 7 days off recovery time. - (4) - (CANNOT BE SOLD) Heavy Adrenaline Potion x 1: Grants the user superhuman reflexes and speed, allowing them to perceive time as slower than normal, by 'freezing time.' Lasts thirty seconds. Possible detrimental side effects. - (4) - (CANNOT BE SOLD) Pack of bandages x 5: Sterilized absorbent cloth for patching up injuries, slowing blood loss. (5) -4 credits each Healing Potion x 3: Reduces swelling, aches, slows bleeding of minor flesh wounds and increases rate of clotting. Restores stamina. Shaves two days off recovery time. (6) - 25 credits Rope w/grappling hook: Useful tool for ascending cliffs and walls. - 25 credits (2) Traveler's Rations x 4: A mix of dried vegetables, beans and corn. Good for two days on the road. - 40 credits (8) Total Pack Value: 29/30 ... Days until armors are finished/Days until message received: 2 ... What do you say? = - "Maeve, we don't have time for this." - "Just make it quick." - "We have bigger things to worry about." - "All right, let's go." You can choose who joins Maeve and who guards the cart.

  • Shany Moen Reply

    production problems New Hope was pretty much a low budget indie film they had cords attached to the sabers that ran electricity through them just pretend the New Hope one was like the final Jedi one

  • Regan Crooks Reply

    The Leprechaun before he went to the dark side

  • Oliver Purdy Reply

    > but he never has these yellow sith eyes. The way I see it is we never saw Dooku dabble too far into the dark side. He was a diplomat for the most part. He wasn't a killer, he didn't have to rely on his anger so much unlike Anakin who went SUPPER deep into the dark side to draw out more power.

  • Nelle Stroman Reply

    The Emperor Reborn bullshit where Luke went to the dark side. Fucked up his character and future eu had to write around the elephant in the room for decades after.

  • Watson Hagenes Reply

    The Jedi Order answered to the Judiciary Branch of the Republic. The Judiciary purchased the starfighters and cruisers they used. They were probably a part of that budget.

  • Mandy Douglas Reply

    Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland in Adventureland. In between the Jungle Cruise and Tarzan's Treehouse. It's definitely one of my favorite rides and the first ride I ever really kept measuring my height for. The front queue looks like an old jungle with some ruins and such. You line up and enter a stone temple. As you enter the temple, you pass several traps that and walk through the interior. The queue is known for being interactive; there's a part where if you shake a bamboo "pole", the ceiling will rumble and spikes will drop out of the ceiling (before being stopped by the pole and retracting) as well as a large mural room where you can shake a rope and create recorded sound effects of a man working inside a well (he'll complain and sometimes fall to the ground if you shake the rope). After that you enter the movie room. Several movie clips explain the ride's story: > Set in 1935, Indiana Jones has discovered a lost Bengalese temple, the "Temple of the Forbidden Eye", filled with numerous artifacts. It is discovered that the temple's idol, Mara, will grant gifts to the visitors (eternal youth, visions of the future, or mountains of gold), on the condition that the visitor does not look the idol in the eye. The temple quickly becomes a tourist attraction with Sallah offering guided tours, and many leave the temple with the idol's gifts. Some, however, do not return. Indiana Jones volunteers to search for these lost tourists and find the temple's power source, the Jewel of Power, but a week passes and he doesn't return. Desperate, Marcus Brody asks Sallah to begin re-offering tours in the hopes that someone can find out what happened to Jones. After the movie room, you and 11 other passengers board a jeep transport (the ride cars, Enhance Motion Vehicles that can simulate rough terrain with hydraulics). Sallah communicates over the radio commenting that the "breaks may need a little work" and to "take it easy on the curves" (also to buckle your seatbelt). After a seatbelt check by the workers, you're launched around the corner into a room that appears to have 3 different color doors; one is red, one is blue, and one is yellow. One of the doors will light up, and Mara will tell you what gift you have earned (yellow is treasure, red is the future, blue is eternal youth) with a different message for each ("You seek the treasure of Mara...Glitter and gold, it is yours."/"You seek the future. I will lift the curtain of time. It is your destiny."/"You have chosen wisely. This path leads to endless youth and beauty."). In reality, there's only one door, and mirrors and a rotating room are used to create the illusion of multiple doors. When you enter the door, you will enter a room filled with several things. On either side will be murals depicting your gift (gold, the fountain of youth, the observatory of the future). Directly in front of you will be a giant statue face of Mara. Mara's eyes will suddenly open (done with special effects), and he'll glare at you before booming one of two phrases ("You looked into my eyes. Your path now leads to the Gates of Doom!"/"You looked into my eyes. Your destiny now lies beyond the Gates of Doom!"). Mara will cackle, and your jeep will rocket around the corner, first towards and exit but then turn again towards an animatronic Indy desperately trying to keep the gates of doom closed. Indy will scold you for looking into the idol's eyes (with a few different phrases, like "You had to look, didn't you?"), and then direct you to some stairs. Your jeep will arrive in a huge cavern, the bottom of which is filled with lava, with a gigantic Mara carving on the far side (the carving will periodically fire off bolts of light from its eye). Another group's jeep is visible crossing a large bridge over the cavern. Your jeep will then rocket to the left into the catacombs. Skeletons will pop out from every direction until you arrive in a pitch black room. Your jeeps headlights flick on and reveal hundreds of beetles scurrying on the walls. Hissing sounds are heard (it sounds like the jeep hissing to me, but Wikipedia doesn't specify), the passengers are blasted with puffs of air, and the lights flick off. You'll then rocket out of the dark room and onto the bridge above the chasm. Your jeep will stall a bit, another vehicle will start to drive towards you, only to veer away at the last second (ideally this is what happens, I've noticed it doesn't work well on crowded days), then you'll drive across the bridge. The Mara carving will attempt to destroy the bridge by firing its beam of light, but your jeep makes it across safely. Your jeep will round a bend with hundreds of snakes covering the walls. Indy can be heard commenting " guys are on your own...", and a gigantic animatronic cobra will hiss at you (it mainly attacks the person in the second row on the left-hand side). Your jeep will veer around the corner and start to cross the bridge again, only to see another jeep (the next group) coming across. You'll turn right and make a steep drop behind the Mara carving, where the "Ghost of Mara" can be seen as a holographic image above you. The jeep heads into a dark room and stalls near a branch swarming with rats (a holographic image projected onto mist). The jeep will sputter, then blast through the branch (mist) and enter a large room with murals of warriors on the side, moving slowly. Suddenly, puffs of air (along with blowdart sound effects) will blast passengers from every direction. Your jeep will power through the room and then climb a dark hill. The jeep's lights flick on and reveal an animatronic Indy hanging from the ceiling on a vine. Indy will ask for you to let him in, but before he can jump, a gigantic boulder starts rolling toward the jeep. The jeep will back up, then sudden the floor seems to give way and the jeep will accelerate downwards (accompanied by flashing lights as the boulder is right on top of you), and a large crash is heard behind you. After driving a bit in the dark with the theme song, Your lights will turn on and show Indy, standing in front the boulder (which cracked from the impact). Indy will then make one of the following comments: > "Not bad, for tourists!", > "There! That wasn't so bad, was it?", > "Next time, you're on your own.", > "Next time, you wear blindfolds, okay?", > "Don't tell me that wasn't big fun!" > "Tourists, why'd it have to be tourists?" > "You were good in there. You were very, very good." You'll head towards the boarding area and Sallah will come back on the radio, make a joke about which room you entered, and you can then exit the ride. The exit takes you through the temple again, but with no interactive parts. At the end is a large crate with the words "Real rewards await those who choose wisely" written on the side. It's actually an old cellular company slogan (AT&T I think?), but I think it's a nice lesson anyway. In Disney Tokyo, it's the "Temple of the Crystal Skull", and is completely unrelated to the 4th movie except for the name. It's essentially the same ride, but with different effects, animatronics, setting, ect. If you haven't been on this ride, seriously, go as soon as you can. It's really an experience. It has single rider access and fastpass too.

  • Bernard Witting Reply

    “God bless? Fucking GOD BLESS? What kinda patronizing pussies…” Gary didn’t like being told what God was doing, what right does man have to express God’s will? How was he meant to arm himself against rolling black smoke? He just wanted to call a fire truck, since his whole neighborhood was clearly engulfed. “Damned if I’m gonna let my house go up. The Cong were tougher than some bitch-ass wildfire.” Gary says as he’s outside unrolling his garden hose, he’s already filled the bath tub and has the faucets running in case something catches inside. From his view on the hill Gary can see the smoke rolling up the street. He squints to see the fire that’s the cause, realizing that it should be lit up like Disneyland but is shockingly void. With the smoke at 200 yards, Gary makes the unsettling realization: There is no fire. The hose continues spraying and whipping as Gary hobbles as quickly as he can back to his garage, grumbling about goddamn chemical warfare and the Geneva convention the whole way. In the garage, behind the beautiful ’67 Mustang that hasn’t seen the road since he lost his vision in his left eye, sits a locker taller than Gary himself. The combination, Edith’s measurements when they first got married, entered as deftly as ever. The contents need to be cared for and maintained, for nostalgia’s sake as much as for their own good. Gary opens the locker as if for the first time; with grim intent and an unsettling glint in his eye. “Hello, my darlings. Oh how I’ve missed you.” Gary says lovingly. In the locker is a goddamn arsenal. Gary pulls out his M-1 Garand, and 2 clips, setting them down on his workbench. Followed by the Garand is a well-used Colt 1911, with the words “My Will, My Sword” carved into the slide. An ammo belt with loose rounds and clips for the .45, a helmet, and a lighter are then excavated. Finally Gary removes an old luggage chest, with a key around his neck he unlocks it and lifts the lid. The smoke is rolling up the driveway as Gary turns, remembering how he got in this position to begin with. Damn his disease, anyway. He stands and dives, as well as he can for the garage door button. The door begins it’s slow descent, squealing the whole way down. “I really need to oil that damn track..” Gary gets up from the garage floor and brushes the dust from his loose fitting fatigues. “Now why the hell did you put these on old man?” A grumble from his stomach sends Gary into his kitchen, he walks by boarded up windows and a bear trap, whistling and upbeat version of the theme tune of M*A*S*H as he realizes all his condiments, meat, cheese, and bread are already on the counter, along with a half made sandwich. He then hears a thumping at the door, when he looks at it, there’s smoke seeping from under the kitchen door. “Christ on a cracker! Goddamn fire alarms, what good are they?!” The kitchen fire alarm is sitting by the provolone with the batteries removed. Gary grabs the phone off the wall and dials 911. After 3 rings, a monotone voice starts speaking before Gary can get a word in: "This is 911, we already know. Arm yourself and lock your doors. Good luck and God bless." “God bless? Fucking GOD BLESS? What kinda patronizing pussies…” Gary says as he looks back towards the garage, seeing all of his babies sitting on his workbench. “Well I’ll be damned.” The thumping is getting worse. Gary pulls the wool blanket out of the open chest, he gets that devilish glint in his eye again, as a foggy memory of the extra money he made shipping crates of these back to the states. He always loved how they looked like pineapples, his favorite fruit. He got sick off eating too much when he was stationed in Hawai’i. The thumping brought him back to the now, a quick surveying of his armory, and a contented grin, Gary is ready. “Always new I was supposed to go out defending my home.” He placed one crate upstairs, packed the empty space with tacks instead of sawdust, one in the kitchen, with all his nice steak knives and fine china, and one, right in the trunk of the beautiful Navy blue Mustang. The real pain was tying a string to one of the pins in each box and bending all the pins. Gary didn’t know he could move so fast, didn’t feel a pinch in his knees or his knuckles. In fact, he’d never felt so good. Sitting in the dark, with thumping and screeching getting louder and louder, Gary hit the garage door opener. The metal on metal squeals as the door raises. “I really need to oil that…” Smoke pours into the garage, followed by quadrupedal shapes that moved like physically disabled cheetahs. Legs bowed out at the side, but with big nasty claws and teeth gleaning through the smoke. They are pouring into the 2 story townhouse like water, and as they start to slow down, the roar of the 390 horsepower V8 breaks through the screeching. Gary peels out as the dust cover whips off the Shelby, 2 strings attached to the bumper tighten and through the house and the pins to the pineapple MK-2 grenades whip out. Gary’s Will is extended out the window, expelling justice one round at a time, his glorious steed running down the foreign invaders as he upholds his almost 70 year old oath. By the time he is at the end of his driveway, 40 Vietnam era grenades tear the monsters and a home full of memories to pieces. Gary cuts a path through the smoke, screaming and laughing the whole way before a break in the cloud reveals a massive neon and black monolith floating seemingly miles above the surface spraying black smoke straight down. The shockingly fragile bodies of the alien invaders packed the air intake tight and before Gary new it he was dead in the road. A series of rifle blasts in the sealed Mustang destroy what Gary had left of his ear drums, and he’s left with a serene piercing silence while the bastards close in, clawing from all sides. Gary takes up the final of the 3 strings, and pulled. In this moment, Gary remembers everything with perfect clarity. Being captured by the viet cong, and saved by his platoon. Getting back and telling Edith Malone she was the only woman he ever wanted to be his wife. The ceremony where his no good brother-in-law threw up on Edith’s train. Decades of a miserable marriage. Stepping out on Edith to sleep with the pastor’s wife. That ungrateful bastard a child. Gary opened his eyes. “Good fucking riddance.” The last crate of 20 grenades, 2 mostly empty oxygen tanks, and a full tank of gas create a satisfyingly large and destructive mushroom cloud. --- Completely unedited, unformatted, and off the top of my head. Hope you like it, it was fun to read something as I read it with no real idea of what it was going to be beforehand!

