Man Performs Same Dance In 100 Different Locations In Chicago And It’s Amazing

Matt Bray started a YouTube channel called ProjectOneLife and he creates videos in which he does things to check off his bucket list. It is a very cool concept, but this one might be the best one yet. It took Bray a few months to complete this task, but he created a video that shows him dancing the same dance in 100 different locations around Chicago!

The video is seamless and so awesome to see, especially with some of the locations he decided to pick, like a public bathroom and the hallways of a school. In the caption for the video, Bray said: “I worked for months on this video to find a song, make the choreography, practice the dance routine 3 times a day to make sure I had it down to muscle memory. I kept switching songs and dance moves but eventually found the perfect combination to create the exact video I had pictured in my head.”

It did take a lot of work by Bray, but the end product is so great and so worth it. This is a must-watch video and will amaze you at how much work he put into it!

source: youtube
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