Massive Block Of Ice Falls From Sky And Crashes Through Garage Roof

A California neighborhood is concerned after a mysterious piece of ice fell from the sky and crashed through a garage roof. Modesto resident Amnuay Savath was with her family in their home when the huge block ripped through the garage. At first, it sounded like somebody crashed through their garage with a car. The family went out to discover that it was ice instead, and it also damaged the rear of their Honda Accord parked inside the garage.

One of their neighbors, Lisa Lawrence, saw the incident happen. She told reporters the details of the gigantic piece of ice falling in the sky: “It looked like a garbage bag flying in the air,” she said, continuing; “I looked up at it, and it was a big old ball of ice, bigger than a basketball and I watched it go down and it went off like a bomb.”

Speculation is swarming over where the block came from. Part of the mysterious ice will be saved for the FAA to investigate, while local meteorologist Mark Finan believed that weather didn’t play a factor in it.

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