Meanwhile, in 'Murica on July 4th

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  • Meanwhile, in 'Murica on July 4th
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  • Arielle Jenkins Reply

    But all I keep hearing from my alt-right friends are these vague buzzwords that are supposed to generate a FEELING that resonates. "disaster, PC, SJW, corruption, liberals" - vs - "freedom, liberty, democracy, patriotism, murica... It doesn't actually mean anything. It's just a feeling that appeals to people who are seeing changes in the social fabric that they don't like, while realizing that they don't have the skills to compete in a global economy where middle class americans are no longer on top. The left does it too when they talk about racism- but the institutionalized racism is real when we talk about our economy depending on illegal immigration and the military and prison industrial complexes. Racism is a real thing to people who suffer from it. Meanwhile PC does not actually affect the people listening to Hannity. They're just suffering from an existential crisis and need someone to blame. Don't listen to hannity. don't listen to bannon. these are pro government people who push a divisive narrative to appeal to the working class rather than telling them what's really going on and standing up for them.

  • Gideon Conroy Reply

    Here's one - that sex is somehow shameful and should be hidden and suppressed because it's "more dangerous for the children" than extreme violence and gore. Meanwhile (at least in MURICA) we have a generation with some pretty fucked up ideas about sex and the largest number of gun deaths in the western world.

  • Sabryna Fritsch Reply

    No shame on that! Pads are hella good on keeping cuts (or other forms of harm which may cause bleeding) clean and stopping blood from pouring out of you. Of course, in such a case you need to go to a ED/ER (not sure on the correct name; I'm not an 'Murica citizen), but in the meanwhile a pad is the best solution.

  • Jarrod Sauer Reply

    UK here. We feel your pain 'Murica, hopefully he can do a good job by you guys. Meanwhile, feel free to join us in the pub.

  • Yadira Lueilwitz Reply

    1,503,258 good meanwhile it's almost 2AM here in murica so i'm going to be

  • Herman Bernier Reply

    I was always freaked out by all those people who would call games "sexist" etc. for showing naked women, while we watch Geralt fuck everything that moves. It simply implies that women are always submissive and need to be covered and can't be honest with how they feel about their body etc. Meanwhile slaughtering people, skinning them alive (MK) and brutal deaths in general are ok. 'Murica is a really weird.

  • Liam Bauch Reply

    > don't understand freedom Well, Norway is #2 in the most peaceful countries of 2015, while Norway is #17. Meanwhile USA: #103 **YEAH FREEEDOMM, MURICA!** Don't get me wrong, I hate people that bash regions in twitch chat too, but for other reasons...

  • Edgardo Rodriguez Reply

    Meanwhile, in murica.

  • Patience Steuber Reply

    Meanwhile, First Nations unarmed peaceful protestors are being arrested. 'Murica As someone said in another post

  • Consuelo Thiel Reply

    A lot of people have been complaining about how the directors chose to buff the MOLUK too much and nerf the Winchester bros too much but honestly i think it makes sense. Sam and Dean are going against a well trained organization which they know nothing about and is completely different to what they fought before. Sure they have fought bigger things like Angels and gods sister but i think that the writers are trying to show that Sam and Dean are still human no matter how much shit theyve faced and theyre not gonna go super saiyan just because they beat the toughest of the toughest. Most of the time they beat these big bads with strategic planning and some firepower of their own which is enough to match or defeat the big bad so i think it makes sense that they can still be beat by humans. Plus these guys have been watching sam and dean for years, so obviously they would be analysing their fight patterns, abilities, weaknesses, strengths and etc. It really kinda makes sense to compare it to batman, imagine if batman had no prep against an enemy he was going to face meanwhile the enemy that is facing him has studied him for years and knows everything about him. Batman is gonna be in one hell of a fight even if the enemy is weaker than him physically. It makes sense to me atleast in this context tbh. But i will agree that the MOL story is kinda weird, but i view the story kinda like idealism and imperialism. The MOLUK thinks their idea is effective because their shit works meanwhile murica has all kinds of disasters. So they think that what theyre doing is being helpful but they actually are just ignorant of what is actually going on. I think since lucifer is still around they might eventually tie it together, MOLUK sees lucifer, realises the true terrors that US hunters have to face and decide to become allies in a non forceful way this time.

  • Deja Hickle Reply

    Nah son. Afghanistan was Russia's deal. It wasn't until we started supporting Pakistan to fuck with Russia when Taliban turned to us and said 'stay the fuck out murica you don't want none'. We continued to support Pakistan so Taliban sent some little tugboats with bombs and sank one of our destroyers (yeaaah that shit happened). So we were all like oh fuck no, move over Russia we got this. Russia gladly stepped away after going broke fighting them for a decade. Then Taliban was like 'yo saudis give us some money we're gonna fuck some shit up', Saudi said okay whatever, taliban dropped a few of our towers. Saudi was like oh shit. America was like wtf. Russia was like ahahaha wasn't us. Isreal was like yea we knew that shit was coming but now you know our plight. Then we started raining bombs all over Afghanistan for the hell of it. Obama came in and said we gotta get out, but instead of getting out he kept his hands in the middle east trying to reshape shit. While reshaping, a power void formed and ISIS started robbing oil fields. America being over stretched started plotting ways to get others involved. Enter Russia and Syria. except it didn't go the way America wanted. Now we've got ISIS AND Syria and we're just sitting here like yo we're running out of money. We'll just use the money we have left to keep all the shit on the otherside of the ocean. Meanwhile Europe is broke and can't keep the terrorism out and China and India are ignoring the situation but know they are going to get involved sooner or later. India probably sooner than China (China's 9/11 will probably happen to one of their ghost towns and no one will care).

  • Tianna Doyle Reply

    Well thank you for the information. I can't read that link from work, but will in the evening. Meanwhile [this] ( is the kind of thing I meant. You're right, it's a raspberry pie as a vpn router, and I didn't read the part about including TOR yet for various reasons, so I couldn't say if they go through TOR THEN through the VPN or if it's VPN then TOR. Also, I'm not from murica, I'm a stinky european so no feds :p

  • Keyshawn Borer Reply

    You're not rejected, you just have an insanely high bill. I mentioned this in another comment, so here is the jist. If something costs $2,000 to the hospital, they can charge the patient $10,000. They know full well if the patient has insurance, the insurance company will **not** give them $10,000. They'll be lucky if they get $3,000. Meanwhile, no insurance? We'll treat you, but you're paying that $10,000 back. Otherwise it will go to the collection agency. Same process with insurance. The hospital will get $2-3000 from the agency, but the agency will want to charge you $8-10,000. **'MURICA**

  • Sigurd Murazik Reply

    lol i like the desperation,bringing all this harmless stuff up. hillary knew isis is funded by saudis, but immediatelly sold wepons to saudis(=provided weapons to isis), saudis are funding clinton foundation. Hillary sold 20% of american uranium production capacity to russian state owned company. But yall care the most about some harmless bullcrap Trump said 24y ago, did he raped that girl? NO, did he dated her 10y later how he said?- NO. But you fucking care the most about how trump inappropriately commented some child, or how he kissed some women whose had nothing against it back then,but now they all tell how they were violated back then,you talk about it like it has the potential to destroy Murica. But that's just Murican mentality, you flip out when you see naked woman in TV and sue the shit out of the television company because it could harm the mind of your children, meanwhile you bomb the shit out some foreign country like Iraq and everyone is cheering to it.

  • Leola Smith Reply

    Meanwhile in 'Murica

  • Jason Goyette Reply

    It's bizarre how he says 'MJ is the best that played anything' and only mentions american players, or at least players that only played the big4 sports that are famous in USA... Meanwhile, Pelé wins the Athlete of the century award (as a whole) AND wins the best football player of the century award (just between football players, which is a lot considering it is hundred times bigger than american football, baseball or whatever). MJ is obviously one of the most relevant and brighets athletes in moder sports history. Stating anything beyond that is just a joke from the r/MURICA's rednecks.

  • Demario Shields Reply

    Uh, hate to break your bubble, but government has raised foreign flags on many public buildings -- including this one. Why is OK to raise the flag of Israel but not China? For that matter, the US flag is just as insulting as the Chinese flag. Considering how many wars Murica has started or how many people have been killed. It's only prejudiced and racist if one country is being targeted -- which in this case, it is. Meanwhile, the First Nations is laughing at this irony.

  • Amiya Hermann Reply

    Meanwhile in 'Murica, they haven't even fully adopted chip and pin (EMV) technology that has been around in Europe since the '90s.

