Man Lives On The Lawn Of His $1.3 Million Mansion After Wife Threw Him Out

In what has to be some of the oddest news to happen, an American man has been locked out of his lavish home for the past six months. Sharafat Khan, despite owning a massive estate, is technically homeless at this point. The man has slept not more than a few feet from the front door to his $1.3 million mansion within Texas.

The 69-year-old was locked out when his wife, Shahnaz, 61, changed the locks on the door following a domestic dispute. Since then, Sharafat has had no access to money, the house’s washing facilities, or anything else, despite owning half of the total property he is sleeping on.

His neighbors are afraid the aging man may die on his front lawn if he remains there any further, as he has become quite frail and is struggling to walk any longer. Should they attempt to help him, the wife, who is a doctor, removes the blankets they offer and warns people not to feed him any longer.

Police have been called 30 times in the past six months, but they are unable to do anything about the incident.

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