Mice-Sized Spiders Invading Homes Throughout UK

Standard house spiders are already pretty terrifying as it is, but the UK is currently experiencing a full-on invasion of massive, mice-sized spiders that are quite fast and horrifying. Even someone who isn’t afraid of spiders would probably shy away from dealing with this particular species.

Anyone living within the North West of the UK, specifically in Macclesfield, may want to close the windows and doors at night. Residents within the area are reporting large spiders are creeping through open crevices if they are left open.

The spiders, which feature 7-inch leg span, are said to have been known to lay eggs throughout the home, which ends up overrun with the children of these demons. One of the individuals who discovered the spiders in his home, Mr. Oldham, was more worried about his son than himself, apparently. He said: “These things are seriously big! Imagine the horror on my son’s face when the spotted this big boy on his wall.”

These spiders are said to have the same pain from a bite as that of a bee sting, and their fangs can even pierce the skin.

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