‘Lost’ Fans Were Freaking Out Over This Crazy Coincidence

It’s been 11 years since the iconic television show Lost aired, but still to this day fans are constantly debating and theorizing the show’s many mysteries and ambiguous answers. Lost fans recently went into a frenzy when they discovered that the infamous ‘numbers’ from the show, 4-8-15-16-23-42, were about to become a reality.

The hashtag #LOSTday spread like wildfire on the internet when fans realized that on 4/8/15 at 16:23:42PM the ‘end of the world predicting‘ numbers would perfectly align. The show has been off the air for about five years now, but a loyal fan base has kept the spirit of the show alive.

Former cast and crew members, including, Carlton Cuse, Daniel Dae Kim, Michael Giacchino, and even the official ABC twitter account joined the conversation. Though it has been years since the finale of the series aired, it doesn’t appear that ABC has completely abandoned the franchise. It’s been hinted in the past that the series might make a return. Maybe this huge display of interest could spark the network to revitalize the show.

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