Man Gets Ex-Wife Arrested After Recording Her Kicking Him In The Nuts

A divorcing Florida man suspected that his wife might act out violently, as he claims she had done before. So, the next time he was due to exchange the children with her for visitation, Michael Novak wore a GoPro camera to record whatever might happen.

As he was leaning into his car to unbuckle the children, Novak’s wife came up behind him and struck him in the testicles. The police report stated that “This was seen on video via GoPro that Michael was wearing.” However, just where on his body he had the camera mounted so that it recorded the sneak attack from behind remains a bit of a mystery.

The evidence from the camera was convincing enough for the authorities to book Novak’s wife, Michelle, on a charge of domestic battery. She’s been ordered by the court to stay away from her estranged husband.

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