Meet The Guy With Two Perfectly Functioning Penises

In the animal kingdom, two penises occur quite frequently. Snakes and lizards have what you call hemi-penises, or essentially, two-headed penises. However, do you know that this can occur to humans as well? It is said that 1 in 5.5 million men are affected by a medical condition called ‘diphallia’, or essentially, two penises. The condition is quite rare, and is often accompanied by other congenital conditions such as duplicated organs, spina bifida, among other defects.

The degree of size and functionality of the two penises largely depends from one individual to another. Some have two functioning penises of same size, shape and function. Others have one well-functioning organ but the other genitalia may be smaller, malformed and not functional. Diphalia is not genetic but caused by a mutation in the gene expression or other factors.

Sounds like a freak show? One man with diphalia doesn’t think so — and used it to his advantage to become famous. A man from the east coast, United States, is now an online celebrity by the name of Diphallic Dude or Double D*ck Dude (or DDD for short). He has two normal sized and functioning penises! As is understandable, he wished to keep his real identity private.

He did an AMA on Reddit which became among the most popular of all time. He submitted photos as proof to show people what diphallia is like. DDD revealed that he is bisexual and has had sex with more than a thousand people. On an interview with BBC, he discussed about having diphalia while growing up. His parents told him to keep his condition private. He initially thought it was to keep the other kids from feeling bad that they only have one while he had two. When he grew up as a teenager, he realized you can get ostracized just by being different, and even considered having one of his penises removed. Ultimately, he realized that the condition didn’t really bother him and thus decided against surgery. He is now living happily as a man with two functioning penises.

On Christmas day, he released his book entitled “Double Header: My Life with Two Penises“. Not surprisingly, it’s been the number one bestseller for e-books in three different categories!

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