  • Titus Veum Reply

    That's why they have kegs...

  • Vivian Stanton Reply

    TLDW for the curious who don't have time to watch this abortion: Upon seeing the Me 262s swooping over the D-Day beaches, Eisenhower calls this whole 'Overlord' thing off, and every aeronautical engineer in every Allied country just died out of sheer embarrassment. Allied airmen, fearful of the Nazi Skybeasts, refuse to go on anymore missions. The British and Americans simply stare at their blueprints of the Gloster Meteor and Lockheed P-80, then shift their gaze to their overly productive airplane factories and give in to despair, weeping and gnashing their teeth. Upon hearing of those fearsome Nazi jets, the Royal Navy and US Navy threw all their sonar equipment overboard, sailed back to their home islands, and melted their ships down to form steel barricades to huddle behind as they just simply gave up and waited for u-boat-launched nuclear death to arrive. Murica surrenders upon the nuking of Boston and New York. Meanwhile at Los Alamos, General Leslie Groves and all the scientists under his care spontaneously decide to personally study the effects of oral consumption of plutonium dissolved in sugar and fruit flavoring. Their dead bodies are later found surrounding a giant vat of Kool-Aid. Meanwhile, the USSR... forgot to exist. Stopping D-Day + Nuking America = InstaNaziWin because no other countries exist or matter. The rest of the film is a preview of the Trump presidency.

  • Carleton Rice Reply

    He’s a columnist with USA Today. THAT is the takeaway problem from all of this. Being a columnist at a major national newspaper is a plum bully pulpit which USED TO only be given to the most experienced and talented journalists in the land. You’d have to work hard your entire career and be extremely gifted and lucky to land a columnist slot at a major national newspaper ONCE UPON A TIME. Now it’s all just based on Clicks. Do you have more than 1,000 followers? Hired! Who cares if half those followers are bots or drooling morons, you’re a Top Journalist now, boy, go get ‘em! Meanwhile newspapers have purged anyone of talent or experience. The Internet and economy may have crippled journalism, but the odious nonchalance of journalism organizations and outright ageism of the despicable major media companies killed it. Stick a fork in Journalism with a capital J, she’s dead folks. Killed by morons like this. USA Today shed all its real journalists and replaced them with hacks. How’s that working out for ya, 'Murica?

  • Charlene Konopelski Reply

    All Trump has to do to "win" the debate is not shit himself on stage. Expectations are incredibly low. I expect every answer will just be a word cloud that ends with "Make America Great Again" and his fans will say how YUGE his hands are and how amazing he is. He's a fucking orange buffoon who has already disgraced the US in the eyes of the world. Meanwhile, Madam President has a UHaul truck of binders filled with facts, cross checks, footnotes, and a bibliography that would make my former English professors wet themselves in excitement. I honestly recommend anyone to go check out her policies on her website, she's got references upon references. Trump's got, "We'll dismantle the EPA, Hillary is teh suckorz, Make 'Murica Great Again!"

  • Jarod Littel Reply Here is a full report by The Economist about democracy in the world. You'll see in Table 2, Page 4, a country by country comparison. You'll notice that while Switzerland isn't the most democratic country in the world, it's the 6th with near perfect scores. Meanwhile, 'Murica is at the bottom of the "full democracies" list at 20th. Even Uruguay is more democratic than you guys.

  • Roger Skiles Reply

    This is one of the worst responses I have ever read in the history of the internet. It is best to not write giant walls of text. It makes it kind of hard to respond to everything. >The point was monkeys in glass houses should not throw stones in the most simple childish way I can put it for you. Thank you for putting it in childish terms so I could understand it. Subtle insults to me aside, we do not live in glass houses. We have a superior culture that has given the people of this planet technological advancements that have drastically increased the standard of living for the entire world. Our culture has given us the Renaissance, The Enlightenment, Automobiles, Airplanes, Popular Music, and most importantly the thing you are using to type me your messages. What has Islamic culture achieved recently? Arabic Numerals thousands of years ago? Wow. I'm so impressed. >Um yes america is pillaging and stealing in 2016 and if you dont know this then um please continue burying your head in a sand pit. Once again, no actual evidence, statistics, or reasoning. I'm supposed to believe you just because of your emotions. Sorry, not buying it. >Again you are thinking this is a comparison of cultures and neglect that it is a point being made about the united states of america and many of our citizens refusal to acknowledge the problems in our own culture while being quick to condemn and demonize the culture of others **while acting as though western culture is pure and does no wrong**. I never stated or acted in a way that would vaguely suggest that western culture has done no wrong. All I'm arguing is that it is far superior. >I have seen our politicians and law makers be EXTREMLEY critical and judgemental of the way russia treats gays for example. I have seen Our government be extremley critical of the abuse on women in India. Our government is so quick to condemn others but very slow to be accountable for the wrongs in our own culture. Our government is quick to condemn others because beating the shit out of gay people and abusing women in India is not okay. If you went out into the streets and saw women getting assaulted in public to the extent that happens in India, **then** we would be hypocrites. >Very slow to be critical of American greed and its destruction of our country. The unregulated nature of Wall Street is disgusting. Tax loopholes that the rich abuse is disgusting. I think we should absolutely fix those problems, as long as it doesn't destroy small businesses. But you can't even begin to compare it to the way gays are thrown off of buildings in Islamic countries. >The main point has nothing to do with one being better or worse than the other. Yes it does. Jimmy's argument is that Western Culture is no better than Islamic culture. His reasoning is that while they throw gays off of buildings in Islamic countries, we would like to, but can't because liberals fought for liberty against those pesky Trump supporters. Watch the clip I timestamped again. Let's just ignore the fact that Trump is the most gay-friendly Republican since the party began. >Just because jimmy is american does not mean he has to disregard the evils of western culture. When Jimmy points out the "evils" of Western Culture but fails to recognize that the evils of Islamic Culture are far worse, I call him out on his bullshit. >Heres my translation of everything you said "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh" Very relevant to the topic at hand. Marvelous. >I feel like many people listen just to find something to disagree about instead of absorbing the message. I think Jimmy made his point crystal clear, and I dissected my interpretation of his argument three quotes ago, just so you know where I stand. >Your post history on this sub reddit gives me a good indication of that. Go on have the last word if you like im over you at this point. Translation: I looked at your post history to desperately find something to say "Gotcha!" on. If you are "done" with me, that is absolutely fine. Less walls of text that I will respond to. Also, if you are going to say you are over me, you should write that part **last**. Going on for another paragraph after you said you were done kinda defeats the point. >I am sure people see our police brutality and racist systematic injustice and ask themselves who the hell is the united states government to judge us? Police Brutality and Racism should be punished when applicable. However, to think that some mass racism plague has swept over the United States is illogical. What needs to happen to fix Police Brutality is better Police Training and Funding. Too bad one of BLM's points is to defund the Police. The following message isn't a message to hound a group of people or make them feel bad. Tough Love is needed to stop the madness. I'm not making a point about the comparison of the races, but I am making a point on why the police may target minorities more often. 2010 - [White Males 38% Of Population]( 2010 - [Black Males 6.6% Of Population] ( 2012 - [White Males caused 4,582 murders] ( 2012 - [Black Males caused 5,531 murders] ( >The comparisons jimmy made was to say hey look we say all these things about these cultures but isnt there something to be said about ours as well? Yes there is, but to a **much** smaller extent. >Are we really thaaaaaat different at the core? Yes, we are. We don't throw gays off of buildings. We don't stone women. We don't chop off hands or throw acid as someone because she came forward about a sexual assault. >So different that can condemn other cultures with no hesitance and no personal reflection on the wrongs of our own? We can say with a good amount of certainty that our culture is superior technologically, developmentally, and morally. >Our culture says shoot 12 year old little boys first and its okay. Where does it say that? I'm sure that there are several very tragic and heartbreaking instances where that has happened but our culture does not mandate it. >In our culture is becoming the norm for girls to be raped when they go to college or serve in a military. I can't really argue about the military because I don't know enough, but are you one of those "1 in 5" people? Are you seriously implying that at LIBERAL-INFESTED American colleges the rape rate is the equivalent of the Congo? Because I know you don't believe that. >In our culture we claim we are so free and everyone is so jealous of our freedom meanwhile we have the worlds largest prison population because we criminalize everything. We undeniably have a massive prison problem that needs to be addressed with reform and the legalization of Marijuana. However, this does not make America some Stalinist dictatorship. We are one of the most free countries in the world, in which you can say almost anything that is on your mind without being charged with a "Hate Speech" crime. >In our culture we like to determine what one desrves based on the shade of their skin. Evidence? > In our culture we are taught that we are so much better that we have the right to imperialize other countries wether they asked for it or not. Because this is murica and we are so superior and our culture is so much better we hae the god given right to lord over others right? I forgot that America is supposed to whip itself everyday because imperialism happened 100 years ago. My bad. I'm sure tribal societies would have surpassed the point they are now if those pesky westerners didn't imperialize everything. >In our culture even though we have shelter and food if you dont have a green piece of paper we may just let you die. In communist cultures, we starve and work you to death. Yep. Goddamn capitalists ruining everyone's socialist utopia again. >In our culture when people are beat to death sometimes we take out our cell phones and film it instead of doing anything. Those certain individuals should be prosecuted. I just don't think it's inherently in our culture in the same way stoning women is in Islamic countries. >In our culture we let people like donald trump and hilary clinton who are a reflaction of us make it to the primaries. We vote for them. If you don't like them, vote for someone else. Unless you can prove without a shadow of a doubt that the system is rigged and there is a massive conspiracy going on, you really don't speak for America. >Donald trump is a reflection of our culture. I am not suprised he made it so far because he is a true reflection of what our culture in its current state represents and embodies. I agree. People like Trump because he didn't lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia, he doesn't applaud socialist regimes, and he doesn't agree that there is a wage (Earnings, not wages, liberals) gap that is there to systemically oppress women. I, like many other crazy Alt-Righters will believe the Earnings Gap when I walk into a McDonald's and there is nothing but women working there, only because the greedy capitalist manager decided to save 23 cents on every dollar. >Then when these cultures we condemn so much see him representing us I know they are thinking america has no right to tell us anything given what they are showing us they are about. We have no right to critique the killing of gays and women because Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee? Bullshit.

