Man Steals £40,000 From Asda Posing As Staff Member

A man has managed to steal more than £40,000 from a safe at supermarket Asda simply by posing as a member of staff at the store. Dressed in a dark suit, the man confidently strove behind the counter of the bureau de change section of the shop and began serving customers without anyone raising the alarm. After spending a good amount of time carrying out work at the counter and interacting with members of the public and staff, he then somehow gained access to the safe and made off with the money that it contained.

Police later confirmed that they had been called out to the Manchester branch of Asda following reports of a large amount of money going missing. They have since arrested a 22-year-old woman on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, although she has been bailed until September 22nd. A source explained the con, describing in detail what had happened.

As the woman in the bureau de change was leaving, he slipped into the kiosk. He started to serve customers, just giving them wedges of cash, as he clearly had no idea about exchange rates.” The source added, “He apparently wore a glove, knew the code for the safe, punched it in and was able to empty it. At one point a senior member of the Asda staff walked past while he was in the kiosk and even spoke to him, but he just kept up the pretence as cool as you like.

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