  • Jennyfer Anderson Reply

    I legit had to force myself to stop typing, because I'm very talkative right now, as per usual when I'm on this. It's not technically night anymore, but you did post this while I was awake and had just started to speed (still going strong 15 hours later). I spent the beginning of my night talking to one of my old High School friends on Skype. We used to call him Master Splinter (the rat from TMNT) because he got our whole group into the better drugs that made us Trip, Speed and Roll so he was like our drug Sensei. As of late his friend group in college calls him Gandalf the Baked which I prefer in all honestly. Well me and Gandalf ended up talking for two hours or so, about our Burning Man memories, and the time he gave me 200ugs of LSD on Grad Night in Disneyland (One of the best experiences I've had on any drug to date) which was my first time taking Acid. And after that I ended up on the /r/offmychest sub reddit, listening, well reading people vent and giving them advice. Once I felt like I was starting to peak, I threw on my Turtle Beach Headset, and listened to "Dark Side of the Moon" for the first time, as well as my other usual Tripping and Rolling music. I ended up cleaning (what was left of it that needed cleaning) my house, and then walking to my friend's apartment around 3 am and asking him if I could clean his pad. After I finished cleaning his apartment, I laid down in one of his hammocks (he has a hammock room for when people are tripping) and just let the music and the floating sensation take over me. I did that until he had to leave for work around 6am, where I went home and did yoga, shortly before showering. I don't know why, but I despise showers when I'm speeding. Like if I'm rolling or tripping I LOVE SHOWERS. But when I'm speeding I can't spend more then like 5 minutes in the shower. But I was sweaty and needed it. I sat down after that and watched the last half of Dazed and Confused because the last half (and only the last half) always feels the best while I'm on substances. After that I lost track of time while laying on the floor. I was just absorbing my own little universe that existed in my room. At this point my mom got back from work, and I had to act sober for a bit. She gave me money for cleaning the house <3 And after that I came back here, and tried to find people to talk too, or places where it would acceptable to put my two sense in. Fuck this is getting long. I'm going to force myself to stop. Sorry it's really long. I just can't stop typing you know?

  • Josie Murray Reply

    You know, I would have thought that the emperor would have re-modelled the Jedi Temple more than that. I guess they really had stretched the budget with the Death Star.

  • Laury Dibbert Reply

    Oh Hayama went to the dark side for Jun? I'm super shocked.

  • Gerry Cole Reply

    I went to the dark side a long time ago.

  • Sherman Leuschke Reply

    I was standing in line for Space Mountain with my younger siblings and cousins and there was a member of *The Main St. Elite* standing directly in front of me. I could tell he was a member because he was rocking a sweet ["Main St. Elite" denim vest] (, complete with pins and what level of membership he was, needless to say I was far from jealous. With about 5-10 minutes to go in the line about 12 other members, all rocking their Main St. Elite leather or denim vests. My younger siblings and cousins were pissed, so was the majority of the rest of the line. I decided to confront these Disneyland thugs and said "Excuse me, you can't just cut the entire line like that." A few turned around and just laughed and said "Do you know who we are?" At that point I did not and said "No, what are you some fan club?" Then a 6' 6" 3-400 lb. 40 year old women, wearing a [Canadian Tuxedo] ( with a patch on her denim vest that read "President" came up to me puffing on one of those [giant douche-bag vapes] (,800x800,070,f.jpg) and very sternly said "We are The Main St. Elite motherfucker and you do not question us, you do not look at us, you do not speak to us, you do not fuck with us." She took a big puff of her vape and blew it in my face then she said "And if you do, we got a real easy answer for that..." All of the Elite go to there vest like they're going to pull out a knife or a gun, I step back, and they all flash their plastic light sabers at me. By then they were up to ride and I was just speechless, did a Disneyland gang just threaten to beat me with a plastic light saber? They all get on the ride and right before the ride starts they all yell "Hey loser!!!" And all of them proceed to flip me off. They head off to the dark tunnel, but immediately go to the left instead of the normal right. I thought, "Wow not only do they get to cut the line, but they get to take a special route on the ride?" Finally, the youngsters and I get on Space Mountain and we head off, but the Elite are still sitting on the left hand side and The President and others was getting off the ride looking pissed. Come to find out they were too fat to ride Space Mountain.

  • Horace Jakubowski Reply

    I wonder if they'll use the more reflective Vader helmet from Empire, Jedi, Sith or if they'll go for complete accuracy and have the lower-budget one from New Hope.

  • Brianne Corwin Reply

    "Now" is inaccurate, they've been dry and disappointing for the entire 41 years I've been alive. They're the food my dad always got us at Tomorrowland Terrace, which was pretty much every visit growing up, same adequate but woefully over-salted fries, same dry burger. Heck, even the Dark Side specialty burger I had there last year with chorizo mixed in was dry. The burgers have consistently given Disneyland food a bad name all my life. I tell people constantly to get skewers, corn dogs, anything but the burgers or the pizza because Disneyland has some great food at adequate value, but those two are not included.

  • Brandi Feeney Reply

    I find it jarring that they went from being in the middle of a Katamari level to this. on a side note, when was their last Dark Souls video?

  • Jess Hamill Reply

    Part of a longer paragraph, but: "Standing alone on the edge of that cliff in the place they call Land's End, with the raindrops slapping my face and shoulders like hailstones, I realised that you only come to the end of your world once. You either turn back, restrained by the cords that tie you to the land, or you push on, with no one by your side, off the edge of the map and into the dark unknown. You cannot do both. You come to the edge, and you must decide."

  • Isidro Moen Reply

    Everything this person says is correct. I went last year as well and it played out the exact same way. Do the tram ride early, before they stop the runs, or you'll miss out. Do the rides later on and let the Fast Passes do the heavy lifting for you. I bought the VIP access and it saved me several hours of waiting and standing around without access to bathrooms or funnel cake. Don't sit at the back of the boat or in the side seats on the front of the boat on Jurassic Park in the Dark. It's going to be chilly and you're going to get soaked. If you can still choose the night for Disneyland, go the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, Halloween week. It's less busy and people aren't there yet. The Halloween Party is loads of fun and definitely worth dressing up in costumes for. Once it hits the weekend, that park is going to become like tar. You're going to get mired in crowds and everyone's going to have battlestation strollers blocking pathways, so no one's moving. Queue lines jumped from 10-20 minutes on Tuesday/Wednesday up to 2-3 hours on Friday. Disneyland is packed during the morning, but peters out around 3-4 pm while people leave to go get costumes or food. California Adventure is mostly empty in the mornings, but packs in around 3-4 pm when people leave Disneyland but still want to stay in the Disney parks. Plan accordingly and get fastpass for World of Color as soon as the park opens if you intend to see it later in the day. It doesn't count against your ride fastpass total.

  • Rickie Runolfsson Reply

    I'm running in the full marathon at Disneyworld and I'm pretty amped about it. It sounds like they do it right from what you said at Disneyland. We shall see and the dark side half marathon sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Talon Wyman Reply

    yea. im the only one who sleeps upstairs. also any recommendations for music. last time i listened to dark side of the moon for the first time. but the internet went out and i didnt have the music downloaded ahha

  • Maci D'Amore Reply

    I laid down on my parents bed which was all white grab a gun an shot my self through the right side of my head then evrytng went dark... I woke up to my mother holding me consoling me and I said shit it did't work and shot my self on the other side I woke up then

  • Blaze Keebler Reply

    Disneyland is the original "theme" park (as opposed to "amusement" parks, which have rides but no theming or story, just rides). It has a nice mix of rides from thrill rides and roller coasters to simple dark rides where you sit in a vehicle that takes you through scenes from movies. It's companion park, California Adventure, is much better now after a major overhaul a few years ago following initial disappointment. If you're thinking of December, it will be done up in full Christmas decor which is quite lovely (and not overtly religious), but will also be pretty crowded especially if you go when the schools are on holiday break. Not that Disneyland has much of an off season anymore anyway. Knott's Berry Farm isn't too far from Disney, but since I haven't been there in many years I can't comment on it. Universal I just went to earlier this year after having not been in many years. Aside from the new Harry Potter land and the Simpsons land, the theming is weak and the rides don't seem to have much to do with the area of the park they're in. I also noticed that most of the rides seem to be more on the thrill-ride side and are set up to make you feel like a character in the show, which does make some sense seeing as the whole thing is built around a movie studio. I'm not a fan of roller coasters so I've never been to Magic Mountain (nobody calls it Six Flags), but from what I understand it's pretty must just coasters, so if you're not a fan of big thrill rides, there's not much there for you. Heading south into San Diego is Legoland. I haven't been there so I can't comment on it. May be more kid-oriented. I know the adjacent SeaLife Aquarium is very kid-oriented, I was through there in less than an hour when I went on a Groupon-type deal. Pass on the aquarium. And in San Diego proper is SeaWorld. Like Disneyland in Anaheim is the original Disney theme park, this is the original SeaWorld. It's taken a lot of criticism and controversy in the past few years and especially since the Blackfish documentary came out, but do keep in mind that it is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the same as many other, well, zoos and aquariums, and SeaWorld is often involved in sea life animal rescues in Southern California. The park has a mix of animal exhibits and shows along with less animal-centric (though still typical water-focused) rides. Zoo-wise, there is the Los Angels Zoo, which I can't comment on, and the San Diego Zoo, which is well known. The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, which has a number of other museums. The Zoo has a second facility, called the Safari Park, where the animals live in larger, more natural open environments than at the Zoo. For aquariums, check out either the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, or the smaller Birch Aquarium near the UC San Diego campus in La Jolla. Southern California is pretty spread out, so unless you're going to confine yourself to, say, the Disney/Anaheim area for the entire trip, you'll probably find yourself paying a lot in Uber fares. You'll probably want a rental car if you can. Going down to San Diego by train (Amtrak Pacific Surfliner) is a nice way to go, and if you spend a night or two in, say, Downtown San Diego, then you're pretty well positioned to hit SeaWorld and the Zoo (but not Legoland or the Safari Park) by bus/Uber/taxi. If you do something like this, you might want to look at flying into an LA area airport and out of San Diego (or vice-versa).