  • Kamron Beatty Reply

    Continued… My own personal belief when it comes to stopping MS, is using the nuclear approach is best since the goal is to completely avoid anything more than one relapse. Your brain and spine can rebound highly (about 95%) after one relapse, but by the second or third relapse, recovery is less and less due to the loss of reserves in your brain and spine. We just don’t have much myelin to protect ourselves anymore after the second relapse or so. The goal would be to stop any new disease activity so a pwMS is able to lead a normal life. Why wait for 2-3 relapses and possibly using a can before using the nuclear approach? Stupid FDA if you ask me. This will lead to a discussion in the medical field about what approach to use. My belief is that it should be up to the patient and doctor, not the insurance companies. But Murica’ right? After all it is my life and my health. From a cost perspective HSCT will be far cheaper than most other drugs out there today. The only drug that can compete on cost and efficacy is Lemtrada. HSCT could end up costing about 125,000 once and stop disability in its tracks. Compare that cost to over 3 million dollars currently being spent (or lost because of disability) and it becomes a no-brainer. You will probably have a hemorrhage after seen the costs for MS drugs. The economic costs are now over 3 million dollars per MS sufferer in America. Let’s just say a person is on non-generic medication for life. Right now the average cost of MS treatment is about 60k per year. That is 2.4 million. Then add in losing the ability to work which could easily run to a million. Now think of long term care for the ones that HSCT doesn’t work on. That is how you get to over 3 million dollars. MS is the second most expensive chronic condition to treat after heart disease if I remember right. Here is a chart below to show you how much these drug prices have been increasing. Now imagine you have MS and you lost the ability to work full time while being moderately disabled. The chart below would piss anyone off in a hurry besides biotech investors of course. Another misleading figure used in this article is that only 5% of MS patients are eligible. This could very well end up being the case, but in the future this could easily become a first line treatment for pwMS. This could eventually mean that as soon as someone is diagnosed with MS they get this treatment done ASAP. The sooner it is done after a relapse, the better the results are. It all depends on the guidelines that the FDA hands down and what the insurance companies decide to do…assuming that this treatment will even get approved. In the United States we typically use the safest but least effective drugs as first line therapy such as Copaxone or Rebif. The trailblazing neurologists are starting to use the big guns right away such as Tysabri. Lemtrada is similar to HSCT, but it doesn't knock out most of your immune system. In Europe and Australia they are treating MS with the big guns from the start so Lemtrada and Tysabri are first line treatments. This means that in the US pwMS will have to relapse one, two, or three times before being treated with Lemtrada or Tysabri. Meanwhile, end organ (brain) damage is being done to the brain and spinal cord while disability accumulates. In America this could mean that you are already moderately disabled before you get the risky but more efficacious treatment. Who wants to even be moderately disabled? Up to 75% of pwMS are depressed and filled with anxiety. Some have to live through the process of “constant sorrow.” Imagine living with a disease where you could wake up and your legs don’t work which leaves you bedridden as you try and crawl to your phone. You could wake up blind, and lose all feeling in your extremities. There goes you sense of touch. As soon as you recover from your first relapse, you could be onto your second relapse taking away more of your abilities. There are so many things that can go wrong with MS that usually what a person sees when looking at a pwMS is only the tip of the iceberg. It is downright scary. Now in this article they are talking about aHSCT, or autologous hematopoetic stem cell therapy. This just means that the stem cells used are derived from the pwMS own bone marrow. There are two types of aHSCT (HSCT is the commonly used term) which are myeloablative HSCT or non-myeloablative HSCT. Non-myeloablative HSCT is where the wipe out just about everything in the immune system through highly toxic chemo drugs. This leaves the immune system with “no memory” so plan on getting vaccinations and getting sick a lot right away. It is believed that non-myeloablative HSCT (what Dr. Freedman used) is more effective than myeloablative HSCT. Myeloablative HSCT still leaves a decent amount of the immune system intact so it is not as hard on the body, but it probably isn’t as effective either. The goal is to wipe out as much of the immune system that you can so there are no more autoreactive immune cells left in the body. More research needs to be done but I am in the camp that non-myeloablative HSCT will be more effective, but also more risky. Like anything in life it comes down to risk/reward. Now onto where I think MS treatment is headed. The first goal of any treatment MS treatment is to stop the inflammation through drugs like Tysabri, copaxone, Gilenya, Rebif, ect . The next step in therapy will be neuroprotective in nature. Think of it as protecting what is left of your brain and spinal cord. Some neuroprotection can be achieved through exercising, meditation, and diet. The third goal is remyelination or making more myelin to protect your brain and spinal cord nerves. The end game and 4th goal is neurorestoration or basically fixing what went wrong in your brain and/or spinal cord. There are drugs and stem cell trials in the works already to try and achieve remyelination and neurorestoration. However, we are maybe 5-10 years out (shot in the dark) when it comes to remyelination and neurorestoration. I think HSCT will be approved sometime around 2021 or before. I ask anyone with MS to start on treatment if they haven’t already. We have to slow this crippling disease before HSCT becomes available for the masses. We are about 5 years out from that mark now, but HSCT is the most promising research produced to date. There is an entire medical tourism industry built around people getting HSCT in Russia, Israel, Mexico, and quite a few other countries. Only Lemtrada can come close to matching HSCT when it comes to reversing or stabilizing the disease. Lemtrada comes with its own unique side effects, mainly thyroid problems. However, thyroid problems sure beat escalating disability any day of the week and Lemtrada is an option available for many already. I would like to thank all the people that have made all MS research possible. Without you my hope and many others with MS would be lost. You are the light that guides the path, and the people suffering from MS are walking the path. I would like to thank all those people with MS for willing to volunteer in these risky trials. These are the trailblazers and all pwMS are standing on the shoulders of giants because of their sacrifices. I would also like to thank the friends and family of pwMS. Without the support of many we would be far worse off. 25 years ago and there wasn’t even one drug we could take. Today there are about 10 drugs for us to choose from with promising therapies on the horizon. Hope is what keeps us going when we want desperately for something to change, yet we know the outcome is far from certain. So thank you to the researchers, doctors, nurses, counselors, trailblazers, friends, and family for walking this windy path with us.

  • Reinhold Okuneva Reply

    Is it nice to only live in an echo chamber? Look at this asshole, Eastern Europe was always shit. Meanwhile you have fat women, SJWs, shitty education, gun vilence everywhere and a clown who'll become president. Ah yes, glorious 'Murica.

