Massive Stampede In Saudi Arabia Kills Over 700 People And Leaves 863 Injured

A large and erratic stampede broke out in the religious center of Hajj on Thursday, killing 717 people and injuring more than 850 people. According to officials in the area, most of the deaths occurred near the Holy City of Mecca while the majority of injuries occurred a little distance away at Mina, where people were finishing the last major rites in the pilgrimage.

Most of the casualties were dispatched to one of four hospitals that are located near the vicinity of the holy centers. The civil defense directorate is yet to confirm the reasons behind the stampede.

This is the second major series of deaths to occur in the area after a large crane killed over a hundred people recently in preparation for the holy season. The police officials in the area also dispatched well over 4,000 officers in order to safeguard the large number of people who flock to the religious center during this time of the year, but unfortunately an accident couldn’t be avoided this season.

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