Man Shockingly Dies From Injuries Sustained 50 Years Ago

58-year-old Richard Albright passed away this week of injuries he sustained 50 years ago. When he was only eight years old, Richard was one of two boys injured in a 1965 car accident in his home town of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

According to reports, “[Albright] suffered head injuries and two broken legs. He was in critical condition a day after the accident but was said to be ‘holding his own.'” While the other boy sustained minor injuries, Richard was left basically paralyzed and his injuries required a lifetime of treatment.

Now, half-a century later, he has succumbed to his injuries. The Morning Call explains that this might not be as strange as one might think, “Albright’s case is unusual but not unprecedented for the time between fatal injuries and a person’s death,” First Deputy Coroner Eric Minnich said, continuing “We looked back pretty far to see the chain of events,” he said. “He was a quadriplegic secondary to this pedestrian accident. He was still receiving treatment for injuries received 50 years earlier.

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