Man Breaks World Record By Pulling Plane With Just His Ears

Johnny Strange, a stage performer and man who specializes in sword swallowing and getting unusual world records, is set to feature in the next Guinness Book of World Records after pulling a plane with just his ears. The 26-year-old managed to move the 677.8kg aircraft 20.4 meters using chains attached to the holes of his pierced ears.

He went on to explain how he had managed to do the world record and what preparation he had to go through to ensure he didn’t cause himself any injury, stating: “Preparing for the plane pull was tough. I’m not going into detail but I have to stretch my ears and create tough scar tissue so they don’t rip.”

The entertainer has a series of strange records, including another one with his ears. He managed to lift a weight of 14.9kg off the floor using his lugs, while he also holds certificates for cutting apples out of both his and an assistants mouth using an petrol chainsaw, the fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks and the most melons chopped in half on someone’s stomach with a samurai sword while they are laying on a bed of nails.

According to Johnny, he has always enjoyed doing weird and unusual things to keep himself and others entertained. “I started off at the age of ten in Blackburn, Lancashire,” said Johnny. “At first I juggled balls, then clubs and went on to knives, fire sticks and now it’s chainsaws.

I am always delighted when I get another Guinness World Record and being featured in the book never gets old for me, the only problem is I’m starting to run out of places to hang up my certificates now. I’m a believer of the impossible, I’ve always been interested in the unusual and the bizarre.”

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