Man vs Chip

source: imgur
  • The emotional roller coaster that is eating a simple chips
  • MAnS wiLL To LiVe FuCKinG ShATTeREd RiGhT beFoRE hIS EyEs
  • Boy has momentary but meaningful affair with potato chip
  • Every face this guy makes throughout this gif
  • Take this sinking chip and point it home
  • When God says, "That's enough"
  • 🎶Anywhere the wind blows🎶
  • A chip he used to know
  • Chargers fans be like
  • Eating a potato chip
  • The chip of silence
  • Attempt at a snack
  • Man eating a crisp
  • maybe maybe maybe
  • My people need me
  • Boy meets a chip
  • Guy drops a chip
  • 1 Man 1 Chips
  • Heartbreaking
  • Man vs Chip
  • me irl

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