Meet the Octopus, the master of disguise

source: imgur
  • This is for those of you who thought the octopus was a master of disguise. Fuck the Ocean!
  • MRW my wife tries to sneak into bed when we haven't had sex in a long time
  • Playing as a spy for the first time in TF2
  • Master of disguise meets a greater master
  • Octopus is truly a master of disguise
  • 🔥 The real master of disguise 🔥
  • Bottom feeder searches for dinner
  • Dad gets ambushed by neighbor
  • The master of disguise
  • Octopus in disguise
  • Octopus going camo
  • Crazy Camouflage!
  • Some amazing camo
  • maybe maybe maybe
  • Sneaky octopus
  • ステルスvsステルス
  • outplayed
  • me irl

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