Math Teacher Fights With Himself For April Fools

Biola University math professor Matthew Weathers is known for playing tricks on his class every April Fools. However, this year Weathers decided to go with a projected “homework help” video that goes far away from trigonometry, and instead, shows Weathers entering the computer and being included in the video himself.

The two-minute video features him fighting with the video version of himself and by the end, class goes on as if nothing ever happened. A former computer programmer turned assistant professor, Weathers’ video has seen over 3.7 million views, with many naming him the “best math teacher ever”. Don’t you wish your teachers did this?

source: youtube
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  • Aimee Hirthe Reply

    Wow, thanks for all the attention! I am the professor in the video. Proof: []( Here are a couple of answers to questions people are asking: * The video you see is un-edited - what you see is what the students saw in class. * I used Adobe Premier and After Effects to create the on-screen video. * Yes, I practiced about 20 times to get the timing right. But yes, I also had audio cues that helped a lot. You can't really here it in the YouTube video, but there is a "whooshing" sound right before the icon flies out of the window. * The classroom holds 125. I have 121 students in one section, and 60 in another. The class is a basic mathematics class for non-math majors. The topic for that day in class was basic trigonometry, we only do one day of trig, and the rest of the class is a broad overview of other areas of mathematics (algebra, probability, statistics, history of math, even one day about calculus). * I teach at Biola University in La Mirada. Film professor John Schmidt taught me some of the editing techniques I used. And yes, I think you're right - this is more of a "skit" than a "prank." But I've had a tradition of making these for my students on April Fool's Day, I guess that's why I called it a "prank." I don't have much time to answer any other questions right now, since I'm teaching class this afternoon, but I may come back and answer some other questions later.