  • Carter Bruen Reply

    Those gutless cowards banned me lol. And love how hypocritical "asian" activists" like u/jonaf want to promote racial justice...just not for working class asians. Oh yeah, even conservative asian Ying Ma back in 1998 noticed how GUTLESS elitest upper middle class progressive asian "activists" were and how quick they were to sell out the lower working class asian muricans. >"Asian activists who are not otherwise inclined to ignore prejudice are often strangely anxious to apologize for black racism. In interviews, they note that Asians harbor many prejudices against blacks too. .. . >"... David Lee, whose Bay Area organization is attempting to promote local dialogue among minority journalists, believes that a fundamental disconnection exists between the national Asian spokesmen and the new majority of Asians who are recent immigrants. The prominent Asian civil rights leaders, he notes, tend to be American born, not know or understand the problems in low income areas, **because they live comfortable middle-class lives. And so “it is not surprising that they are silent about black-on-Asian discrimination,” Lee summarizes.**" . >"...describes a disconnection in the Korean community between first-generation immigrants and acculturated second generation residents with less familiarity with inner-city life. **After the shops of Koreatown were looted or burned, he reports, the more suburbanized Koreans pushed inter-ethnic bridge-building efforts, while the first-generation immigrants who toiled in menial jobs, bridled at having to sit across the table from those who looted and burned their property.**Meanwhile, few of the prominent national Asian organizations even condemned the violence perpetrated against Koreans in L.A..." . >"...**When asked why prominent Asians have said little about racial harassment by African Americans,** Bill Tam of San Francisco’s Chinese Family Alliance flatly stated, **“I think they are afraid to say anything.” To him, it appears that Asian leaders are often fearful of the national black leadership...** . >"...National Asian organizations generally follow the lead of black civil rights groups like the naacp so slavishly, **another Bay Area activist told me, that even when the latter’s stances (for instance, on quotas and preferences) are opposed to the interests and beliefs of many Asian citizens, the Asian activists don’t challenge their allies.**" But ofc u/chinglishese,/u/whosdamike,r/asianamerican will be the first to want to address "patriarchy and misogyny in asian culture" when **in Murica asian FEMALES are the ONLY race of females MORE likely to be felony raped by a male from another race than their own lol.** PAAs are a joke. I will be the first to say that elitist upper middle class PAAs are super racist against black/people bc they segregate themselves away from black people in white/azn majority suburbs & school districts. PAAs need to really put their money where their mouths are and advocate for more "diversity" in their backyard and the schools they send their kids to. **"According to FBI statistics, every year about 58%(dat's close to 6 out of every 10 asians that are killed and most of these vics are prob working class asians) are killed by black males.(which if u factor out the uber young and old are like 3% of the US population responsible for 60% of asian killings yearly)"** But these upper middle class elitist progressive asian "activist" don't give a fuck about us working class asians as long as they virtual signal to more deserving "oppressed" minority groups lol.

  • Liliana Robel Reply

    Pullease. Google how much the US spnds on the military compared to other countries already. As long as they can convince sheep like you to "be afraid", they'll be able to convince you that they "need" these. Meanwhile, we still have hungry and homeless American children in the streets. Gawd bless 'murica.

  • Kelsi Hermiston Reply

    Meanwhile, here in 'murica, Granny's reasonable plan would be $60. She wouldn't be getting scammed unless she's paying over $100

  • Larissa Stanton Reply

    Oh yeah, even conservative asian Ying Ma back in 1998 noticed how GUTLESS elitest upper middle class progressive asian "activists" were and how quick they were to sell out the lower working class asian muricans. >"Asian activists who are not otherwise inclined to ignore prejudice are often strangely anxious to apologize for black racism. In interviews, they note that Asians harbor many prejudices against blacks too. .. . >"... David Lee, whose Bay Area organization is attempting to promote local dialogue among minority journalists, believes that a fundamental disconnection exists between the national Asian spokesmen and the new majority of Asians who are recent immigrants. The prominent Asian civil rights leaders, he notes, tend to be American born, not know or understand the problems in low income areas, **because they live comfortable middle-class lives. And so “it is not surprising that they are silent about black-on-Asian discrimination,” Lee summarizes.**" . >"...describes a disconnection in the Korean community between first-generation immigrants and acculturated second generation residents with less familiarity with inner-city life. **After the shops of Koreatown were looted or burned, he reports, the more suburbanized Koreans pushed inter-ethnic bridge-building efforts, while the first-generation immigrants who toiled in menial jobs, bridled at having to sit across the table from those who looted and burned their property.**Meanwhile, few of the prominent national Asian organizations even condemned the violence perpetrated against Koreans in L.A..." . >"...**When asked why prominent Asians have said little about racial harassment by African Americans,** Bill Tam of San Francisco’s Chinese Family Alliance flatly stated, **“I think they are afraid to say anything.” To him, it appears that Asian leaders are often fearful of the national black leadership...** . >"...National Asian organizations generally follow the lead of black civil rights groups like the naacp so slavishly, **another Bay Area activist told me, that even when the latter’s stances (for instance, on quotas and preferences) are opposed to the interests and beliefs of many Asian citizens, the Asian activists don’t challenge their allies.**" But ofc u/chinglishese,/u/whosdamike,r/asianamerican will be the first to want to address "patriarchy and misogyny in asian culture" when **in Murica asian FEMALES are the ONLY race of females MORE likely to be felony raped by a male from another race lol** PAAs are a joke.

  • Ruby Cruickshank Reply

    When I was living in America I was fucking mortified to go to Walmart with PJs, and my girlfriend at the time was acting like it was no big deal, meanwhile i was sweating bullets waiting for those horrible glares and snickers behind our backs. But nothing as long as you leave people alone they will most likely leave you alone aswell, thats what I love about Murica'

  • Mayra Sanford Reply

    Videos in this thread: [Watch Playlist ▶]( VIDEO|COMMENT -|- [Why Texas is the Best State in America](|[15]( - and i dont see any queers. [Rally Group B - Tribute](|[2]( - Have you ever watched rally? You just described hundreds of miles of race stages per year in WRC. The most insane days were back in the 80s and Group B. To give an idea of how fast they're going, the Ford RS200 that they show a few times held the w... [Extreme Stunt Show Monster Trucks August 2014 Portsmouth](|[1]( - Meanwhile in the UK this is what they ask almost $30 for. I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. *** [Info]( | Get it on [Chrome]( / [Firefox](

