Man Charged After Kidnapping A “Homeless” Person And Forcing Him To Eat

A law-abiding senior was minding his own business on Wednesday, pushing a cart with bottles and cans down the street in Danbury, CT. Suddenly, a man named David Pope grabbed him forcefully by the arm, and insisted that he accompany him to Pope’s home to eat.

Once there, the victim ate, because he was scared of the very aggressive “Good Samaritan”. WFSB reported that the victim, who is not homeless, ate because he feared for his life.

As the gentleman was eating, Pope’s dog bit the victim on the leg. The elderly man waited until David Pope wasn’t looking, and made his escape to his own home. He called the Danbury Police, who went to Pope’s house to investigate.

Pope appeared to be drunk, was uncooperative and refused to restrain his dog so that the questioning could continue. The police then added a charge of interfering with the duties of an officer. Pope said he took the man home because he was sure the man was homeless and hungry. The police didn’t buy his story. They booked him on charges of kidnapping and reckless endangerment.

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