Man Shot Twice Without Realizing During Birthday Party

An Oklahoma man had consumed quite a bit of alcohol during his birthday party this year and ended up receiving two bullet wounds, which he discovered upon returning home.

The man, who refused to be identified, was shot in both the shoulder and the butt, though neither were life-threatening, according to Tulsa police. The man and his brother spent a little too much time drinking at Sharky’s Pool Hall on Monday night in celebration. The two then called for a sober driver to take them home. Neither of the men knew of the wounds during this time, however.

The police report said: “It was soon discovered that the victim had a bullet hole entrance in his left rear shoulder and an exit wound in his left front shoulder.”

The man’s mother drove him to an area hospital after discovering the wound in his shoulder, the doctors removed a second bullet from his butt. He never even knew it had happened due to his level of intoxication.

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