Mexican Man Tried To Enter US By Being Sewn Into A Car Seat

The desperation of many Mexican immigrants to enter the United States means that they are willing to take drastic measures to get past border patrol officers. While this normally means overcoming border points, climbing over fences or even digging elaborate tunnels, one man went a step further by attempting to sew himself into a car seat that was heading through a checkpoint.

The incident actually took place in 2001 but the US border patrol have only just released the image of the man, Enrique Aguilar Canchola, who attempted to disguise himself as a seat in an attempt to cross the border undetected. They hope it will put off others from attempting to illegally enter the US.

Canchola was caught as agents working at the border are used to having to inspect vehicles very carefully. They will often perform scans of cars and trucks passing through to search for immigrants and drugs. They have previously found people hiding inside engine compartments and even in door panels.

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