Many People Believe California’s Drought Is A Government Conspiracy

There is a massive, growing movement of underground individuals throughout California that believe the drought taking place is all part of a government conspiracy instead of a natural event that comes from a distinct lack of rain in the past four years. The movement’s leader, Dane Wigington, believes he is throwing his life on the line by telling everyone this information.

This movement managed to secure the Redding auditorium, and even nearly filled it with hundreds of individuals, all of whom have very odd ideas and thoughts on weather control, climate engineering, and ‘weather warfare’. The latter is said to be most important factor in this conspiracy.

Wigington said: “Climate engineering is the single greatest assault on the environment ever launched by humanity, without question.”

He claims he has shaky, grainy video that is one-hundred percent proof of this particular government conspiracy. We’re a bit skeptical, though. Everyone across the nation truly hopes California has some better luck soon enough.

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