Madonna Makes Her Debut As A Stand Up Comedienne

The legendary Madonna tested her comedic skills on her recent visit on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The pop icon told Jimmy Fallon that she considers herself to be a closet comedian. Jimmy Fallon ended up giving Madonna some much needed push to help her test her stand-up skills. Before she stepped to the microphone, Madonna asked the audience to make sure that they laughed at all her jokes, even if they sucked.

During her stand-up debut, Madonna started off by saying that a comedian should always discuss topics that they are familiar with. She told the audience, “I just think it’s always good to talk about what you know. I’m gonna start with dating younger men.” Madonna proceeded with her routine by making jokes about asking her teenage son if any of his friends were single.

“I did find myself, very strangely, the other day at breakfast with my [14-year-old] son Rocco, thinking, ‘I haven’t had a date in a couple weeks. And I looked at my son without thinking and said, ‘Do you have any friends you could introduce me to?'”

She also joked that many of the guys she has dated in the past don’t know about Picasso, Andy Warhol or any other well known artists whose original and expensive work hangs in her house. Madonna closed out her act with a hilarious comment about younger men. “I just want to say there is an upside with dating younger guys. And that is: they’re really good with phones.”

source: youtube
  • Madonna Makes Her Stand-Up Debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
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