Man Jailed After Selling Socks, Claiming It Was Marijuana

A man from Michigan has been sentenced to jail after he attempted to sell a backpack full of old socks as marijuana. According to prosecutors and police, Michael Suarez went to a house in Lenawee Country’s Raisin Township in order to carry out a deal to sell marijuana to the occupants. It later emerged though that he had none of the drug on him and that the backpack that supposedly held the marijuana actually only contained dirty socks. He, along with accomplices, then made off from the home with a purse containing $2,800.

They were later stopped by police after speeding and failing to come to a halt at a stop sign and were then arrested for committing fraud through false pretenses, with the defense attorney John Glaser confirming that the fraud charges related to bag of socks.

The jail sentence means that Suarez will have to spend at least one year in prison before he will be eligible for parole. However, he faces a possible seven and a half years behind bars if he is not considered for early release by a parole board.

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