  • Eugene Mills Reply

    ***Writing*** * [RWBY by Daylight](, just a fun little one-shot of the girls playing the game, Dead by Daylight, while home over summer break. Things... don't go well. (And yes, I am addicted to this game.) * [Pearls on a String](, my long-running OC story based off of [Retired]( is on a monthly schedule now. I really wanted to have the next chapter done this week, alas, I only got a few pages into it. As of now I'm still shooting for a posting next week, but with my eldest going off to college for her second year time will be a little tight. * [Blood of the Rose](, crossover RWBY / VtMB fic. Got some more background info and the like, but next chapter should be fun. Updates on Tuesdays. * [Ember Legacy](, Volume 2 of my Fantasy Dragon AU story. Part of me really wants to write a side story with Blake, Weiss, and Pyrrha running around in a Conan the Barbarian-style adventure, kicking ass and taking lien. "A Rogue, a Mage, and a Knight walk into a bar..." Updates on Thursdays. ***Reading*** * [A World of Bloody Evolution]( by **/u/RedrumSprinkles** is an enjoyable, visceral, bloody fun read. Words cannot describe how amazing the worldbuilding and characterization are here as the reader is sucked into life within the Imperium. Eagerly awaiting more RWBYhammer40K! This is getting bumped directly down to my Recommended list next week, I love it so much. * [A photograph of Black and White]( by **/u/Onyzyon** is a wonderful little story of blossoming Monochrome, all under the watchful eye of everyone's favorite Bunny Faunus. Highly enjoyable read. * [Letters]( by **/u/Unjax** updated, woohoo! And man is it getting deeper and darker by the chapter. Don't care, loving it anyway. * [Silver Eyed Heiress]( by **[ArchSinccubus](**, interesting take on the whole Silver-Eyed Warrior. Senpai Weiss takes Ruby under her wing to teach her how to use her gift. * [Stockholm Syndrome]( by [PeoplexLikexGrapes]( What if the Faunus were defeated in the war, and were now an enslaved race? Sweet Bumblebee story, though with plenty of dark undertones. Irregularly updated but a worthy read. * [Stardust]( by **/u/princecamaro28** is a really nice start to a Star Wars-inspired tale, I'm having fun reading this. * [Long Road Home]( by **/u/danielr1341** is an excellent post-Season Three tale. Really like the direction it's going. * [Desserts](, a new fluffy crack ship adventure by **/u/Phoenix_Commander**! Set sail with Red Velvet and Baked Alaska! So much fun fluff! * [I'll Watch Your Back]( by **/u/Catlover18**. May is on the road to recovery, and the details are very well done regarding her therapy. * [To Marble We Return]( by **/u/sodnam** is a sequel to the equally excellent [The Girl Made of Marble]( Medieval AU Nuts n' Dolts, the first tale was positively enchanting, but the second one is gripping. I'm really enjoying where this is going, and I'm kept wondering what went so badly after the end of the second for things to turn out this way (though we've gotten some clues here regarding Yang). Shockingly heartbreaking at one point, but still a must-read. * [The Rogue Rose]( by **/u/Clipper24**. Ruby is disgraced and takes extreme measures for redemption, but the path she sets down doesn't lead her to her original destination as she goes from raw recruit to a seasoned veteran. Her motivations, bitterness, and feelings of being adrift, not to mention the numerous nightmares that plague her now that she's no longer fighting for survival, are very well done and believable. Really enjoying this story, and eagerly awaiting more! * [Deliverance: Book 1 - The Rise]( is a brilliant Superhero AU tale by the talented **/u/NobleMETA**. My absolute favorite parts are the superhero names. ***Recommended*** (Ongoing stories I will immediately drop everything once an update pings in order to read. As I keep this list fairly constant, I'm trimming my summaries.) * [Red Carpet Romance]( by **[mikotyzini](** tops the list as my most favorite Bumblebee fluff piece. * [Weiss Cream]( by **/u/danielr1341**, wonderful Ice Cream Shop AU. I think by now everyone knows what's up with Ruby except for Weiss. * [Our Past Mistakes]( by **/u/redwing36**. Time traveling gritty Ruby joins with Weiss, Ren, and Jaune to save the past. Wild times ahead. * [Pedigree]( by **/u/Phoenix_Commander** and **[Shadow Nightblade](**. WolfFaunus!Ruby and CatFaunus!Weiss are incredibly adorable. * [Friends and Loved Ones]( by **/u/kaiju62**. What if the events of Season three happened without any of the bad stuff? * [Blood and Ink]( by **/u/ShowMeYourFury**. Falling Petals tale. * [Burning Coals]( by **/u/ScottishMongol**. Brilliant Baked Alaska fic. * [RWBY: Republic Commando]( by **/u/Heil96**. Mashup of Karen Traviss' Clone Wars series and RWBY. * [Linked in Life and Love]( by **[l OmegaInfinity l](**. One of the best polyamory tales I've ever read. * [Room 205]( by the Legion of Insane Awesomeness (a.k.a. Legion205). Best College AU ever written. * [Last Huntress]( by **/u/DrowSpectre**. Best cyberpunk / Shadowrun-inspired fic out there. * [Ladybug Diary]( by **/u/ShowMeYourFury** is updating again, w00t! And last but not least the excellent offerings by the brilliant **/u/Jeffardi**: * [Dilation]( Slow-burn Ladybug awesomeness. * [Acceptance]( Even slower-burn flagship Milk & Cereal story. * [Spoon Equality]( Much lovely Milk & Cereal fluffiness. Stay shiny!

  • Demario Bogan Reply

    In Disneyland California, inside the Tomorrowland section is a big Jedi Temple building, inside there is a museum with all kinds of props from all the movies and a couple of background sets to take pictures, like the bar in the cantina. And then there's the meet and greet lines, one for Chewy and one for Kylo, if you're at the front of the line, employees walk you inside this room that's decorated like a control room on a star destroyer, with a big window that shows a planet and the stars. Also while you're in line, the employees interact with you and tell you about Kylo, and try to seduce you to the dark side. There was this guy in line who joked about Han, and then the employee got dead quiet and was all "don't mention that name to Kylo!" etc. I didn't go see Chewy, but I assume it's similar for him, with a fittingly decorated room and everything. Next to the Jedi Temple is a Star Wars shop and 2 themed rides, one of them is super cool and different every time you ride it, it's a simulated shuttle flight with randomized story elements. While you're in line for that ride, you walk through a Star Wars spaceport with lots of really cool decoration, droids moving around, etc. They're building a whole new section called Star Wars Land in the park right now, and they'll move the temple and the rides there once it's done. I can't wait for that.

  • Marcos Terry Reply

    FuSoYa went to the dark side of the moon.

  • Yvette Strosin Reply

    First time playing kotor I went light side. Then Bastila turned and I had to kill her or join the dark side.

  • Glennie Torp Reply

    Hey fellow Disneyland fans! I am TRF and I run a design portfolio website called Imagineerland and I have been posting my designs for theme park expansions for the last year or so. It just so happens that I am currently posting a multi-part expansion plan for the Disneyland resort, and that includes replacing Toontown with a Fantasyland expansion. So once I saw this topic posted, I decided to share what I had done with you guys. This text comes from my blog, but I have some new images that detail the start of my design for the attractions I propose. My strategy for this expansion is to fix one of the problems of the current Toontown, that it has to close early because of fireworks. Therefore, I decided first that this expansion is to be predominately indoors so as to be open as much as possible. It is a large site, so can hold at least two attractions plus public space in one large building. This has been done successfully in other parks (Tokyo Disney Sea), so I think this could work well. The area would likely need to close directly during the fireworks, but would then be able to reopen. That indoor requirement also influenced the selection of the attractions since I could imagine a few settings that would best work indoors. Also, I tried to be realistic with what Disney would actually built at this point. Ultimately (and unsurprisingly), I decided on Frozen so that I could create a highly immersive indoor snow scene for the indoor public space. Strong rumor is that this will be happening in real life sooner than later, at least the Frozen replacing Toontown in some extent part. For the other attraction on the west half of the land, I decided on a Tangled dark ride, because I think it is one of the more deserving recent movies and definitely has the current fanbase. Plus it has a similar design aesthetic to Frozen, so could fit together pretty well. At one point, I strongly considered keeping and retheming Roger Rabbit, but decided that new is always better (especially after I spent so much time complaining about retheming Tower of Terror...). So here is the site plan. I know, with it being indoors, its not very exciting. The addition is structured as a forest path coming from the train bridge underpass, splitting left for Frozen and straight ahead for Tangled. The area also connects to an additional expansion I have proposed replacing the Fantasyland Theater. Each have architectural icons. To the right, through the trees, guests can see a forced perspective Rapunzel's Tower in a distant cleaning, surrounded by a rockwork wall with a waterfall behind. Guests cannot get all that close to it, so it should be able to stay in perspective as being far away. The entrance to the Tangled attraction is straight ahead and the queues lead into the rockwork wall and then into an interior simulated exterior forest. There, guests board royal carriages for a retelling of the story of the lost princess, told by Rapunzel herself as part of the yearly Festival of Lights. This would be a trackless attraction and would feature the musical highlights of the film, with the connecting plot retold by Rapunzel in the form of her paintings brought to life. The highlight scenes would be a long trip through the Snuggly Duckling and floating through the endless lanterns on the lake. Coincidentally, in the past I developed a Tangled attraction for Walt Disney World, and have a few perspectives that I created that are similar to what I would do here. The Snuggly Duckling: The Lights: The Frozen side of the forest path, the left side, features a stone tower with a wide eight sided roof as the icon, beckoning guests to the cave path to Arendelle. The tower is covered in snow and displays banners for the kingdom, welcoming us to the Winter Festival of the newly opened city. The train station is also redressed with Arendelle inspired architecture to further tie the area together. It is not removed or replaced, but the exterior architecture is redesigned. The train station remains on the second floor while the ground floor below becomes a gift shop that opens to the north side, themed to an Oaken owned trading post. Inside, the cave path leads through to the town of Arendelle, covered in snow. We enter into the town area but to the right is the palace gates into the main square of the palace, with the large frozen fountains framing the palace doors. Inside the palace is the queue for a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa, where there are two meeting rooms. There is also another retail location on the south side of the square. The north side has the entrance to an ice skating rink in the forest just next to the palace. Guests can skate among the trees, where the are occasional real snow flurries, supplied by Elsa's magic. Olaf also meets in the square. Passing by the ice skating rink is the flume path for the main attraction, which is similar to Frozen Ever After, but much longer with more show scenes. This would include a multi scene version of Let it Go where the castle physically grows and crystalizes around the boat flume. Scenes also include Oaken's Trading Post and the Stable, where we meet Sven and Kristoff, an encounter with the wolves of the dark forest, and a trip through the ice crystal forest on the way up the mountain to Elsa's castle. I am in the process of fully designing the interior of the two attractions described here, but they are not complete. I have a preview though: The interior public space of the town is completed and the Frozen attraction is tracked out. In the final submission, I plan to have the entire plan developed and hopefully some perspectives of the interior of each of the spaces and attractions! I am really excited to continue to develop this area. Hope you guys like the ideas, and come back to check out the final work! Thanks for reading!

  • Alberta Leuschke Reply

    Dustin Diamond went well over to the dark side. Wisconsin will do that to a person.

  • Dana Rath Reply

    I think Wicket went to the Dark Side guys...

  • Melody Yundt Reply

    AMA? What's your name before you went to the dark side then, huh?

  • Preston Grant Reply

    Hell I'm pretty sure every Titan has went to the dark side for at least one episode, or at least flirted with the idea.

  • Opal Lemke Reply

    That was 4-way Windowpane — a clear, firm, gel square you would cut with a razor blade into 4 equal pieces, each piece enough for a pretty heavy trip for one person. That's 50 cents for a 12 hour ticket to Disneyland, right there in your room, under your blacklight, sitting in your beanbag chair. You know what else was hardcore? The Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon Tour, which constisted on the world's only true Quadrophonic, 360 degree sound system. That meant there was a massive wall of speakers at the stage (as usual) and three more massive speaker walls: one on the middle left and right of the arena, and one at the far back. This allowed the soundguys (it took a few) to mix and move any sound immediately or gradually to any or all sets of speaker. The result was sonically astounding. Side to side "stereo" mix or bounce, front to back "stereo" mix, or full quadrophonic sound with 100% isolation capability for individual instruments, voices or specific drums. This meant Nick Mason could do a slow tom roll that would circle the audience. Pink Floyd came out and performed the entire album, every song, in order with every extra musician and sounf efect needed to fully recreate it, all with a full multimedia show that is far too detailed to even list. But soundwise it was extrordiary. The album starts with a slow fade in of human heart beat, mixed with sounds effects and random voices building into a crescendo of female wailing into the crash of the first chord of *Breathe*. That was recreated live with the heart beat and sounds beginning from the stage then slowy and gradually moving clockwise around the audience in a circle, over to the right, then to the rear, over to the left until it reached front and center again, the that first chordal crash hitting all four speaker walls and immersing and enveloping the audience in the center of what felt like a giant pulsing ball of sound. It was pretty much the sonic equivalent of a massive orgasm. What was really hardcore was when someone would go to that Floyd show and put one entire 4-way Windowpane in each of their eyes to melt just before the show. (It hits you full blast, very quickly.) Now *that* is hardcore! ...or so I'm told ;)