  • Lorenz Reichert Reply

    > Forgive me if my terminology is off in any way but I want am attempting to gain clarity on the issue. No no, it's cool. I just want us to be on the same page, too. :) > I am talking about simple modifications (like altering the trigger or bumps stock) Ok. Gotcha. So, the short answer to your question is this: modifications like "bump-fire stocks" and "binary triggers" -- things that *simulate* burst- and fully-automatic fire are not difficult to perform. Any careful, thoughtful person with tools and patience can perform them. *However....* It's important to note that these things are really just gimmicks; at the end of the day, those modifications are made simply for the "cool factor" that comes from novelty, and rate of fire. If such modifications were truly, *practically* useful, you'd see militaries, and law enforcement agencies, and firearms manufacturers adopting them. Bump fire, for example, is woefully inaccurate. Sure, the technique (which can be performed on nearly any unmodified semi-automatic rifle) sends a lot of lead downrange in a hurry, but you basically can't aim at all. Bump fire epitomizes the expression "spray and pray." "Binary triggers" -- triggers that fire a bullet once when the trigger is pulled, and again when the trigger is released -- can be finicky, and increase the chance of weapon malfunctions. Again, they increase the rate of fire, but there are significant trade-offs. Now that I've (hopefully) answered your question, I'm going to go on a bit of a (relevant) digression... ---- "But a higher rate of fire means more dead people when a madman goes on a spree?," right? Not necessarily. At some point, all of this back-and-forth about which gun types are acceptable and which aren't becomes academic. Mass shootings are *almost always* conducted by a shooter firing into a group of people at short range, right? So even though a loss of accuracy provided by these modifications isn't really a factor in such tragedies. But practically speaking, these rate-of-fire modifications aren't either. Providing a relatively small increase in the rate of fire over a standard, unmodified, semi-automatic firearm wouldn't really increase the number of people a madman could injure and kill in a crowd. Hell, even a pump- or lever-action rifle can attain a high rate of fire -- *absolutely* enough to massacre tens of unsuspecting, fleeing people. You don't need a semi-auto to commit mass murder. In fact, rifles of *any type* probably aren't the best ("best," FFS) way to go about killing as many people as possible in a crowded space. If I was a demented, murderous psychopath who wanted to kill and maim as many people in a crowd as I possibly could, I'd use a sawed-off shotgun with large (00 or 000) [buckshot]( Why? Imagine a gun firing ~5-10 bullets -- all perfectly lethal -- with each trigger pull, spraying out in a cone-shaped patter into an unsuspecting crowd. Fucking horrific. But do you hear the media or politicians talking about banning shotguns? Nope. The point of my digression, then, is that **in the hands of murderous, psychopathic madmen, all firearms are dangerous.** Some people might point out that if the *only* guns that were available were bolt-action rifles, the number of fatalities per shooting would probably decrease. I'll grant you that; the rate of fire for a bolt-action rifle is significantly slower than pretty much any other firearm, and by a significant margin. But in a country where firearms outnumber people, and where black-market guns are super, super easy to acquire, how is that goal even *possible?* Probably not. So, if we accept the fact that getting rid of all the non-bolt-action guns is impossible, is the next logical step really to quibble about which gun tweaks and modifications are going to be legal, and which ones aren't? I confess I am merely an interested enthusiast, and not a professional gun violence researcher, but I present to you that, no, it isn't. **Instead of quibbling about technicalities, trying to decide which gun types and modifications would reduce the body count per mass shooting incident, maybe we should take a bottom-up approach, and address the huge problem of violence in America in general.** After all, mass shootings by deranged nutjobs only account for a tiny fraction of gun-related deaths in this country; most shootings are part of more run-of-the-mill crimes, and only have one victim per incident! Maybe we should address the causes of violent crime itself -- like, you know, poverty. (After all, the link between poverty and violent crime is pretty well documented.) Also, it's worth noting that *nearly all perpetrators of mass shootings have a history or mental illness!* Maybe we should address the difficulty of attaining mental health care in the country. Hell, we don't even have real, solid data on what, exactly, causes people to go on shooting sprees, or commit gun crime because [*the federal government has more-or-less banned public health agencies from properly studying it!*]( We still aren't having a reasonable, well-informed, level-headed, evidence-based discussion about violence in American, and how firearms factors into it. The liberal left political machine stokes the paranoia of it's voter base, playing on their ignorance/misperception of firearms, and assuring them "Trust us; all guns are bad!" Meanwhile, the conservative right-wing political bloc maintains it's fingers-in-the ears reaction to any suggestion that, hey, maybe we shoud re-examine the efficacy of our gun laws, all the while rallying their zealous voter base with cries of *"'Murica!,*" and *"The Muslims are coming!."* **Both sides arguing from positions of ideology, and do all they can to maintain a misinformed electorate. They accomplish nothing while, every day, tens of Americans die as a result of violent crime.** Until we have good, solid data on the causes and contributing factors to gun violence in the country, and until all sides are well-informed about what guns can do and what they can't do, and until we fully acknowledge the sad state of mental health care in this country, people are going to keep being murdered every day -- one at a time, or in groups. TL;DR: Fuck. :(

  • Breanne Braun Reply

    'Murica! It's like that case a few years ago of the homeless old black guy that stole some food from a store as he hadn't eaten in ages, came back with some money and to apologise a few days later, got arrested and sent to prison. Meanwhile, bankers steal millions and get away with it. Or that time Paris Hilton got sent to jail, then let out because she had a panic attack. If you're rich you can get away with basically anything in 'murica.

  • Mariam Renner Reply

    The saga of my last 4th of July, copy pastad from another set of text posts. So it started when my 4th plans fell through (get a group of people to pool some money, and drop 2k on fireworks then go to the beach). Some friends, needing a DD, saw that I had no plans, invited me along, saying that there was going to be jazz where they were going. I love jazz, so all I said was "let me get my shoes." Now, they weren't wrong, there was Jazz there, and she's actually pretty nice. As a joke, the guys bought me 30 minutes in a room alone with her. Me being awkward as fuck, and still kinda tilted that they dragged me to a strip club, we just talked. Of all things to be supporting with a career as a stripper, I would not have expected it to be her masters in biomedical engineering. She's surprisingly erudite for an exotic dancer. Now, after that 30 minutes were over, I came out all smiles with Jazz on my arm, and the drunk friends jump to conclusions as to what went down and I don't bother to correct them. A few drinks later, I spot someone (we'll call him shipwreck) that really starts to grind our collective gears. He's wearing a set of Navy dress whites, and being navy ourselves, we immediately pick up on the fact that this guy is probably wearing a uniform that doesn't belong to him. First off he wearing an ALL WHITE uniform to anywhere that could possibly permanently stain it is a huge nono. Secondly, he had his cover on indoors. Third, his rating and rank patches (ITSA) were not placed properly. Fourthly, he was wearing white socks. Fifthly, this fellow was rather portly, and clearly not in shape enough to be in the navy, which says something because our fitness standards are not all that high all things considered. Finally, he had no ribbons, and everybody who graduated boot camp in the last 30 or so years has at least the national defense ribbon. I have an expressive face, and my buddies can clearly see that this guy has rustled my jimmies. From here, I effectively get no-balls'd into confronting thing guy, so I go up and say, "Hey shipmate, your uniform is all kinds of jacked up." Shipwreck I guess took the opportunity to try and impress the girls his uniform had attracted (it being murica day and all) and he takes a swing at me. Shipwreck is also missing the seemingly supernatural ability of sailors to hold our booze, and is shit faced enough that all I really have to do is topple him, and bring a knee into his face, and he's out clean. So what everybody else saw is this guy knock a US service member out on the 4th of July, and things start to get rowdy. A bouncer hauls me off and removes me from the premise as my friends once again no-balls me into doing something. I wrote my number on a napkin, and passed it to a passing waitress with a wink because why not. More shit happened that night, and at noon on the 5th, I woke up to her calling me, wanting to meet up. I take her to lunch, we walk in the park, and fade to black. I went my way, she went hers, and neither of us have spoke since. Alright, so I may as well introduce the cast if I'm going to be telling the story, although I will be using psuedonyms. There's me, the overly nerdy DD, Blue the taller whiter and skinnier, Wheelman who has good hair, Sardine who inexplicably good at tennis, Forest who washed out of BUDS (The first part of SEAL school), and J who was almost a D1 college linebacker until he realized he didn't want to go to college yet. So Blue and Sardine were the ones that roped me into going to the strip club. Forest and Joe went fishing, and Wheelman had his own plans, we met up with them after we left the strip club. From there we decide to head to the beach, pick up some cigars on the way because why the fuck not, and go to the beach expecting to find parties and people. We were sorely disappointed by the lack of people, and end up just wandering the beach. After abut 20 minutes of a mix of walking and jogging, we are thoroughly far away from any sort of building, and encounter some bulky looking men that shout at us to stop where we are, and start jogging towards us, reaching towards their belts. Now, it's 1AM and very dark so we can't see who they are, just silhouettes. From here, we do what any reasonable person would do, and book it in the other direction. We make phenomenal time, as we are all in pretty good shape, I'm the slowest of the group, and I run a 1.5 mile in 9:30. Getting back to Wheelman's car, we sit there in the parking lot smoking the cigars and drinking the leftover doctor pepper that Wheelman had. Meanwhile, there's cops around as leftovers from the massive parties that were here just a few hours earlier, and we overhear that they're looking for a group of young men that ran from officers investigating a B&E turned assault and battery. I'm the only one that seems bothered by this because I'm pretty sure it was us that did the running, so I convince the others to dodge out to a dennies back in town. It's at this point that Forest informs me that he left his truck in the neighboring state where he was fishing with J. Being the only other sober one, Wheelman and I come up with a plan to drop everybody else off at base except for Forest and I so we can go get his truck, which I will reiterate is a state away (he doesn't remember why he left it there). But first, Dennies. I get no-ball'd into winning an all you can eat pancake contest, and good times are had. So Wheelman finally finds Forest's truck after much driving around on roads not meant for his Prius, and I, being the niave fool I am, assume that Forest knows how to get back to Florida from backwoods Alabama. He has no clue. So after three hours of driving around trying to find a road that leads in the general right direction, we find a highway, and follow it until we find our way back to the right city, and get stopped by the police. Now, I'm anglo as fuck, but I have a tan, and the police were looking for a "tall, slightly cuban young man" who robbed a convenience store nearby, so they haul me out of the car, cuff me and have my lay on the pavement while they make sure that I actually am the guy that robbed the store. As it turns out, I'm not (which for some reason dumbfounds the cops) so they let me go "with a warning" (of what I'm still not quite sure) and we start heading back to base. When we reach base, the fact that by this point the whole truck absolutely reeks of rotten fish is suspicious enough for the gate guards to have me lay down on the pavement (this again?!) while they thoroughly search the vehicle that isn't mine (which doesn't help my case because Forest is out cold and can't vouch that it's his). This takes about 30 minutes until Forest comes to for a short time, explains that the truck his his, and passes out again. I get reprimanded for him being drunk (Navy logic) and we get sent on our way. I crash as soon as I get back to my rack, and at noon I get a call from the Waitress.

