Loaded Weapon Found In Woman’s Vagina During Drug Arrest

Texas police found a little more than what they were expecting during a traffic stop on Monday night. Two people in a 1998 Toyota were pulled over for an undisclosed traffic violation. Upon further searching, police found 2.7 grams of Methamphetamine under Gabriel Garcia’s seat, the man who was driving the vehicle. The female passenger, Ashley Cecilla Castaneda, had an additional 29.5 grams of the same drug in her purse.

Because the stop was next to an elementary school, both were arrested with Possession of Methamphetamine in a Drug Free Zone. However, that wasn’t the only thing they left with. The Waco Police Department reported an interesting discovery while taking her to jail: “During Castaneda’s transport to the jail she told the officer that she had concealed a handgun inside her vagina. Officers immediately stopped and a female officer searched Castaneda discovering she had in fact placed a loaded Smith and Wesson pistol inside her body cavity. The weapon had a round chambered and a full magazine of bullets.” An additional charge of not legally carrying a weapon was added to the duo’s eventful night.

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