  • Shea Moen Reply

    > it was redefined; it's not subjective at all. It went form an energy field that permeates everything to little organisms that live within everything. You can't turn light into luminescent algae and call it the same thing. Sorry I was extra cranky last night, you are being civil so again, forgive my poor manners. It's taken me a very long time to become ok with the MC's. What I've come to terms with with the help of TCW is that the midi-chlorians are part of the force that choose the force sensitive person. There had to be a reason that some people have it enough that they can wield the force, and others can't. That some people have that power and others don't would in the context of the story have to be a tangible thing. But this has more to do with how the Jedi were destroyed than the force. I saw Phantom Menace an entire month early, the state I lived in it was the law that theater owners had to be shown the 'product' with at least 30 days before release so they can assess how many screens they want to put it on. I weaseled my way in and took the girl I was dating. My initial reaction was it was going to be a long month not talking about it. I didn't even tell my friends I'd seen it. My friends camped out for days, wanted me to do that with them, so I did the last night. I handed my friend a sealed envelope with my "predictions" of what was to be in the movie, they all wrote out their predictions and we were going to open them up the next night. Listening to them talk about their hopes dreams an expectations that evening before the midnight screening was a form of mild guilt inducing torture. I "knew" they were all going to find out Santa Claus wasn't real, and I had written out a signed confession that I'd been holding out that I already knew. They all loved it, but in a way they weren't sure of. Then afterwards we started passing around the prediction essays and when my close friend read mine he looked at me the same way Anakin looked three years later when he realized the sand people had killed his mom. "You saw it somehow!!" Then the questions as to why didn't I say anything? Why didn't I ask one of them to go with? It was brutal. Then the odd thing happened, once the heat came off me, then suddenly the nagging questions about the movie spread across the conversation like a cloud of the dark side. Or gas from all the horrid food we'd been surviving off of for the past day. Force mites! Anakin was annoying, why did the cool dark side character have to die? (When I saw it Maul wasn't cut in half, that was a last min change, so I thought he would be OK somehow, ironic.) I would say in the last 16 years since that it's maybe only been in the last four years I've even began to love the first two prequels. I was pretty damn sore about them for a long time. The problem with the story George was trying to tell is how could an organization as large old and wise as the Jedi somehow screw up so royally that they were able to be wiped out. Because they thought they knew more than their earlier members who wrote the prophecy. I haven't seen the prophecy but I think it's something like this: "Yo, future Jedi, just a heads up, when the force can sense you are about to be wiped out so an evil person can have all the force power in the universe the force is going to send a special child who has the power to save the day. I know, it sounds nutty but you have to keep an eye out for this kid, he or she will have the strongest connection to the force of anyone you've ever seen. Anyway, train this child for they will grow up and lead the Jedi order to continue peace and stability. Oh and BTW, don't get too hung up on rules with this kid, just make him or her feel welcomed and respected or else the bad guy will. You really don't want to know what will happen if he joins up with that guy. Nothing good! ;)" Having something that can be presented as a fact regarding the force made the force bugs a necessary evil.

  • Emanuel Quitzon Reply

    Use Disability Services!!! We went to Disneyland with my son last year (age 5 at the time, autistic). Once you are registered you can get assigned return times for rides instead of trying to stand in line. It's separate from the fastpass system. Details are on the website. Know where the quiet areas are located including the nursing station for moms (you'll be allowed to use it). On the second day we had a meltdown and went right there for rocking in a chair and reading stories until he felt ready to go out again. You can also have a stroller tagged as a wheelchair and allowed anywhere a wheelchair is allowed. The Disney strollers are very sturdy, so if she is at all on the small side, she will have no problem sitting in it. When my son felt overstimulated he would have me pull forward the shade and he would pull up his hoodie and feel safe again. Be willing to ride rides over and over again. We did the Little Mermaid ride several times in a row to the point that they didn't even want us to disembark (they didn't have real lines at that point). My last advice would be to tell her parents to pull up the park's websites and let her go through the videos and photos. For older kids viewing the interior of a ride might be spoiling it, but for her it would likely be calming to know what to expect when asked to go into a submarine or enter a dark interior to ride with Mr Toad.

  • Louie Ferry Reply

    The deeper behind the scenes you go from the high schoolers clogging fursuiting and other jobs, the better your salary gets. But the more you are looked down upon also. Your maintenance job is seasonal? Does the park close due to snow? Disneyland ran 24X7 365 shifts for laborers, mechanics, custodial. Going to the dark side (more literal then you can say) meant a solid 30-40 hour/week pay check, more depending on the department

  • Jackson Oberbrunner Reply

    Disneyland [Light Side 5k]( [Light Side Half Marathon]( Disney World [Dark Side 5k]( [Dark Side Half Marathon](

  • Wilma Stehr Reply

    Hey, come back anytime for validation. Some people really need it. Some people were misled into thinking narcs were normal. My nrents were weird they taught me what was fair and then they denied it to me. Just be careful about the anger. Thats what leads to being a next gen narc and not just having FLEAS. Think star wars and the dark side. Try and be sad and disappointed and go no further. It takes time and experience to understand that anger hurts the person feeling it the most. Its just playing into their game. Dont let them make you mad. Just sad.

  • Opal Nienow Reply

    I've actually given some thought to that, if one or two races were to be given over to the other faction and have come to this conclusion. Alliance could get High elves as a main, and Tauren if they added a second. The Tauren are, by far, the most "noble" of the horde races, and so they could easily justify it as sick of the hordes destruction of nature (or something similar) recently. Horde could get Worgen and Dwarves. Worgen just give into their animalistic side entirely (and foregoing a human model). The Dwarves would be the Dark Iron Dwarves that refuse to come back into the fold.

  • Kory Emmerich Reply

    I agree a big piece of the sad side is grouphome life. There is a lady in her 50's whp shops at our walgreens and annoy's the shit out of the employees. Usually a combination of hygeine and lack of social awkwardness/social cues. I dunno if she wasn't taught them, doesn't give a shit, or has just lost thw skill... I have worked in the special needs industry off and on for 15 years, there definitely is a dark side to Ds. Also there becomes a huge problem when caregivers fail to recognize them as sexual humans, and rather as little kids. Everyone ends of frustrated an inappropriate shit is mire likely to occur imi. I think these studies are typically participated by people who are living with loved ones rather then in a institutional setting. Also ignorance is bliss. My kiddo acts like we are going to Disneyland just going through the McDonald's drive through. She is a stubborn little bugger though. Lol. I have never met a person with Ds that isn't stubborn and insistent as hell.

  • May Hammes Reply

    What they should have done was put more development into making the audience feel conflicted about both sides. Maybe make the kids come off as emotionless, brain washed, religious zealots who collectively sense Anakin's "fall to the dark side". It's well known that the Jedi aren't encouraging towards having emotions such as love (think about the plot of "The Giver" or "Equilibrium" with Christian Bale). Creating a doubt in the audience as to how good the Jedi actually are and how Sith have emotion, love, and are allowed to have a family could have been a great way to make the character arc more believable.

  • Henriette Wiza Reply

    House opened his eyes, blinked eerily a few times, and took account of his immediate surroundings. Hospital, not PPTH. Bright light from outside, not enough to be offensive, so it was probably early morning. Elderly doctor doing rounds with a bunch of nervous-looking rookies. Some excited, a decent few glossy-eyed. No, not PPTH, but another teaching hospital. One evidently far enough off from Princeton, since any hospital within 200 miles of PPTH would have sent him back immediately--not his first rodeo, and he knew Cuddy would have him sent straight back as soon as the attending physician figured out who the hell he was. The blossoming memory of *who* he was also brought the memory of *what* he was. Either the pain was beginning to return to his leg, or he'd been so disoriented and confused upon waking he just hadn't noticed it. The ache, he began to realize, was coming on stronger than usual. Much stronger. Moreover, he felt nauseous, he was trembling slightly, and he had woken in a cold sweat. And the pain, it had to be said, was getting *much* worse. He knew what that meant. "*NURSE*!" he called out. And again, and again, slightly louder each time. Several seconds passed, then a short woman in light purple scrubs--she was darker skinned, but not African. Maybe of Hispanic descent--approached him with an odd sort of smile--her mouth was pulled into a wide grin, but her eyes said something like "*If you yell at me again, I'll strangle you with your own IV drip.*" "What can I do for you, Mister..." She consulted his chart. "Oh, sorry, *Doctor*..." She read on. Then she suppressed a gasp. "Dr. *House* Gregory House?" She drew the clipboard closer to her face, scanning it intently. *Not South American, either. Island country, maybe. Carribean. Not Cuban, though...* "Bravo. Really. Your ability to read a chart is eclipsed only by your complete *incompetence* in treating chronic pain patients." He raised his eyebrows, putting on that sardonic frown only *he* could manage. Her smile faded only slightly, but her eyes narrowed further. "Well, from one hospital employee to another--" "Oh, we can dispense with the formalities! Please, you can just say 'from a *nurse* to a *doctor*'--" House cut in. The nurse furrowed her eyebrows. "--but by all means, continue." She took in a deep breath, her smile having receded to a tight-lipped display of self-control. "From a nurse to a *drug addict* admitted for an overdose, you'll just have to make due with tylenol for now. But, if you want different meds," she said with a subtly patronizing look, "I'm sure you can work out something with your attending physician. Wait right here, I'll go get him for you." As she walked from the room, she was approached by a man from behind. He was in dark green scrubs, bald, with a confident saunter. "*How's my little Puerto Rican princess today?*" he asked playfully, grabbing her around the waist. She brushed him off, giving him a long look. "Tuuurk, *quit it*. And I've told you to stop calling me that..." Their chatter slowly faded, then they were gone. House cracked a small, sly smile. ______________________________________________ Several minutes passed before a tall man with curly hair and a white coat finally walked in, arms folded across his chest. He had a gleeful smile plastered on his face. "*Boy oh boy, isn't this just a *treat*!" He spread his arms wide. "My name is Dr. Cox, and, on behalf of all of Sacred Heart, let me tell you it's just a ree-hee-*heeaal* pleasure having the famous Gregory House in our hospital. You know, gosh, I feel a little bit like a small boy meeting his hero. Are they treatin' ya okay?" He tapered off with his eyebrows raised and his lips exaggeratedly puckered. "Always nice to meet a fan," House said with lips pursed wide. "Especially the kids. I got into medicine because of the movie Patch Adams, you know." He tried to sit up, but instead winced in pain, rubbed his leg, and slid back down. "Usually, it's the hero standing over the dying kid. We can still do the whole 'Make-a-Wish' thing, though. But, since I'm *not* dying, let's skip Disneyland and go straight to *numbing my leg pain*." "Absolutely, champ. Nurse Espinosa told me what you've got now isn't quite doing the job. I'd be perfectly happy to bump you up." *Ah. Dominican.* "Finally," House said, eyes darting about, "Someone who's not a total idiot." He raised his chin and effected a refined accent and aristocratic frown. "I'll take a drip of your finest morphine, my good--" "You can have tramadol." House narrowed his eyes, lowering his head so he was now looking up. "Last time I checked, I'm the patient." He ripped off his blanket to reveal his ruined leg. "Maybe it's just my extensive medical training and experience talking here, but patients in pain need, what is it?" He snapped his fingers. "Oh, right. *Pain medication*." "What you need is to get to rehab before your liver or kidneys fail. If it gets that far, you know good and well no transplant committee worth a damn is gonna give you a pass." "I'm a *chronic pain patient*," House replied, jutting his head forward and raising his voice. "You think I take Vicodin for shits and giggles?" His voice bordered on a shout. "Ohhh, you're *right*," retorted Cox, "I almost forgot. Drug addicts *don't* take drugs to get high. Thank God you're here in this hospital bed to tell me that," he said, scrunching his face and nodding furiously. His face relaxed somewhat, and he sat in a chair wedged into the corner of the room. His face became stern. He licked his lips and took a deep breath. "House, do you even know where you are right now?" "A poorly-run day spa? I can tell because I haven't had my happy ending." "Lookit, can we just cut the crap?" He rested his arms across his lap and bent forward. "I've read about you. I've heard about your work. I've heard more about what a misanthropic bastard ya are--" "Oh, stop," House interjected, waving his hand coyly, "You're making me blush." "Fact is," Cox continued, undeterred, "I also know Princeton-Plainsboro is in New Jersey. This hospital is in California. Now how's a guy like you end up overdosing and getting dumped in a hospital all the way across the country?" "The more interesting question is, *why do you care*?" He reared his head back, staring intently into Cox's face. A studying look. "Doctors don't take an interest in drug addicts because drug addicts aren't interesting. People don't change, especially the junkies who swear they will. Any half-decent doctor knows lectures are about as useful as prayers." "Because, addict or not, you're a brilliant doctor. I've watched a lot of good doctors ruin themselves. They can't handle the pressure, or they stop caring--" he paused, swallowing. "--or they start blaming themselves for their patients' deaths." "I guess I'm one of those lucky few who doesn't lose sleep over dying patients." "Some of them," Cox said grimly, "keep themselves just numb enough to believe nothing's wrong." "You think I'd be a better doctor if I was in throbbing pain all the time?" House's voice had regained some of its edge. "I think people make better doctors when they're alive." Cox eyed the chart again. "You know, guy smart as you--" He bared his teeth in a thin smile, chuckling softly and shaking his head, but there was no levity in it. "--let's just say it, guy who's been eating hydrocodone as long as you, he doesn't just take too many pills by accident. And he sure as hell doesn't do it when he just so happens to be this far from home." He sat the clipboard down on a side table, and stared straight into House's eyes, his jaw set. "I bet I can guess why you're here, so hows about you just come out and say it?" House didn't speak for the better part of a minute. Neither did Cox. But neither broke eye contact. "I want you to discharge me." "There's no way that's gonna happen." "Am I breathing normally?" "House--" "How about my heart rate? Body temperature? Oxygen levels?" "Come on," he said wearily, "You can't even get out of bed." "You took my cane," he said, straining to drag his legs over the side of the mattress. "You're welcome to give me some methadone on my way out, by the way, but I'm leaving." Cox moved briskly over to the door and slid it shut. "You're not going anywhere." House drew in a breath, bobbed his head a bit, and rolled his eyes. "Way I see it, you have two choices. Either you discharge me, seeing as you have no medical reason to keep me here, or we argue a while, you eventually leave or fall asleep, I put in a call over to Princeton-Plainsboro, have myself transferred, then I have *them* discharge me. So, what'll it be?" Cox put his hands behind his head, looking up at the ceiling for several seconds. He brought his gaze down, then nodded slowly, lips pursed tightly "I'll have your nurse bring the forms." His voice was hoarse. He slid the door open and walked out. "I'll keep an eye out for you in the obituaries."

