Man Who Won Lottery Divorces Wife To Keep The Money For Himself

A man in China tried to keep his lottery winnings to himself and divorced his wife the day before he collected his winnings. Liu Xiang didn’t want to have to share the almost $700,000 with anyone else so didn’t tell his wife he had won any money and instead asked for a divorce.

His wife agreed to the separation after Xiang agreed to pay off the $50,000 in debt that the couple had amounted over the years and his wife remained blissfully unaware that her ex-husband was now a wealthy man. Xiang’s plan appeared to have worked until a friend phoned him to congratulate him on the lottery win and his former wife picked up the phone.

She subsequently took him to court and tried to sue Xiang for half of the cash that he had collected. Meanwhile, Xiang told the court that the couple’s relationship had been deteriorating for months and that the fact he collected the money a day after the divorce was simply a coincidence. A judge disregarded that excuse however and ordered a quarter of the money be given to his former wife.

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