Man Sneaks Into Motorcade At JFK With A Knife “To Give The Pope His Business Card”

On Saturday, a few hours after the Pope had safely left New York, JFK Airport was still busy with various dignitaries boarding flights. That’s when Chris Cannella, 39, drove his black Chevy Tahoe up behind the last vehicle in a motorcade and started acting like he belonged there. Guards said that he “flashed something silver that looked like a police badge,” and they let him drive on through the checkpoint.

An hour and a half later, Cannella was noticed by a police officer as he approached the end of a different motorcade on the tarmac – this one was taking the Prime Minister of Italy to his aircraft. After he was caught, according to court documents, he claimed that he just wanted to “give the Pope his business card.

Cannella had a four-inch knife and five rounds of hollow-point ammunition. Cannella’s lawyer said he’s been under a lot of stress and probably was just hoping for a prayer or maybe an audience.

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