  • Enos Crona Reply

    Since Disneyland seems to be doing more experimenting with "quests," I want a Jabba the Hutt animatronic at the Launch Bay. He can talk (assisted by a Twilek translator) and hand out bounties. You gain his trust by completing increasingly difficult quests (go say this "password" to the shopkeep at the Marvel store........go get the package that the bartender at Trader Sam's owes me!) and the final quest offers you a choice. You can either deliver the final package to Jabba the Hutt and become his number one Bounty Hunter as part of a "dark side" ending, or you can deliver it to a light side member of the Resistance and have a "good ending." Don't expect this to happen. Just brainstorming.

  • Jason Haag Reply

    > I just went to spo origins. mwah ha ha ha ha. Join the dark side.

  • Christine Schoen Reply

    I think an HBO style big budget Star Wars show could be amazing. I don't even care if it focuses on Jedi or bounty hunters or whoever.

  • Elouise Kozey Reply

    Went to the dark side with a microtransaction so that I could get some of the Overwatch summer game loot boxes. Got a couple of real nice skins from it.

  • Gay Hagenes Reply

    It's worth noting, though, that at some point Leo drank the Kool-aid and went full-SJW. I don't know if JoCo has been swayed to the dark side or not.

  • Burdette Stehr Reply

    When I went down to run the Dark Side Half Marathon in April, there were a few of them doing crowd control at the ESPN center and let me tell you, I just about fainted when they came marching past and told me to step aside. It was *awesome* and completely unforgettable.

  • Greg Gleason Reply

    Nick and Mitch (but probably mostly Nick): What is your favorite Disneyland dark ride? PS: Please do an episode at a Disneyland restaurant; I'd pay good money just for the possibility of you two riding It's a Small World side by side.

  • Keven Buckridge Reply

    I see you went over to the dark side. The report showed that he would have won. Did you miss that or did HRC brainwash you?

  • Mose Jacobs Reply

    At the age of three hundred and sixty-one, Kyin wasn't quite considered an adult yet. Just barely over a year ago, he'd finally held his initiation ceremony into adulthood. Finally people would begin to take him seriously and he could begin his apprenticeship into the profession he'd always dreamed of. It would be another thirty-nine years before he could officially join the ranks of the Vashtenadein, before he would officially be considered an adult, but it well worth the wait. For thousands of years, the world had been plagued by a creature they simply called, The Hybrid. Whether or not he was actually a hybrid of anything, no one seemed truly certain. Yet one thing every Arthisul agreed upon, the Hybrid was an abomination, and he had to be destroyed. The Hybrid brought death and despair with him in every land he set foot. The fragile Humans of the south called him a Vampire. The original Vampire. Thousands of years ago, the elders of the Edmar Demas had deemed this Hybrid too dangerous to be allowed to live. It was then that the Vashtenadein was founded, an elite hunting group of only the best of the Arthisuls their people had to offer. Countless thousands had lost their lives in the pursuit of the Hybrid. Countless deaths, with no success. The Hybrid was a master of survival. His life was dedicated to the pursuit of every knowledge that would allow him to evade the Vashtenadein. Perhaps now, as Kyin spent the following decades and centuries preparing for that one moment he would finally face the Hybrid, perhaps HE would finally be the one to drive his sword through his heart. A gentle snow fell upon Kyin's shoulders as his comrades of the Vashtenadein arrived upon the outskirts of a small Human village. Camislen. Not more than a fortnight ago, the unsuspecting village had been ravaged by the Hybrid. Though the Humans feared and disliked the Arthisuls, they often called upon the Vashtenadein to help with the carnage following the Hybrids devasation, and it was a good source of information for his most recent whereabouts. Kyin breathed the cool air in deeply, attempting to relax his nerves. He was visibly quivering, knuckles gripped white around the hilt of his sword. Carnage wasn't a new thing to him, but it had always the work of a run of the mill Vampire. This... this was the first obvious attack by the Hybrid since he'd joined the Vashtenadein. It would be the first time he'd seen the Hybrid's work. A heavy hand patted Kyin on the shoulder, Maevin, the fifth in command, "Don't look so nervous, kid. The Hybrid is long gone from this area. You won't be facing him as a fledging. Let the higher ranks worry about that until your training is complete." Maevin handed him an uncapped wine skin, gesturing to drink. "You haven't eaten all day. Here." "I'm not hungry..." Kyin trailed off as he listened in on their first in command discussing the attack with the village leader nearby. Maevin glanced briefly in the direction Kyin was staring and sighed. "Look kid, I know you're scared. Everyone who joins the Vashtenadein goes through the fear of their first sight of the Hybrid's carnage, but if you don't EAT, you're not going to be able to keep your strength up for the trials ahead. The last thing any of us needs is a weakened member should we happen to face the Hybrid. Now drink." Kyin pursed his lips in frustration before he finally took the wine skin and drank. A deep red liquid stained his lips briefly before he licked them clean. The metallic taste was refreshing and his nerves finally ceased quivering. The villagers who stood along the streets had been watching them. Intensely, and even tensely. Some of them held sharp farming tools in hand, or small daggers, anything useful as a weapon. They were afraid, wary and most certainly didn't plan to leave their village leader alone speaking with the Vashtenadein. A young man, maybe seventeen, had his eyes locked on Kyin as he drank from his wine skin. It wasn't wine. The kid knew that for a fact, and it horrified him. Kyin briefly gestured over to the young Human. "Does he have to stare at me like that?" "What do you expect in a Human village? You're drinking blood. He probably thinks you're going to sink your fangs into the whole lot of them any second." "But we're nothing like that damned Hybrid, shouldn't they know that by now?" Maeven chuckled, "The only thing they see is a monster who drinks blood. At the core of it, sure, they know, but they don't care. Enough of our kind have attacked them that it's all the same to them." "But those Arthisul were all punished. And just as many of them have killed us as we've killed them." "Don't get your head in a knot over it, boy. Racism won't get you anywhere in the real world." It wasn't too much longer before the Vashtenadein were allowed to begin their work. Eyewitnesses gave their accounts of which direction the Hybrid had departed, and tracking had confirmed as much. Bodies were collected, cleaned, prepared for burial and graves were dug. With superior strength, the Arthisuls finished digging the graves in a fraction of the time that the Humans possibly could have. Kyin wiped the sweat from his brow and stabbed his shovel into the ground at the end of it all. He thanked the gods that it was winter, or else this grave digging session would have been much worse. Kyin had decided to remain behind at the gravesite, long after the families of the departed and his comrades had left to further discuss the incident and gather more information. His dark eyes lingered upon every grave for several moments. One... two... ten... eighteen. Eighteen bodies, snuffed out so easily. Kyin didn't care much for the Humans, but he couldn't help but feel... sorrow. They had lives, families, hopes, dreams. Now they were gone. That could be him someday, or Maevin, or any of his comrades. That's when he heard a woman scream. Not from in the village, but from within the forest nearby. A blood curdling scream. Without even thinking, he dashed into the forest in the direction of the scream. It was far, but it was loud. Arthisulian speed carried him away quickly. He heard his comrades shout his name but all he could think about were those graves. That one more was about to be added to them. He had to stop it. Another scream. A young woman. "No! Stop! Please, I don't want to die! I don't want to die, please, please just let me go!" The young woman fell hard to ground, pushing herself against a tree as she held her hand to her neck, blood streaming between her fingers. She was sobbing uncontrollably as a white haired man approached her, closing in like a cat played with a mouse. His mouth turned upward in a grin, revealing his sharp long eye teeth, flecked with new blood. He knealt before her, stroking the side of her blonde hair gently. She flinched to the side, shutting her eyes tightly. "Shhh, don't worry dearie. It won't hurt for long... but the more you struggle... well, I can't promise it won't be painful then." "Noo, no, please. I just want to go home. Please!" She sobbed, keeping her eyes closed. The man before her was fair, white haired and handsome, but his eyes were wild, blood red... and amused. "Come now," he cooed, "Where's the fun in that, dearie? Now... run along. Give us a chase." but she refused. What was the point in running? There wasn't any chance she could outrun him. One way or another he would kill her. The Hybrid looked slightly disappointed. "Hm... pity," but he quickly brightened up. "I know! If you can make it back to your village, just the edge of the treeline... I'll let you live. How's that for a deal? Eh? Seems pretty fair to me!" He grinned. "Just a little run east and you'll be home in no time!" The young woman looked upon him in disbelief. Though she didn't believe a word he said, the temptation that maybe, just maybe, was too great. Still she didn't move as fear wracked her body. He might just kill her anyway. "Move along, dearie!" He coaxed, flitting his fingers eastward. "No? Well... how about this. I'll give you ten seconds to start running... and if I get to zero, *well*, I'll just take that as a hint to chow down. Yeah?" The girl shivered, looking back and forth from him to her freedom. "Ten... nine... eight... seven..." She ran. The Hybrid grinned almost ear to ear, still counting down before he would decide to give chase, "Six... five... four... THREE..." He started shouting. The young woman could hear his counting growing louder as she began crying out in fear yet again, the branches of the trees cutting into her skin as she ran as fast as she could. "No, please... please..." "TWO... ONE!" The young woman let out a scream as she ran straight into the chest of another man. But this time it wasn't the Hybrid. Kyin had come to a skidding halt as a young woman ran face first into him. Tears were streaming down her face and blood soaked her collar from her neck. "Please! Please! Help me! He's going to kill me!" She grabbed his robes tightly, sobbing into them. "The Hybrid? He's still here?!" In a moment, Kyin had unsheathed his sword at his hip, looking around into the quiet forest as the young woman clung to his clothing still tightly. Several moments passed before a voice sounded behind them. (continued)

