London DJ Claims Border Patrol Broke His Ankles

DJ Lekan Kamson, a London-based Nigerian wedding DJ took to his Twitter profile to voice what happened to him following a run-in with the UK border patrol. The DJ claims that the border patrol broke both of his ankles. The man does not have his UK papers, despite living within the country for numerous years. He has not claimed any benefits, but was still chased down and treated unfairly. Kamson wrote on both his Twitter and Instagram profiles:

“I have Lived Permanently in UK since 2004 I have worked hard and payed Tax when I was working , I have worked as gourmet and also Train Cleaner at StoneBridge Park, I have driven fork lift in WareHouses and I have worked As Yard Marshall at Tate Lyle Sugar , I was The Front Figure in spreading Afro Beat Music in United Kingdom … I took Afro Beat with DJ Xclusive to all over UK Universities , I started Club Photography in UK … I have done a lot of Good for this country … I never ask anybody or governments for funds. I am a visionarie and a follower of God , a devoted Christian . My Generosity is synonymous with Absurdity , I give all I have ? My time my life and my love to the English community … I have been signing at London Bridge immigration Centre since October 8 2007 .. Up until 13 August 2015 … Why then am I been Hunted By Uk immigration Force , sending Choppers and 5 Police Vans after me …. I almost bleed to dead and I couldn’t go to the hospital , I have 2 broken Ankles .. I am in Pains …. They trying to Kill me for No Reason … I need Help , Somebody do something.”

However, there is currently no proof on whether or not what he is saying is true. He has also been tweeting to numerous news outlets asking why people are not interested in his story. No one from the UK border patrol has said anything on the matter either, though.

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