Local News Story Goes Bad When Girl Pees Herself Live On TV

All this girl was trying to do was help a local reporter with some information about a shooting that had occurred. While the girl says that she has to pee, this reporter was so into the story and so oblivious to what was going on right in front of her face, she missed it. Well, she didn’t miss it when the pee started trickling down the girl’s pants!

Yes, it is an unfortunate incident, but that doesn’t stop us from laughing. If you were in this situation, wouldn’t you just walk off-camera? She even knows that it’s coming out and she continues to do the interview. No need to be polite when you feel pee coming out and you aren’t sitting on a toilet.

Props to the girl, as she handles the situation with a great attitude and that reporter’s reaction when she finally sees the wet pants is amazing! Check it out!

source: youtube
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