Magic Door Prank Stuns And Confuses Onlookers

One man decided he wanted to shock and stun onlookers at a local park by putting up, what looked like a magic door. The prankster was able to find the perfect spot to make this trick work and even explained to viewers of the Magic Door prank video exactly how he managed to pull it off.

Even going into the rest of the video knowing how the magic door prank works, it doesn’t diminish the visual effect of the man opening the door, seeming walking through the doorway and then disappearing into thin air. Watch the reactions of people who are first confused about there being a door in the middle of the park at all and then stunned as the man seemingly vanishes right before their eyes. One particular old man’s reaction to seeing this occurrence is especially priceless.

source: youtube
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  • Davion Runte Reply

    This isn't a prank video, he didn't make a racially insensitive joke, hire fake hobos and create a fake kickstarter, get stabbed, get punched, get body slammed, trick girls into kissing him, or fart in someone's face...