Man’s Penis Has Been Hacked Off By A Jealous Lover

It appears the world is going crazy when it comes to the male penis, as it appears a lot of women are going insane and going after their lover’s manhood. Another man recently awoke in a hotel to discover that part of his male member had been hacked off in a bloody mess.

The man, who is said to be about 50-years-old, is known as Liu. The cheating individual was having an affair with this obsessed woman for the past year. The woman, who was married and had a child of her own, took everything too seriously and got a little bit crazy. Earlier this week, Liu and his lover met at a hotel in an attempt to make love one more time. However, Liu was slipped a pill that knocked him unconscious.

He explained: “At the time I slept like I was dead.” Upon awakening, Liu discovered that a good majority of his penis had been removed. This happened after he admitted to meeting someone else, and his after-hours lover went into a completely insecure state.

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