Military Academy Cadets Injured In Massive Pillow Fight

A pillow fight was recently held at a U.S. military academy. The fight apparently grew out of hand, though, with at least 30 cadets becoming injured during the ordeal, with 24 concussions in total.

The pillow fight happened at West Point Academy, which is one of the most prestigious military academies in the entire nation. This pillow fight is an annual tradition that is in place to promote bonding between the candidates, but the most recent one was a bit more violent that many were prepared for.

However, one cadet is currently suffering from a broken leg, while others have dislocated shoulders. These cadets, who are all training to become top-rank soldiers, were a little bit too enthusiastic about the event, it appears. The academy is insisting that the injures were not severe, and that all of the cadets have returned to active duty without any problems, though.

The event is said to be completely harmless as a way to blow off some steam after a lengthy summer of training.

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