McDonalds Has A Goddess And She Lives In Taiwan

Even though McDonalds is one of the biggest and most lucrative names in the fast food industry, it probably isn’t the foremost place in many peoples’ thoughts when it comes to locale that make a person famous. But apparently over in Asia, making a minimum wage job slinging burgers and dishing out fries is the perfect platform for acquiring a legion of beloved followers and being seen as otherworldly.

After she was spotted by a Taiwanese blogger while at work, Wei Han Zu, or WeiWei as so many call her, gained almost instant fame. The sweet-faced girl saw a huge increase in followers on her Facebook and Instagram pages and started being called the “McDonalds Goddess.” People from all around come to see her at the restaurant, especially when she and the other employees don cosplay like maid or sailor outfits in lieu of uniforms. The aspiring model became so popular that she appeared on a number of local variety and talk shows.

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