  • Lilian Hoeger Reply

    > UK OK. That makes it even weirder. You know that despite being separated by the see, they are still Europe. There is even a tunnel to France. Btw. England has been settled by Saxons (Germans) in the 5th century already. > The English had ideas like the Magna Carta. Which was wrote up June and forbid in August. > US thinkers expanded them to be the rights of men Expanded like in ripped off? > We were midwived by war against our parent whom we rebelled against because we thought truths were self evident that they did not. So much for the rise of "pacifist america". > So our initial creation was about a nation where men were not viewed with the same class structure of nobility and serf as in europe, but where men were equal. As long as you've not been part of the natives you've slaughtered and stole their land or negros you've enslaved to generate products you could ship to Europe for cash. > Yes, there were some unfortunate things regarding racism Nice understatement. > the Muese-Argonne offensive was the greatest military offensive in American history (1.2 million american soldiers) and was in WWI and it ended that war. Meuse-Argonne was 1918. Just like in WW2 the USA came when others (and the winter 16/17) did the bulk of the work. You really need to calm down that attitude. > And in the end the US was the only real winner out of WW2. You haven't even been seriously threatened. You did not lost land or innocent population. In Millions. Do you even know what "winning" means to those who were directly affected by war at their doors? This is unbelievable and I really hope you are some very young kid because you would be probably punched in the face by some bloodthirsty european for stating this kind of crap in their face. > We gained no territory, but we didn't lose our empires like the imperialists of Britain and France There have been a revolution long before in France and there is still a Queen in the UK last time I looked. I wonder that you didn't have anything considering the size, effort and victories of other countries. Especially russia considering your glorification of the afterwork clean up. > but in both cases the US ended it. No they didn't. They were there also. Others did the bulk of the work, US jumped in in the last moment and today some kids try to make it look like they did it by themselves. Ridiculous. > No we're still in it, In the recent years the US has caused several wars. Won none. Made the world look worse then before, your blown up economy exploded once already to be covered with more fake funds. Now you are facing a time with a complete moron as president. The only thing you are still in is shit. ;) Your policy since the end of european colonial power has been shaped by mass hysteria. Panic of the indigenous flora, fauna and people causing you to kill it all. Afterwards you became afraid of the slaves you've kept and tried to kill them all. Afterwards you became afraid of subs coming up at your beaches. But you waited until the last moment and hit just to be sure. When then the second one came you were afraid when suddenly something really appeared "close" to you. Luckily it was already almost over so you hopped on the train again also using the ultimate douchebag weapon nobody used in a conflict besides freakin' pacifist 'murica. After that it switched to being afraid because the oil price could rise, nobody knows really what that commie problem of yours was but you was afraid that it might bring something new into your precious past-century system so you hunted everybody down with the wrong ideas. Out of fear again. And so on up until today where you jump around in some deserts most of your own citizens couldn't point at on a map, making everything worse for everybody. And all that out of fear. I won't even start with the endless agencies you've came up with to protect you from fear or those heavely armed pacifist police forces or the damn criminal mess your country has been in for decades. You are not the world police. You are the world mental patient nobody wants to touch because he's armed. Meanwhile the rest of the world moves on. New political systems and alliances form without you (while the hate on your deals becomes cultural movements. See CETA, TTIP etc.). Powerful industrial countries grow exponentially and you already lost the cyber war before you were aware that it's on. To russia and china btw. But the NSA will help you off your fear eh? Or does it cause more fear? No matter. You'll find a reason to fear. We all outside of your bubble know: it's sometimes better to leave the patient to his fantasies before he hurts someone. You should get out more. Visit foreign countries. You'll soon find out what I'm talking about ;)

  • Jon Prohaska Reply

    What did I say that gives you that impression? That I think Americans should at the very least be grateful for growing up in a free society and that our anthem should be respected as a symbol of that? You're the one who pinned the "Murica" shit on me. When meanwhile the only person who shows any proclivity for buying into dogmatic bullshit is you yourself. You do realize that it's possible to both love and respect the place that granted you the right to become what you are and not be a drum beating xenophobic lunatic, right?

  • Lina Ruecker Reply

    Well, I could say that you are the crybaby here, because your tactics in arguing is just throwing shit at the fan, ignoring the opponent's arguments, and actually... Let be google it. Here's a list, you've got at least a dozen of these, nice! My favourite one (don't remember how it's named) is you assume something falseful about me and then dismiss that assumption. Like the several times you said that i admire (???) the nazi. I never admired the nazi, yet you repeat this shit over and over - for what? To piss me off? I'm not some teen who is easily pissed off. But you apparently are a teen, because that's how you argue, like some adolescent teen. Now, about your facts. Why did you throw everything in together? The Soviet and the nazi. It seems like it's all the same to you. Everything is evil, except the glorious murica. Meanwhile, assuming you can use Google to find numbers, you can find out how many people died in the 21st century (not some 80 years ago) as a consequence to the US external policy. That should include wars, embargos (like Iraq, Libya and so on), provoked civil wars (like Sudan, Ukraune, and so on). That's not some old-age stuff long gone before you were born, it happens today in your magnificent free world. But you won't do that, you'll just throw more shit at the fan.

  • Jade Bartell Reply

    ガルパンはいいぞ! Seriously, I loved this movie; it was amazing. I had high expectations, and it looks like this just blew those out of the water. Before I sing endless praises of this thing, let's give it a breakdown: PLOT: What plot? Was this supposed to have a plot? Joking aside, the overall plot was not all that interesting, but that's not what we came here for, now is it? It started off with a nice 2 v. 2 exhibition match with Ooarai and Chi-Ha-Tan on one side, and St. Gloriana and Pravda on the other, but when they get home they are shocked to learn that... Nothing they did matters and the school was closed anyways! Turns out a promise that isn't written on paper doesn't count for shit. As they say goodbye to their beautiful ship, 'Murica comes in and saves the day: putting their tanks on a plane so they won't be scrapped by the Education Ministry. When they get to their temporary residence, that derelict school building that had such a problem in the real world after this movie that they banned cosplay, they get their tanks back and do a little bit of moping and aimlessly wandering around in said tanks-- this wandering around brings Ankou team to the Boko Museum. Boko is those creepy little teddy bears, and GOD are they creepy. They have this song that (loosely translated) goes something like: I'll kill them I'll kill them I'll kill them all. I'll rip those bastards to shreds! ... Anyways, there is noone there but the five of them and this one grey-haired girl who is even more into it than Miho-- says something about her as a person huh? Then there's this nice scene with Miho and her sister (look in the background-- turns out she got a panzerfaust as a birthday present or something in the past), meanwhile negotiations happen where Anzu, Miho's mom, Trainer lady, and an old guy from the Tankery Assosiation convince butthead MEXT guy that if Ooarai can beat the University All-stars, they get their boat back. While the general plot was lacking, each scene was handled very well and charming in its own right. 7/10 BATTLE: Skipping ahead to the battle, because that's what we really care about. To start off, our hero Miho is shitting her pants because she has to fight thirty top-class tanks with only eight of her own... When suddenly plot twist! I assume because Ooarai had technically already been shut down, there were no rules for *who* was a student-- so everybody "transfers" -- including Maho, Erika, Katyusha, Kay, Darjeeling, that Japan chick, the Duce, that Finland chick etc. (There were so many names I just gave up on remembering them) Then the battle happens. They have a little argument on strategy (which Finland stays out of), but soon they're off with their grand "sunflower" plan to put all their tanks in vulnerable positions... or something. Either way it fails horribly. The center flank gets rekt by some sort of death star (the Karl or something), the left flank is wiped out in a desperate defense that leaves all the Pravda tanks save Katyusha's knocked out, and the right flank gets screwed because little Japanese tanks are useless in a straight fight, especially when the only word their commander knows is "attack." As they retreat, they spot the death star and pull of an insane plan that involves Ms. Finland running her tank into the ground (literally) destroying a number (I think about 4) Pershings, some of them *after* loosing both of its tracks. Meanwhile the tank commander is calmly playing her kantele like nothing's wrong. meanwhile the others take advantage of the distraction, first by *throwing* Anzio's tankette at the thing, and when that doesn't work, using it as a ramp for the hetzer to fly off, sending a round right into its gaping maw. There were a whole bunch of other awesome battle scenes, like the Japanese tanks pretending to be rubber ducks, the Stug pretending to be a wall, and the CV-33 pretending to be a roller coaster, but I'd be here all day. Either way, everything was beautifully written and the battles were just the right mix of thrilling, funny, and stunning. 10/10 Overall: Who gives a shit about the plot? 10/10 would load ferris wheel ammunition any day.