  • Joesph Parisian Reply

    Here's my plot for [this story]( - linkffn(12067170), as currently written on my computer: It's quite long, and if you just want to know what will happen then skip to the timeline. The character profiles are quite short and mostly so I don't forget things. --- Reveals to readers and characters: * Ino is the time-traveller who's been causing the changes * Hinata is basically Orochimaru 2.0 Reveals to characters only: * Canon Akatsuki plot is discovered when Killer Bee turns traitor * Canon Uchiha Massacre won't be revealed Pairings: Naruto/Sakura – Ino causes this so she can get Sasuke without Sakura causing problems, but it doesn't last Gaara/Sakura – happens during the training trip that Naruto embarks on, because Sakura is in Suna and doesn't know anyone, plus fought Gaara in the chunin exams – still not sure how exactly to do this, but could just skim over Sasuke/Ino – Ino uses her foreknowledge to set this up, and it works out alright overall Shikamaru/Tenten – side effect of the changes, not very central to story – mention it once or twice in the background Naruto: Starts off brash and headstrong, learns to be more cautious and think things through. Also very strong, with Rasengan, Toads, Sage Mode. Learns Hiraishin later on. Killer Bee is turned by Akatsuki, and Naruto stops him in the final fight. Important moments include the bell test, the first few missions, watching Hinata fight in the Chunin Exams, being trained by Jiraiya, and almost dying to Itachi and Kisame. Sasuke: Starts off brooding and dark, learns to lighten up and take joy where he can. Gets the Chidori, various fire jutsu, and eventually the Monkey summons. Also uses a pair of short swords. Copies the Hiraishin from Naruto (source of tension?). Important moments include seeing the aftermath of a raid on a village, the first time he experiences gratitude from someone he saved (one of the missions), Naruto rescuing him from an ambush (later mission vs enemy ninja), and Ino recruiting him for her ROOT-like organisation. He kills Itachi together with a few of Ino's other ninja. Sakura: Quite unmotivated and unwilling to bear physical pain, but after losing an ear – and almost her life – in a skirmish she goes on to become very paranoid, hiding and striking from a distance in hard-to-trace ways. Uses genjutsu, ranged weapons and psychological warfare. Has a very powerful genjutsu that places an injunction in peoples' minds against noticing her – think Fidelius Charm from Harry Potter, almost. No poison – that's been done to death. Important moments include losing an ear, falling for Naruto, winning a life-or-death fight in the chunin exams, assassinating an enemy for the first time, falling for Gaara. Kakashi: A slacker who enjoys alcohol and women, but grows to care for his team during the course of the story. He doesn't change much, but becomes friendlier to the team. He also picks up Sage mode later on. Important moments include his team passing the bell test, watching Sakura almost die, losing to Kisame and taking part in the mission to kill Orochimaru. He loses both legs near the end of the story. Iruka: A driven but not very talented teacher. He becomes gentler throughout the story, but we don't see a lot of him until he finishes teaching Konohamaru. Might be killed off, depending. Important moments include shielding Naruto with his own body, seeing Naruto in the last stage of the chunin exams, and seeing Konohamaru graduate. Ino: Starts off more manipulated than manipulating, but turns into a very powerful political character. A-rank combat ability cap (unlike the S-rank Naruto & Sasuke), but forms a small group of ninja loyal to her (similar to ROOT) and continues releasing butterflies. Important moments include rekindling her friendship with Sakura, getting Sakura to chase Naruto (and Naruto to impress Sakura) in order to have a clear run Hinata: Starts off as a very shy and careful girl. Becomes more aggressive after losing Naruto to Sakura, and becomes a medic. Gives herself a Rin'negan, at which point she kills Tobi and Konoha wins. Important moments include watching Naruto and Sakura start going out, watching Naruto almost die and not being able to help, starting unethical experiments, being driven out of Konoha, developing the Rin'negan, and killing Tobi to end the conflict. Shino: Not much visible development, but will take over ROOT from Danzo. Uses poisons and long-range attacks while staying hidden. Flesh out more later --- Timeline Future!Ino arrives (Ch 1) Graduation Bell Test (Ch 2) First few missions (Ch 3-4) Ino gets Sakura and Naruto together Naruto almost dies and Hinata starts learning medical jutsu (Ch 5) Chunin Exams, no invasion because of Ino's butterflies (Ch 6-9) Ino gets with Sasuke Hinata starts experimenting on people, including an abducted Hyuuga who is left blind (Ino guides her down this path – what's the scariest thing a seer can say to you? "I'm sorry") Sasuke joins Ino's ROOT Akatsuki make first move on Naruto (Kakashi loses to Kisame, Sasuke doesn't try to fight Itachi) Sakura starts training in Suna Hiruzen starts training Sasuke, and gives him the Monkey summons Training journey for Naruto Naruto/Sakura is on hold, never fully starts again Hinata starts work on her own eyes Naruto and Sakura meet when Jiraiya travels through Suna. They break up properly, having both moved on Kakashi leads a team to kill Orochimaru Naruto returns to Konoha Akatsuki reveal themselves, having taken control of five of the nine jinchuriki (missing tailed beasts are: 1, 2, 8, 9) Hinata flees Konoha after her experiments are discovered, which include trying to make better Byakugan and creating clones of herself so she has eyes to experiment with. Also a few clones of Naruto, which *really* weird him out. Ino's ROOT steal some of the genetically modified eyes before they're destroyed Sasuke leads a small squad to kill Itachi Sakura tracks down and kills Kabuto with Shino's help, then impersonates him and tries to assassinate Sasori Guy dies after killing Deidara Naruto and Jiraiya defeat Pain in Amegakure Sakura/Gaara starts Sasori returns and Gaara kills him Hidan and Kakuzu betray Akatsuki, due to Ino's influence/foreknowledge Tobi assassinates Danzo, thinking he's the one who turned Hidan and Kakuzu Sakura kills White Zetsu. Hinata takes samples from the body and engineers a plague to kill the Zetsu clones. Most of them die. Kakashi and Kisame have a rematch, and Kakashi wins Iruka dies in the crossfire of the various battles Killer Bee almost kills Kakashi, but Naruto saves him Sasuke fights Tobi but is losing Hinata kills Tobi, whose identity is never discovered, and Black Zetsu Fin Epilogue: * Naruto follows Jiraiya's footsteps, travelling the world (and being a bit of a pervert). No pairing for him * Sasuke is the new Hokage after Hiruzen retires, and marries Ino * Sakura becomes a permanent liason to Suna, and marries Gaara * Ino becomes commander of ANBU (and has her personal black ops on the side) * Shino takes over ROOT from Danzo * Hinata is still a missing-nin, along the vein of Orochimaru, although she and Naruto occasionally meet up. She's more mature, but also more than a little crazy * Tsunade is the village's chief healer (and also immortal). She stays in Konoha for a * few decades, but leaves when everyone she knows starts getting old and dying * Kakashi becomes a trainer and takes on more teams. He's much more relaxed and acts more like a favourite uncle. * Lee becomes Guy 2.0, and takes on a team of his own.

  • Adalberto Kuphal Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said, my wife and I just got back from running all the races at the Dark Side 1/2 weekend and are starting our training program for the Dopey next year (which will involve the full Disneyland 1/2 weekend series in September) So we both will be running 5K twice a week plus a weekend run all through the summer. That said... we did both pay for the virtual series medals. Because... well, why not? They look like they'll all be purty.

  • Nadia Murray Reply

    ## Chapter 4: Drang Nach Sploogen In the darkness, our pioneer teams have crossed no man’s land, disabling mines and cutting barbed wire in the path of advance. The end of the Furred Reich draws near, it’s time has come to an end. Come Victors, the motherland calls! The fourth chapter (they’re actually unnumbered in the text) is titled “Troika, pt. 2”. The third one was, of course, titled “Troika.” This smacks me as the same sort of thing that more serious business type crypto-Nazis do in their polemics, peppering Yiddish words in a mocking sort of way. For example, a person running a Holocaust memorial will be described as “kvetching”, a Yiddish word for complaining/bitching. Titling your furry threesome “Troika” is some epicly poor taste. (apologies to all the German speakers out there for my continued abuse of the language) >Hans gasped. Perhaps if he had more experience, he would have seen Kairah’s advance coming, but indeed, he was a virgin, and he was every bit as shocked at Kairah’s offer as was the deercat laying next to him. >“I uh. Yes, I am one.” He turned to look at Kairah, his eyes dipping down to her modest but bubbly cleavage. Again, you didn’t need to explain this to me. But please, continue hitting me over the head with his virginity. Besides, kiddo is fucking ~~seventeen.~~ (Victor’s Note: Fuck this, I’m mentally re-aging him to eighteen cuz *underage* Nazi fur erotica is a bridge too far even for me). THIS IS NORMAL. >For men living the lives of hunted beasts, every moment was precious. Any hour could be Hans’ last. He had to eat and drink when he could, and also make love when he could. For Hans, there was no time for eloquence over the girls’ hair or eyes. Sorry, I can’t cry crocodile tears for the woes of Private Hans, foot-soldier in Nazi genocide-conquest. >Still, it felt wrong to grab and desperately consume, to take these girls like a man dying of thirst takes cold water. He might not have been experienced with the opposite sex, but something told him desperation would not go down well. Boychik, you’ve got no room to be moralizing about your self-insert wank fantasy. >He reached forward and ran the back of his hand along Kairah’s tawny thigh, touching the fur through the fabric of her trousers. She smiled at him, and didn’t seem to mind at all. >“…But I learn fast…” GEFREITER! WHAT DOES THE FUHRER SAY ABOUT RACE MIXING? >Without thinking, his hand slid beneath Kairah’s shirt and brushed along her flank, the sensation of fur on his hand for the first time. Before his hand could wonder too far, Kairah settled her hand on his bare stomach, leaning over to kiss lightly on his lips. Though she was a lioness, her face looked like one of a human female’s, with the only difference being short, tan fur and yellow-orange eyes that looked unmistakably feline. Ei, yei, yei, bubbeleh went straight from inexperienced, self-conscious kiddo to Casanova real quick. Though, Catlady is apparently permantly DTF >He looked back and smiled politely to Amalija. “It would be nice if Amalija joins us, too. If she likes.” Don’t get greedy there, private. >The deercat rolled onto her back to watch, as if debating back and forth whether to join the two of them. The lioness lifted herself up and straddled atop the human, leaned in and kissed him deeper, hand still massaging his groin, which was now at full attention. Hans felt a wave of excitement wash over him. Kairah soaked up their kiss, gently brushing her tongue back against his own as if just to taste his saliva and feel closer to the nice human beneath her. I wonder what the Fuhrer would think of a strapping young mensch like Private Hans getting his privates fondled by sexually liberated non-human. I can’t imagine he’d be too pleased. Maybe that’s what finally drove him over the edge. In the ~~glorious~~dark days of April 1945, Judeo-Bolshevik time travelers invade the Fuhrerbunker, and present to Hitler some samples of his legacy in 21st century. Inconsolable with grief, he kills his dog and girlfriend before finally eating a bullet. Catlady gets naked, and apparently this is the first time Hans has ever even seen a woman naked, something I find hard to believe, because barracks antics are universal. >“Virgins don’t last too long,” Kairah said matter-of-factly, “but we do have an herb that can make you continue even after you orgasm a couple times. If you’d like? That way you can experiment with me for as long as you’d like.” Mein gott, she came prepared. Apparently this place is a free love fantasy land. I thought that was a symptom of Jewish degeracy? Hans, apparently shrugs off a decade of Nazi indoctrination, and decides that when in Furryland, do as the furries do. >The soldier’s hands wondered down to Kairah’s trim body, settling on her backside, which he pawed unambiguously through her pants. “I’d love to try that herb.” He smiled sheepishly. “I’m not sure how long I’d last on my own once we’ve started.” >Then Amalija stood up. “I want to join as well,” the deercat murmured as she began pulling off her dress. Kairah smiled and stood up, walking over to the side as she undid her pants. You gotta walk before you run, kiddo. Oh well, I guess if you’re already writing erotica where complete strangers are boning in a strangeland, you might as well get some hawt girl-on-girl in there too. So we spend the next few paragraphs lovingly describing our beautiful anthro girls. Most of the details are boring. Kairah is athletic, with modest breats. Amalija is tall and lanky. Some curiosities >Hans had never heard of a deercat, but he imagined they might look like a cross between a cat and a deer. Now he knew that guess was right. The only use of the phrase “deercat” is in narrative text. No one has explained that to Hans. How the fuck does he know what she is supposed to be argh **flips table** >Up her inner thighs and belly was a bright white fur which covered modest breasts crowned by pink nipples probably similar to those of a German girl. I cracked up at this line. He’s about to have the time of his life and he’s still yearning for the Fatherland. Freud would have a field day with this. >Hans looked intently at the deercat who had professed her desire to lose her virginity to him. She looked a little more like an actual animal than did Kairah. Lija’s nose was that of a cat’s, with the hint of a muzzle. Her feet were hooved, not plantigrade like Kairah’s. Ibaboodle, more POV errors. No reference to Lija being a virgin was ever made. This is schlock writing, even for the genre. We FINALLY get the first inkling what a fucking ~~catdeer~~deercat actually looks like. Furries of all sorts, I guess. She’s got a bushy tail like a deer. And catlike eyes. Strangely predatory features for something that doesn’t eat meat. But I’m just kvetching at this point, I really shouldn’t expect fursonas to make sense. At least we don’t have any bright technicolor fur colors. Private Hans takes the mint, and the girls start to get naked before stripping him. I debated how much to quote, but fuck it, we’re NSFWing this.

