Michigan Woman Finds $1 Million Lottery Ticket In Old Mail

A Michigan woman had $1 million hidden in her house and she didn’t even know it. According to Lottery officials, Linda Tuttle won a $1 million lottery prize months ago and had the winning ticket in a pile of junk mail.

Tuttle came forward earlier this week with the winning lottery ticket from the May 26th Mega Millions drawing. The woman told officials that she found the ticket recently while going through a pile of some of her old mail. She went to search for the ticket when a clerk at a local store told her that they sold a $1 million winning ticket back in May. No one ever claimed the reward and that’s when Tuttle remembered that she had purchased a ticket from the store in May.

After searching through her mail, Tuttle found the ticket show she bought four months ago and matched the five winning numbers. She plans to use the money from her winnings to visit her former exchange students in China.

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