Man Arrested After Impersonating A Federal Agent

A man dressed in black, with a bulletproof vest, walked around a Pennsylvania neighborhood Saturday and started questioning people. The gold letters on his vest said “Federal Agent,” and an official-looking badge hung on his chest. He stopped a woman driving her car, and asked for her ID and phone number. The local residents sensed there was something strange about the guy, and someone called the police.

The man fled when he saw the Reading, PA, police approaching. The cops confronted him, and saw that what looked like a “Blackwater” badge had the name “James Sniper” on it. The man insisted that he was performing a “deep” investigation for the Defense Department, looking for a man secretly wanted by the Feds, and that he couldn’t tell the police any more about it because the case was classified.

After he pulled out a “Homeland Security” badge, the police finally asked for his Pennsylvania driver’s license and booked him in his real name, which is James Henry Smith. He’s in jail charged with impersonating a federal agent. The reason behind the stunt is unknown.

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