Man Receives A Revolutionary Heart Transplant

A 26-year-old man named Lee Hall was diagnosed with heart failure at 14 years of age. Hall, from Cornwall, had a mechanical pump fitted at the age of 20 to keep the blood moving through his body. However, he received bad news back in May. His physicians said that the pump cables were infected, and he would require a fresh heart within two days or he would lose his life.

Fortunately, Hall got a heart donor. The heart of the dead person was revived for Hall, using a method known as a “heart in a box” that keeps the body organ beating outside of the body of the donor. The ‘heart in a box’ method can keep a heart alive for 8 hours before a surgery. Transmedics, a medical device company, designed this technology. The medical technology firm, which is head-quartered in Massachusetts, also make similar products for lung and liver transplants.

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