Man From St. Louis Is Marrying A Pizza

Recently, one man is attempting to fit into the city where he moved. The now-St. Louis resident is hoping to make things weird for everyone involved by getting married to St. Louis style pizza.

The man, Eric Christensen, has vowed to marry a St. Louis pizza should his local comedy troupe’s, STL Up Late, Kickstarter is funded. Not long after he made this vow, however, the crowdfunding campaign surged past its goal within a matter of a day, acquiring over $38,000 in total.

The Kickstarter campaign also means the comedy troupe will receive their own comedy series on network television in November. It also means Christensen will marry a 12-inch pizza oozing with fake cheese and with a thin crust. It’s incredibly odd, but it’s actually happening. The man may soon truly belong in St. Louis, but only the city can say for sure.

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