‘Merman’ Seen Pulled From Lake In Poland

Recently, some folks within Poland managed to capture what appears to be photographic evidence of a ‘merman’ being removed from a lake within the country. The captured imagery shows off a group of individuals, all wearing white biohazard suits, pulling this fantastical creature from the water and setting it upon a stretcher.

The ‘merman’ clearly has a fish tale, which is one of the most visible characteristics in the images. This once-mythical beast was carried to the shore by the men in the biohazard suits before being passed over to two more men, presumably paramedics.

Obviously, as soon as these images hit the internet, everyone conspiracy theories. Some people believe this is complete proof of half men/half fish living within the ocean. While others, still believe it could be some sort of movie being filmed for a future release.

As of this time, it is unclear exactly what is happening within Poland. For now, though, we have to believe this merman is one-hundred percent real and on his way to receive medical attention.

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