Marathon Runner Loses World Record After His Shoes Disintegrate

Eliud Kipchoge recently won the Berlin Marathon this past weekend, which is already a massive achievement that everyone should be proud of him for. However, he nearly won a world record, too. The man, who is a true champion of endurance and pain, ran the majority of the marathon with the comfort insoles falling out of the back of his Nike shoes.

The 30-year-old Kenyan racer won the marathon with a personal best time of 2:04:00, defying any problems he had been experiencing with his feet. Around the 10-mile mark in the race, his insoles began to fall from his Nikes. After the race concluded, Kipchoge noticed numerous painful blisters and even a large cut on his big toe from where his shoes rubbed against the skin and through his socks.

Nike and the runner have been working together to develop a prototype racing insole for comfort and support. This one, unfortunately, didn’t appear to work out as originally planned. Nike said: “As with any prototype, elements can sometimes go wrong. On this occasion, the sockliner didn’t work. As in all innovation, we will learn quickly from mistakes.”

We certainly couldn’t run an entire marathon like that. Kudos to the Kenyan-born runner.

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