  • Armani Yost Reply

    As always, take these with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that Disney operates on a need-to-know basis, and that outside of Imagineering and upper management there aren't many CMs with access to this kind of planning. For those not in the know (it's been a while since I've played the CM card), I'm a CM myself (I speak on behalf of myself and not the Walt Disney Company, my opinions are my own and not necessarily those of the company, yadda yadda yadda), but I don't actually *know* any of the details of anything going on. Heck, Tarzan's Treehouse is down right now, I'm ***trained*** on Tarzan's Treehouse, and I don't even know why it's down because I'm not important enough to know the details behind it. That said, there are a few rumors which are reasonable: * ***World of Color getting a new show after the 60th:*** It'll probably get a new version of Winter Dreams, but afterward they'll likely either revert to the old show or possibly get a new show entirely. There's a good chance that Celebrate will be going away during the winter, but it's anyone's guess which show will be coming back afterward. I can see a downtime from September-November, though (keep in mind I don't actually know anything). * ***Pinocchio and Mr. Toad getting upgrades:*** Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan got upgraded, so I see it spreading to the other dark rides as well over time. I'd imagine Snow White might get something before Pinocchio does, though. Again, I don't know. * ***Major Fantasmic upgrades coming:*** This is a given for the most part, considering that Fantasmic will be dark for so long. They need to maintain the floats and props during that time, so likely everything will at the very least be given a fresh coat of paint. The current Star Wars Land rumors also put Fantasmic storage behind the new waterfall on the far side of Tom Sawyer's Island. I doubt they'll replace anything under the water, though, given that they're not fully draining the Rivers of America. * ***Fireworks only going off on weekends:*** This is a normal thing that Disney does on non-peak season. It's actually **weird** that fireworks are nightly at the moment -- usually around this time of year, they'd be transitioning from being only on the weekends to being nightly as we pick up into the summer peak season. Soundsational right now only plays on the weekends because it's not peak season; the only reason why the fireworks/Paint the Night is daily is because the 60th promotion is going on until September. Expect nightly fireworks until around September, then it'll die down to be weekends until Christmastime. It'll be interesting to see if we get Wishes back or if we get Disneyland Forever soon. The others are rumors. Keep in mind that, as I mentioned, CMs don't know anything more than guests do, unless they have a "need to know." As an example, Jungle Cruise skippers knew about the Jungle downtime for a while before it actually happened, but nobody outside of Adventureland knew about it unless they heard about it from a skipper (who wasn't supposed to talk about it). Things I can see: * ***Fireworks launchers being moved:*** It makes sense, although I don't know *where* they'd put them. They have to remain above the castle somehow; where they are now actually puts them a little to the left of the castle. They'd have to be moved to the right in order to take Star Wars Land out of the fallout zone, but there's backstage stuff there that they'd have to move around. Even if they did move it, Star Wars Land would likely need to close if the wind blew in a certain direction (which is why It's a Small World and Monorail close sometimes during the fireworks). * ***Season of the Force sticking around:*** They're still plugging Star Wars around the parks, and with Rogue One coming out that probably won't change much. However, Star Wars Land won't be coming until 2020 or so, which mean 5 years of Hyperspace Mountain, which is a bit much. Star Tours is already winding down from the Season of the Force, since it's introduced the non-Force Awakens scenes back into its rotation. * ***No more Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:*** Again, I don't know anything about this for sure, but I can see this happening. Disney pays royalties to CBS regularly to use the Twilight Zone IP; I can see them wanting to move it to something more in-house. That being said, it's going to be an expensive change, so I'd see this happening around the time Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out so they can use it as a promotional vehicle for the movie. * ***Loss of Pizza Port and Launch Bay:*** Pizza Port is a very popular restaurant, and the fact that you don't need reservations there is a big plus. I don't see them removing Pizza Port, but I can see them taking out Launch Bay at some point. Everything in Launch Bay feels very temporary as it is, and the space won't be needed when Star Wars Land comes around. That being said, it'll be a few more years yet. I don't know about the rest. Hollywoodland *might* change into Marvel-land if they move Tower of Terror over to be Guardians of the Galaxy, but the park is still ***California*** Adventure, so California needs to be brought into it if at all possible. Anna and Elsa aren't very California, granted, but they're only where they are because there was nowhere else to put them, and they're only *supposed* to be temporary. There are some areas with plausible deniability (Bugs Land), but outside of Tony Stark there aren't many Marvel characters in California (and even Stark lives in New York nowadays). Perhaps if they turn it into a generic "superhero" area? With Incredibles Meet-and-Greets inside the Animation Academy? They'd have to stretch it to make it fit, however, so I don't know. What I *can* see happening is them utilizing the last little bit of the Timon Parking Lot (behind Tower of Terror) for a Marvel-themed Rock 'n Rollercoaster port and turn *that* area into a Marvel area. They could do the same thing to Hollywood Studios in Florida (assuming they get the rights issues sorted out with Universal and Islands of Adventure), and then they can use the same marketing campaign for both. I don't see them moving the Astro Orbitor -- it's expensive and it'll have a severely detrimental effect on guest flow through the area, for little to no gain. If they put it on top of the Peoplemover station, they'd have to make it ADA compliant, which would mean an elevator -- which is a lot of money. Not to mention the Peoplemover tracks lack fall protection and are no longer earthquake-safe -- from what I hear (I don't actually know this) they have cracks in their structure from the Rocket Rods and have a chance to collapse in the next major earthquake. Space Mountain doesn't need to have its queue extended out even more. While it might be nice to move it into the Starcade for air conditioning's sake (and the safety argument might be something that could be made there), ultimately their line is long enough to suck in all the guests. I don't see that space being used for Space's queue -- not yet, at least. Star Tours leaving is something I can *somewhat* see, but at the same time I'm not sure if it'll actually happen or not. They invested a lot of money in the 2011 refurb, and that makes the ride brand-new in Disney terms (Buzz across the street, for example, has never had a refurb, at all, ever). They *might* swap it out for something like the Iron Man motion simulator over in Hong Kong. And TRON's success might just be because it's an E-ticket, not so much because of the TRON name. I think a better candidate to test the value of the TRON property in the American market would be the re-branding of Test Track over in Epcot as a TRON ride, which has had mixed reviews (from what I've heard).

  • Mckayla Bashirian Reply

    Whoooo boy, you just opened up Pandora's Box. I'll go through this member by member. **Dick Grayson/Robin I/Nightwing**- The Boy Wonder, in fact the first teenaged Sidekick in comic history. He was born into the circus, with two loving parents. He eventually became part of their act, forming the trio that was The Flying Graysons. Unfortunately at age nine his parents were gunned down. Their murder drew the attention of Batman, who saw much of himself in the young boy, and taught him so he could bring his parent's killers to justice. Dick, in many ways, is the most like Batman in his methods. His fighting style relies a lot more an arobatics, and he doesn't really stick to the shadows like his mentor. His detective skills are good, but he excels at leadership and strategy. You will often see him heading a team of other teen heroes, and excelling at it. His only really unique gadget of note are his Escrima Sticks, which puts to very good use. He is also a bit of a ladies man, and he has had a lot of relationships. The most likely to ever become Batman. This is the version of Robin most often seen, notable in Young Justice and Teen Titans. **Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood**-A hotheaded and reckless street urchin, Jason met Batman when he tried to steal the Batmobile's tires. This somehow gave Batman the impression he would be the perfect new sidekick. He trained under Batman, but was always too eager to fight. While Batman reveled in the detective and stealth work, Jason was always hoping for a fight. This eventually catches up to him. The Joker catches him and brutally kills the poor boy with a tire iron. He is later resurrected, but he kinda comes out...wrong. His more primal, aggressive instincts come to the forefront, and he becomes a very dark and brooding figure. He uses guns, guns, and explosions to kill the bad guys. He ain't very subtle. He can pull off incredibly difficult and precise operations solo, making him one of the scarier people to be on the bad end of. He is also probably the dirtiest fighter in the Batfamily, and let me tell you, that is saying something. He is also incredibly determined. His only superpower is being to stupid to give up. He is heavily featured in the movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. **Tim Drake/Robin III/Red Robin**-Tim Drake was raised by two very affluent parents, being even in the same social circles as Bruce Wayne. At the age of nine, he figures out the identities of Batman and Robin I. After convincing both of them that Batman needs a Robin, even if the last one didn't end so great, he becomes the third Robin. Tim is probably the most tech savvy of the bunch. His deductions skills are incredible, and combined with his ability with computers, there is essentially no intel on Earth he couldn't get his hands on. His fighting style is a lot more grounded than the other Batfamily members, with little to no backflips for style. He also heavily favor using his bo-staff, and is one of the most dangerous men in the world with the weapon. He is almost always one of the smartest people in the room, and so he does tend to be a little bit of a know-it-all. **Damian Wayne/Robin V**- The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al-Ghul, he was raised from youth by the League of Assassins. He is cold-blooded and has little value for human life, but he is remarkably well-adjusted, all things considered. He is ten when he becomes part of the Batfamily, after Talia no longer trusts the league to keep him safe. He is quite proud of his heritage, and eagerly joins his father in his war against crime. He is kinda dick, and is very abrasive to anyone he deems unworthy of his time. He is a master with many weapons, though his three favorite are the sword, the bow, and money. Seriously, this kid once paid off Deathstroke to not fight him. He is pretty much good at anything he tries, but he fails in interpersonal relationships. **Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl**-Commissioner Gordon's teenaged daughter turned crime fighting vigilante. She served a number of years as Batgirl, which were quit notable. She preferred stealth compared to most member of the Batfamily, and though she was not the best detective, she excelled at gathering intel. This proved useful after The Joker robbed her the use of her legs. Never deterred, she continues the fight against crime as Oracle. As Oracle she stayed behind in the Batcave, offering mission support such as detective work, hacking, and mission ops. She is probably the most well-adjusted member of the Batfamily, though that is still not saying much. She is usually depicted as being positive, but with a heavy side of snark. **Kate Kane/Batwoman**-A girl born from a very rich family with a military background, Kate had a lot of expectations to fulfill. And she exceeded all of them. She made it into West Point, and excelled in her studies, to the pride of her father. Too bad she was a Lesbian. She gets kicked out of West Point after the truth comes out (Whoo 2000's). She goes into a bit of a downward spiral after that, spending a few years as a party girl. After a mugger corners one night, she kicks his shit in and realizes that Gotham could use another asskicker. Her father, ever supportive, outfits her with her own Batsuit and she takes to the streets. She eventually meets batman, and both agree that a partnership could be just what Gotham needs. Kate can be abrasive in her social life, but she was raised never to be dishonest. Not her fault if everyone else is a moron. Honorable, before all else, she is probably the most forward when it comes to attacking. She uses military tactics and training to pummel anything that stands in her way.