  • Adrain Volkman Reply

    The name’s Charles (not my name) and I’m 20 years old now. I have a story in which I got caught by the cops for smoking weed, uncensored. During one of the last Fridays of senior year, a buddy and I decided to go to a high school party across town in a pretty isolated neighborhood. We had just finished the last test of our entire high school career and we wanted to have a great time and see, for one of the last times, faces of those in our high school. Another friend of mine (not my buddy) picks my buddy and I up, along with a few other girls, as designated driver for the night. We pull up to the party with pockets filled with an eight of bud and a four pack of dutches. We roll up in the car after the rest walk inside the house. My buddy and I weren’t really about drinking that night because last weekend we went a bit overboard with that. After about an hour into the party, once we had gotten a good grasp of what the party would be like, my buddy and I go outside and smoke one of the four blunts we had rolled up. We go back to the party. Shit started getting rowdy and belligerent. Some football guys brought some fireworks and started lighting them outside. It was fucking epic, but my buddy and I felt we couldn’t enjoy it to its fullest potential, so, while the whole party was basically moved outside onto the front lawn and the barren street, we decide to spark up another one of those delicious blunts. We find a nice bench to sit on, and we toked in awe at the fireworks’ lights and the loudness (haha!) of a bunch of youngsters. Under-age drinking was fucking superfluous. Cops come. Shit. Everybody runs, but this neighborhood was whack and had nothing but places to get cornered by the squad cars (which there were like 5 of for some reason). Everyone is transformed into deers in headlights, except those holding beer cans, which they toss into the woods. Like 10 cops scour the crowd of drunk under-age drinkers holding their gatorade and water bottle (missing their gatorade and water). The cops didn’t do shit to them, but then suddenly two cops run at me and my buddy! We are in awe and don’t feel like running because that’s so much work. To be brief, the cops just empty our pockets, stomp on all of our precious broccoli, charge us for possession, cuff us, seat us next to one of the squad cars, and move on into the house, confronting the house owner. What pissed me off is that those cops didn’t do anything about all the under-age drinking going on! Bastards knew what was going on, but i guess under-age drinking is just the fucking norm now! They were being belligerent as hell (lighting fireworks, being brolic , screaming and vandalizing and shit) meanwhile my buddy and I were talking about college on a park bench minding our damn business. By the end, they let us go after a poor lecture with the final message being: weed is illegal, terrible for your health, and terrible for everyone around you. Only ⅔ of those things are true, but i guess that’s how ‘murica is nowadays. Thanks for reading my niggas. Toke up.

  • Amina Wolf Reply

    I’m a person from the UK also a mainly regulated user, my opinion maybe bias. I have owned a tugboat original and clone along with an AV able original and clone. From my experience both hit the same. Now as others have said, yes the threading was different (didn’t match original parts). I don’t see the point on spending a stupid mark-up on a "murica made"(machined.. newsflash china uses same machines and probably sold murica the machines it uses(china just fucked up on the cnc/cad profiles)) piece of pipe. To me it’s some dumb pride of murica is best. Personally if the device is good I don’t care what country it’s made in, I just want a solid device. Why are china so looked down on and Philippines looked up on for mech mods?(original designs?) (They are both Asian countries)You have people talk about craftsmanship etc, china being a country that dominates the manufacturing market and has the capability to mass produce they can sell for less(only because murica offshore the manufacturing to developing country such as China India at the time for low labor cost since 1980s)meanwhile Philippines is not so fortunate (all hail the handcrafted mechs). They don’t have the same manufacturing capability as China. Yes I have owned Pinoy mech mods(MCM Magnum) and they do nice work. That being said yes some clones are bad and should be avoided. The good clones however what cost 80% of the original and let me tell you they are not hard to find, you should jump on if it’s the type of device you want. Ps end rant, my main devices are DNA200 chips fuck yeah murica. Do i really need to go into detail? It’s an electrical circuit board(that is the most accurate) not a machined piece of pipe. End rant #beer#cheers

  • Alia Collins Reply

    Considering the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin laden was from saudi arabia, our president Bush and his father have been mixed up with saudi money for decades, and our government is still concealing information about saudi ties to 9/11. Considering we were giving saddam hussien and osama weapond in the 80s, Saddam used some of the chemical weapons on civilians so we gave him more. Then we blamed them for 9/11 and overthrew thier governments and killed both of them. Meanwhile out president has years of business dealings with companies like Halliburton that gets billions in no bid contracts. But just ignore all that, ignore the tens of thousands of innocent people who dies around the world, ignore all shady business dealings, ignore the refusals to release infirmation and the endless stream of lies, ignore that our own president refused to testify under oath, with any press present, or separate from cheney in what was supposed to be independent investigation. Because nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical was done and youre just going to have to take their word for it. The bad guys are over there, go get em' murica. But dont worry our leaders love freedom, thats why they are spying on thier own citizens, lying about it, and want to punish thay snowden guy who exposed thier surveillance and lies. He gave info to the enemy of our leaders, we the people.

  • Cortez Rau Reply

    meanwhile in murica you can buy guns without an ID. yup, I'll be downvoted because they cant handle the truth.

  • Donnell Shanahan Reply

    Mates, let me tell you all one thing: America is the most backwards, shithole of a country in the western world. As a european living in a civilised country, i am ashamed to call you all "allies." In my country, even our poor and coloured people are given food, house, university, care, etc. Our government gives us free healthcare, free university and education (in fact I get PAID to go to school), and other free services. All because i live in a country who's government gives a shit about its people. meanwhile, in 'murica, you cannot even attend universtiy unless your rich (or take out 500,000 dollars in loan), and you will probably get shot by police anyways ('MURICA!!!, muh freedom). Oh, and dont mention the millions in medical debt you will be in when u get shot. ANd the private prisons. The system in my country works, but u americans are too stupid to change. you are all owned by ur corporations that only seek to make money and do nothing for humanity. yes, in my country we pay tax, but there is high return. the US is the most fucked up country i can think of. should have voted for bernie sanders, but have fun with trump as ur next president lmao. i will just enjoy my free healthcare and other services as you all obsess over your guns.

  • Imelda Wisoky Reply

    its obvious that there are alot of diaz fans out right now. look at the clock, its 7am in ireland and most of europe its about the same time. meanwhile in murica its about 0:00, implying most diaz fans are from murica or most of murica is for diaz..

  • Tia Swift Reply

    >Go huff your farts somewhere else. Nothing could be more true about you, you're an NRA tool. Your paranoid delusions are leaking out. I'd have to guess from your ignorant comment that you've never been to France or anywhere outside 'Murica. >Meanwhile here in the US we see people defending themselves using firearms literally every single day. Let me be clear here: *This is not something that happens in Europe.* People don't need to defend themselves every single day. I've lived in Europe, *I can say without any doubt that you don't have a clue what you're talking about.* How many gunfights have you been in with people attacking you? 1? 2? 10? You're really quite delusional. Even though you're delusional there are still too many guns and people on psych-meds with guns for my liking. I'll take a day walking the streets of Paris any day over any large city in America, and I'm from an upscale part of Los Angeles. Have a nice day, TROLL.

  • Petra Armstrong Reply

    I guess that's why she's still allowed to run right? And why the FBI recommended not putting charges on her right? And maybe we don't blindly accept things, maybe we look at the information given and decide it's not enough to let someone like Trump become president. Meanwhile, since we're talking about adults blindly accepting things, many of Trump's supporters think Muslims and Mexicans are going to ruin Murica and think Trump by himself will make America great "again", whatever that means. Because he just will. I know, I have friends and even my father is a Trump supporter and they have some....interesting mindsets And you're implying that Trump is some angel when he's admitted to bribing politicians and being part of the system and also abusing the H-1B program. He's been in trouble before too, his company hired illegal immigrants and he's been sued over Trump University.