  • Presley Cummerata Reply

    "Order! All rise!" boomed Bailiff Byrd as the courtroom hushed quickly in response. The normally sparse venue was packed with spectators. A few lucky camera crews were allowed at the back corners, vying for angles through the dense crowd, many of whom could barely move. A diminutive figure swept into the room from a back chamber door, her black robe flowing in an arc behind her. She stepped with a slow, deliberate grace up to the judge's bench, surveying the room with a hawkish glare that seemed to pierce through everyone at once. "Your Honor, this is case number 712942-F, in the matter of Beelzebub versus Wextel. The parties have been sworn in." "Thank you, Byrd," replied Judge Judith Scheindlin, settling into her chair. The bailiff nodded respectfully. "You may be seated," he instructed the crowd. Scheindlin shuffled several papers around, paying little mind to the heavy, rapt silence that permeated the room. After a 30-second eternity, she glanced up and fixed a withering stare on the figure standing at the plaintiff's box. "Mr. Beelzebub, you are suing Mr. Wextel for possession of his immortal soul, claiming that it was contracted to you in exchange for, and I quote, 'True love and eternal happiness,' is that correct?" Beelzebub met the judge's gaze and smiled. He was tall and well-proportioned, with broad shoulders and a slender torso. He wore a slim-fitted midnight black suit with a rich lapis lazuli colored tie. Deep green eyes sparkled out of a thin, aquiline face. If not for two slight, almost comical horns sticking out from his head, the creature would not have raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Your Honor," it began in a dreamy, sonorous voice. "Mr. *Wextel*," it continued, glancing with an amused contempt at the man to his left, "did so assure me the possession of his soul in exchange for said boons. I delivered with due haste, and now I simply ask for what is mine." "Your Honor, if I may, this evil creature tricked..." "Silence!" boomed Judge Judith, her sharp voice cutting through the room like a hot knife on butter. She glared at the defendant. "You will speak when spoken to. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?" "Yes, ma'am," came the dejected reply. "Now then," she continued, "Mr. Beelzebub, will you please show me the contract outlining this exchange?" "With respect, Your Honor, an unholy contract is written in tears and blood and no physical copies..." "Don't beat around the bush with me, sir! New York State requires signed and certified copies of all contractual obligations. Do you have one or not?" Beelzebub's placid features twitched as he forced a smile. "No, Your Honor, but..." "Butts, schmutts!" exclaimed Scheindlin. "You sound like my granddaughter when I wouldn't take her to Disneyland. I told her, 'Word of mouth isn't good enough, sweetheart; in this world, you need proof in writing!' You kids never learn." "If I may, Your Honor, I have brought a witness to corroborate my story," protested Beelzebub, gesturing to the flaming imp floating beside him." "Fine, fine. You - stand up!" Sheindlin ordered. The tiny, owl sized demon spawn floated warily toward the podium, its bottomless black eyes averting their gaze. "What is your relationship to the plaintiff?" she continued impatiently. "Mogress is Dark Lord's true and faithful servant," the imp crooned in a throaty, wavering cadence, glancing up at Beelzebub with a wary eye. "Yes, fine," replied Scheindlin, "Now, what do you have to say?" "Mogress hears little human. Little human says Dark Lord gets soul. Dark Lord gives human silly human things. Dark Lord great and merciful. All hail Dark Lord! The Morning Star shall rise true again! The hordes of..." "Quiet! This court will not be used as a grandstand for satanic agendas, at least not while a Republican controls it. You may sit back down, imp," Sheindlin admonished as the creature dejectedly floated away. "I've heard enough, Mr. Beelzebub. Now, Mr. Wextel, I'd like to hear your side." The heretofore ignored man to Beelzebub's left perked up his sagging demeanor and smiled. "Yes, Your Honor!" he exclaimed excitedly, "Well, to begin my tale, I'll have to..." "I don't want your life story, Mr. Wextel," interrupted Sheindlin, "you're worse than my son droning on about his wedding. You tied the knot - we get it, move on!" The short, heavyset defendant bowed his head, crestfallen. His sanguine features reddened even further as he stammered out a reply. "Y-y-yes, Your Honor, I um, I well, The Devil didn't give me what he promised!" he finally blurted out. "Well now, this I want to hear! Go on, Mr. Wextel." The man seemed emboldened by this encouragement, straightening his posture and managing to meet Scheindlin's withering gaze for seconds at a time. "You see, he promised me true love and eternal happiness. Well, for one, I've learned that loving someone does *not* mean liking and being happy them, and as such there is no way I can be happy *and* in true love at the same time." "Interesting. Anything else, Mr. Wextel?" "Yes! I would also like to point out that eternal happiness and the absence of a soul are mutually exclusive, seeing as how if I'm burning in Hell, I am most certainly not happy!" Judge Sheindlin leaned back and cast a slight smile toward the Beelzebub. The creature's visage was still perfectly composed, though there was a noticeable increase in temperature for several feet around it. "Your Honor, the terms of Mr. Wextel's agreement were..." "Enough! I've heard enough!" said Sheindlin. The court finds that Mr. Beelzebub did not enter into a valid contract with Mr. Wextel, and therefore its claim for damages is denied." Small flames began to erupt from Beelzebub's ears. "However," she continued, "the court also finds that Mr. Wextel did in fact receive the product of 'true love,' from the plaintiff, and should therefore be indebted for its value. Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of $5,000." "Five-thousand?!" exclaimed Beelzebub, his perfect features melting in a contorted wash, "for true love? That's the price of a used car!" "You should do your research, Mr. Beelzebub," smirked Sheindlin, "this is New York Small Claims Court, after all."

  • Woodrow Mills Reply

    I used to be you then one day I put on my big boy pants and went to the dark side of the gym and never looked back

  • Natalia Walker Reply

    If you are more concerned about encountering homeless people, taggers, salvagers or teenagers looking for a place to drink/fuck/get high in relative peace than you are about interactions with law enforcement, may I suggest that you may need to find a new hobby, like, perhaps, going to Disneyland? The unspoken fear as I understand it is that you will become the victim of unspecified violent acts or robbery should you encounter any humans other than urbexers while traipsing about deep in the bowels of some remote long abandoned industrial structure. I must inform you that your fears are not unreasonable: you are after all in a location that is well suited for opportunistic murder, and better still for discrete corpse disposal. You probably have a bunch of electronics on you, and car keys to boot. And you probably didn't tell anyone where you were going, did you? But that isn't what will get your ass kicked and your gear stolen. What will make a predator notice you is acting like prey. And I can tell by your haughty and classist attitude that you act like prey. But wait! You are in luck, because predators need lots of people around, and so the people who live in abandoned places are less likely to be predators than you think. Some advice: homeless people are people. They are literally no different than you, (minus the haughty and less of the classist, of course) and having a little compassion would make your life in general a much less anxiety-ridden thing. On an urbex note, long term homeless people know more about urbexing than any class of human other than civil engineers. You have at least that much in common with them. Most people who live outside get nothing but scorn, strife, judgement and the look of disgust (cast down from upturned and wrinkled noses) from people who live indoors and have stuff like running water, electricity, regular meals, and a warm place to shit. This can be used to your advantage, in a sense, and has the additional benefit of actually making the world a slightly less shitty place for everyone. It's counterintuitive, simple, and hasn't failed me yet. Be quiet, not sneaky. Be nice. Be respectful. Bear gifts. Most folks don't know how quiet abandoned places are most of the time. They are pretty fucking quiet. A little noise goes a long way, most of the time. What you want to avoid is surprising people or pissing the residents off for making noise that would attract unnecessary attention to their spot. So don't be stealthy, use normal voices and walk normal...don't yell around like drunken asshats or galumph across wood floors, either. The people who don't want to be seen will become invisible until you leave. They do this all the time, more than anyone can imagine, actually. On a side note, if you wander into an area that has something that looks like a bed/sleeping place and anything related to food (i.e., stove, lots of food garbage) you are in someone's living quarters and you need to act like it. If you see someone, don't act like they are invisible. Say hi, introduce yourself. They will be suspicious and not friendly, which is hardly surprising considering that it has probably been for fucking ever since anyone who looks like you was anything but unfriendly and suspicious towards them. Bring cigarettes, even if you don't smoke, and pass em out. Candy works, too. Dry white tube socks if you really want to make someone's day. Weed almost always predisposes people to thinking you are sufficiently decent to not be an immediate threat. Chat for a bit, maybe longer if they seem to appreciate the company, and if not, tell them you are going to wander around for a bit but will be leaving before dark. I regularly go to both urban and remote locations with a fuckton of obviously expensive camera and computer gear. I am almost always alone. I have never felt like I was in physical danger from the people I met in those places, and this includes people who were clearly not adverse to using physical intimidation, situational violence and/or a good chain whipping to protect their interests or to get what they wanted. Wish I could say the same about law enforcement officers.

  • Efren Stiedemann Reply

    Maybe after finding out he went to the dark side.

  • Elton Feest Reply

    I think he was a very good songwriter and probably a good frontman in general (good looking, interesting), but I can't say that his vocal range was amazing. Assuming he didn't go crazy, my over-all opinion is that it would have been good and that Syd would have matured with the rest of the band. But his powerful writing influence might never have allowed albums like Dark Side and The Wall come into focus. I don't think it would have been like the Pink Floyd we all know and love but it still would have been pretty amazing. I think we would have seen more experimentation musically, probably on the verge of early techno, and even some elements of punk.

  • Dave Lebsack Reply

    I went to the dark side for a couple years once [The only difference?](

  • Ricky Cruickshank Reply

    > you have any sources for the way they treat staff? "Longer hours and six-day weeks are frequently demanded of everyone from pastry chefs to the "cast members", who earn just above the French minimum wage to play Goofy or Donald Duck in the daily Disneyland parades. The number of industrial accidents on the site has risen to 1,500 a year – one for every 10 employees – a higher rate than in the legendarily accident-prone building trade." >are you just sad because you can't pirate Disney films? DRM is basically pointless. In terms of their legal bullshit : Basically, they are trying to limit freedom of speech, decrease your rights as a customer and computer user. While making great profits from public domain figures like Snow White, Little Mermaid and Thor, they refuse to contribute back into the public domain system. There are many other reasons, but I am too tired and not enough of a decent "debater" to bring them into this. The general dislike I have is that they fund things that limit what you can do with what you buy, and to control your kids through excess advertisements, punitive lawsuits against slight misdemeanours, and **interfering with democracy** are things that I do not want to fund.

  • Bailee Wolff Reply

    I'm asian and I tried using kirkland minoxidil which must have been poorly made because i had major side effects like headaches, dizziness and dark circles under my eyes and puffiness. I then went to a derm and got a medical minoxidil which didn't make me dizzy or headaches but i got really bad eye wrinkles after I pulled an all nighter. I rarely ever had those kind of wrinkles. I stopped after seeing those pictures and then the collagen on my eyes got back to normal. I never want to use minoxidil again honestly. The regrowth was good but not worth all the side effects.

  • Nina Parker Reply

    When I was 8 or 9 I had something very similar. I layed in bed and if it was dark and I was sleepy I would see very faint figures that looked like the shadow of people I don't think I ever told my mum. But if I got out of bed and turned the light on they would be gone. It only happened a few times a year but almost certainty occurred on Christmas eve. We went to see Coraline and I got scared so we exited the movie theatre but that night when I looked on the open side of the bed right in front of me was a white ghostly looking Coraline figure.....

  • Buford Kautzer Reply

    I picked up my brothers Gameboy Pocket which is inop and noticed his F1 doesn't appear to flow either.I have no continuity through F1, I went ahead and shot in the dark by ordering a pack of .5 pico fuses... Crossing my fingers until I solder them in. Side note, I am using a 5v usb AC adapter, could that cause problems?

  • Emil Grady Reply

    I'm not a democrat. Stein was always my first choice. I went for Bernie because of electability. He is way to pro empire for me but now that he has predictably pledged allegiance to the dark side I'm 100% for Stein.

  • Pablo Trantow Reply

    I'd be interested to see an AU scenario like that. An evil Luke sounds like a glorious bearded villain. Wasn't there a comic where Luke went to the dark side, and Leia brought him back? I can not seem to find info on it though...

  • Ervin McClure Reply

    Disneyland: As of now, Disneyland still has the paper Fastpass system, but they are installing a version of FP+ soon. As said already, don't skip a ride just because it is also at WDW. Make sure to ride Indiana Jones as that is one of the best rides in the park, and isn't at WDW. Also make sure to see Paint the Night and Disneyland Forever, as both are fantastic shows. Six Flags: If you like big roller coasters, Magic Mountain is a lot of fun. The park itself is pretty dirty and is not a very pleasant environment to be in though, so don't expect much on the Theming side of things. Lines can be very long as well so it may be worth investing in a Flash Pass so you can ride all the rides. Knott's Berry Farm: I quite like Knott's Berry Farm. Their Ghost Town area is very neat and very well themed. Most of their roller coasters are pretty normal except Xcelerator, which is a must do. It launches you from 0 to 82 miles per hour in 2 seconds, which is incredibly fast. It is definitely an amazing coaster. Also, I would recommend riding the Calico Mine Ride, and Timber Mountain Log Ride. Those are both classic attractions at Knott's and were recently upgraded a few years ago. Both rides are really neat dark rides, so if you like dark rides, they are a must do. I would also recommend going to Universal Studios. Although it shares many rides with Orlando, and Orlando has many more rides, USH has a superior Springfield, Forbidden Journey in 3D, and Waterworld, which is a fantastic stunt show. It also has the Studio Tour which is awesome and is almost worth the park admission itself. I hope this helps, and have a great trip!

  • Jayden Johnson Reply

    I stayed at a hotel on US 192, just west of World Drive, for the Dark Side Half. The hotel was surprisingly close. I got up at 2 am to go to Epcot and there was 0 traffic the entire way and even when I got to Epcot to park.....Welp, I didn't read carefully enough that you were directing at Disneyland, not WDW. I'm too into this and maybe someone else will find this info helpful.

  • Bernice Tillman Reply

    The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon is in September, I believe. I just did the Star Wars Dark Side Half at DisneyWorld in April, had so much fun that I'm thinking of doing Paris to earn the "Castle to Chateau Challenge" medal. Highly recommend the runDisney events!

  • Muhammad Brekke Reply

    I went shopping for clothes presenting as a boy and no one said anything and they were all nice, even when I went to the changing room. I was also alone. I think she is on the dark side

  • Kendra Schuster Reply

    I Will be buying this game on principle to reward hard work. Since Kingspray obviously went to the dark side, I'll vote with my wallet.

  • Alice Daniel Reply

    Bernie went over to the DARK SIDE!

  • Ulices Bosco Reply

    That was my thought last night before I went to sleep. "The dark side". And... did they threaten his family?

  • Sarina Padberg Reply

    Flutes FTW! Cept then I went to the dark side (Piccolo)

  • Osborne Boehm Reply

    >I've PAed on short films, ACed and shot some small budget music videos. I suspect OP is immune to your Jedi mind tricks

  • Katlyn Johnston Reply

    TIL the Jedi have a bigger budget than the Sith