  • Reginald Hilpert Reply

    Hey thats my airport! Theif! As as side note. Fucking god damn USA, even when I flew back to the US a couple months ago, I had to go through like 3 or 4 extra fucking lines just because it is the USA, BEFORE I EVEN GOT THERE, in freaking Amsterdam, I had to go to some special stupid pre-customs, pre-security crap, and had to stand in two lines to get a sticker and my actual boarding pass, then I had to go through two more people asking me more questions just to get to the stupid gate. Then of course normal exit customs/immigration. Then I get to go through security in the US, customs/immigration in the US, and then the food inspection thing in the US. FFS. Meanwhile, I fly to Italy or something, I go through a short security like that, and not a single person checks my ID. I can arrive at the airport like 30 min before boarding with no problem (as long as I dont check a bag). 'murica.

  • Skye Grant Reply

    Oh you're talking about how the US violated international law and engaged in an "unlawful use of force" Wow a country that spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined managed to sink a couple of boats, congrats So the fuck what? Are you 12 years old? I guess in retrospect siding with Sadam was not such a good idea, huh. Lol. Meanwhile Iran has to teach you how to provide medical care to your poor people, and is ahead of the US in teaching evolution in schools. **Go 'Murica!!** lol

  • Malika Fay Reply

    Ehhh, I have to respectfully disagree. Most Europeans know their language, are pretty much fluent in English, and know a decent amount of the languages that surround them, meanwhile most Americans only know english and a very little of another language (usually french or Spanish). We border Mexico, we have MANY native spanish speakers here, we SHOULD know spanish fluently and as we border Canada we should be able to speak some french. I don't think you can really say we can't be bothered to know other languages because our country is huge when most every other country all around the world knows english and multiple other languages. It honestly is just a mix of laziness in our school systems and "MURICA" pride.

  • Trinity Goldner Reply

    Ah the good ol' Reddit Proffesors. Capitalism works, for sure. Look at the millions and millions of prisoners in 'Murica, the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer. Meanwhile the food is filled with so many additives that if you eat a tomato, is probably more chemical shit than anything else. Then when companies get so huge and strong, they even standup to the government and sue them for anything. Next step is to buy politicians so they make a free-trade agreement that they have to push and push all over the world. Welcome to capitalism! At least it will last for a good 100 years before the earth and every person on it is screwed so 0.1% can have quadrailions of $€$€$€$ on their bank accounts in Panama.

  • Sigrid Mann Reply

    Meanwhile on /r/MURICA >[The city of London is actually smaller than Americans think it is.]( >[Kensington used to be described as "a small town two miles west of London."]( >[The places this Britbong mentioned in the tweet are just towns in the London area.](

  • Murphy Collins Reply

    [Meanwhile in 'Murica.](

  • Clementina Aufderhar Reply

    Meanwhile in Murica...

  • Constantin Rippin Reply

    Sigh ... we don't care about the damn islands. The backwards idiots that care about the Falklands in Argentina are the same segment of the population that voted yes to brexxit in the UK, the same segment that will vote to make 'murica great in the US. And while those idiots where the 51% a while back, we took back control of our country. Our 51% is just fine, and has no intentions of invading the damn falklands. Meanwhile, your 51% of yokels has just voted you our of the damn EU. Maybe go worry about your idiots instead of ours.

  • Darron Mertz Reply

    Explain that to Iceland. >On December 2, 2013, **a person died due to an armed police operation for [the first time in Iceland's modern history](**. Meanwhile, [in 'Murica, **532 people were killed by the police** in the past 6 months](

  • Carolina Ryan Reply

    In the picture where they're at the set, and Prince Philip is shaking hands with Rose Leslie, Kit Harrington and Conleth Hill are in suits like Prince Philip, and Rose Leslie & Sophie Turner have appropriate (maybe a bit short, dunno?) dresses on... ... and D&D (looking also at the first picture, I assume that's them) are wearing blazers and khakis. 'Murica. Meanwhile, they did wear suits (and 1 tie between them) to Late Night. WTF.

  • Brennon Walker Reply

    Lol, 750 euro+ for this in Europe and you don't even get 60fps in 4k with it. Meanwhile I heard that you can get 980ti's in good old 'murica for around 400 bucks or something if you are lucky. And yeah, 2x 980ti's kill the 1080, by a large margin. 1080p performance is insane, but 4k is really disappointing if you ask me. If VEGA will deliver at least 50% more performance than the fury x in dx12, NVIDIA will have no chance vs VEGA.

  • Estelle Yost Reply

    It sure is. In Murica 70-percent of the adult population is overweight or obese. Meanwhile, in Murica Junior (Canada) 61-percent of the population is overweight or obese. And south of the border in Mexico (a.k.a. Flanada) 69-percent of the adult population is overweight or obese. So... North America is pretty much completely screwed.

  • Maud Botsford Reply

    >What is it with you people and wanting to have your vote diluted to near nothingness? To have your voices drowned in the sea of foreign screams? Laughed, you only need 100k~ votes to get a seat in our 2th chamber here. Meanwhile in the general elections in 'murica you get to pick between a turd and a douche(hint, Clinton is the turd, Trump the douche)

  • Amparo Torphy Reply

    Just moved into a new neighborhood (in 'murica) and I had a great time saying hi to all my white neighbors - meanwhile in the house, mom: "nutellapancakes we really need to get to know our people in the mosque otherwise we'll be really lonely here these aren't our kind of people". Gee mom what a great way to become part of the neighborhood -.-

  • Fredrick Towne Reply

    We are 'Murica in WoD.. we make a huge deal out of a small attack on our lands, the entire world hears of it even. We then attack a strange land, crush multiple factions in short order.. then start farming the new land for oil. Meanwhile back home no one is threatened in any meaningful way and they go about their lives like nothing happened.

  • Alfonzo Turner Reply

    what a great democracy we have! We get to pick from two parties who don't *really* care what we think, but get fast-tracked onto every poll in the place. Meanwhile it takes a ton of money and petitions to get anyone else on the ballot! 'murica!

  • Lemuel Johnson Reply

    Its funny how Lithuania is so far ahead of Murica in terms of interwebs. Muricans still pay what $60-150 for shit speeds with caps on DSL. Meanwhile Lith/Estonia/Nordic ~40-60 for 100-250mbit fiber with no caps.

  • Alvena Johns Reply

    Meanwhile in 'Murica..... It makes me happy that she was elected for her abilities as a leader, and not for superficial aspects of who she is. I think we could stand to learn something from that.

  • Ariane Feest Reply

    Welp.. meanwhile I was playing the 'murica and he just decided he does not like me and rushed me down with poland in industrial era. (I think they did this because I was quite behind in that game)

  • Sydni Gleichner Reply

    Meanwhile, in Europe, the game is still not confirmed... Welp, if they take as much time as they took with P4A, I'll juste import the stuff from 'murica...

  • Orpha Predovic Reply

    Meanwhile in Murica

  • Damion Balistreri Reply

    This should be the minimum everywhere. Meanwhile in good ol' 'murica a garbage waste of life gets away with 6 month. Disgusting.

  • Dereck Beatty Reply

    Meanwhile 93 more people have been killed in unrelated gun violence in the US since the Orlando shooting happened. 'Murica.

  • Geovany Hackett Reply

    Murica where you have to pay at the same time as you order. Meanwhile in Sweden, order and pay at delivery(pickup) or within 14 days.

  • Kaelyn Donnelly Reply

    Meanwhile I'm in a store next to a $5 pizza franchise with less parking than my duplex's driveway. #murica

  • Jerad Ferry Reply

    Meanwhile people in my country (Vietnam) is calling Murica the most civilized place on the planet

  • Ivah Hansen Reply

    [Meanwhile in Murica](

  • Alfred Langworth Reply

    only in Murica!! Meanwhile in Europe 280euros. FYI that's 308dollars...

  • Aliza Lubowitz Reply

    Meanwhile Murica supports commie terrorists(YPG) in the Syria.

  • Malika Schroeder Reply

    Meanwhile in 'Murica:

  • Kole Schneider Reply

    Meanwhile, in 'Murica time-warner ceos get 90 mil just to quit.

  • Emil Spinka Reply

    Meanwhile in 'Murica: Black man leaves house. *Gets shot.*

  • Napoleon Doyle Reply

    Meanwhile back in Murica potholes remain public enemy #1.