Military Exercise

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  • Double Fail During Military Exercise

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  • Jakob Gorczany Reply

    You're right. It won't make him go away. It can't be fixed, he won under the current rules and you don't change the rules in the middle of something. Another rule is that we have a right under the first amendment of the constitution of the United States to free speech and assembly. That rule isn't going to be changed in the middle to make you comfortable either. We will continue to exercise that right. We do not have to remain silent in the face of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance.

  • Barrett Kerluke Reply

    That is a video of a Russian military exercise. Iskanders and Smerches....

  • Devan Muller Reply

    Is no one else here interested in wtf is the purpose of this military training exercise?

  • Ola Homenick Reply

    Maybe it's a military exercise? Unless we're witnessing some sort of helicopter mating call.

  • Columbus Gusikowski Reply

    Straight, white male here. I don't care who you are, who you fuck or what you believe. As long as you are open to learning the shooting sports why would any of us care? We are united by guns, the only politics that belong with guns is resisting people who would see our homes invaded by swat rather than let us exercise our Constitutional right. Even further I don't care if someone hates guns, not everyone needs to like them but I expect them to be respected.

  • Norberto Ernser Reply

    >The use of ‘the people’ isn’t used in the First Amendment until it talks about collective rights. Collectively, the people of the United States have a right to assemble. Collectively, people have a right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The phrase ‘the people’ is not used to refer to individual rights — to exercise religion, speech, and press.

  • Marie Hermann Reply

    *Next on Judge Judy* *The plaintiff says his car was hit by a military helicopter during a training exercise and his insurance company doesn't believe him* *The defendant, the United States Army, refuses to confirm or deny a training exercise ever took place*

  • Larissa Torphy Reply

    sounds like just a regular military exercise then.

  • Santina Johns Reply

    2 weeks. Military training exercise in the middle of the Mojave. Fucking.....terrible.....

  • Adele Mante Reply

    It's just another military exercise I think. What's going on?

  • Toby Heaney Reply

    I have DACA and even though we don't share the same beliefs u/thomastl1 I however agree with u/HasedAsparagus if that's what you really believe and want to do, run for office, exercise your vote, write letters and call your Reps. You matter in how this system works. That is the beauty of the United States.

  • Savanah Huel Reply

    I'm calling flares for a military exercise

  • Arturo Marks Reply

    African American vote doesn't get out the vote and this is the result. Sorry folks, this is all on you. If you can't be bothered to exercise the one thing that makes everyone equal in the United States than there is nothing any of us can do to ameliorate your position. Minority voters stayed home. Sheesh....

  • Jerad Labadie Reply

    Exercise and diet. Or the military.

  • Deja Connelly Reply

    >To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States The surrounding New Columbia wouldn't *have* to be retroceded. MD certainly doesn't want us back. Also, there is a precedent to gain another state.

  • Pinkie Roberts Reply

    lol says the country who currently has a Russian military exercise (Slavic Brotherhood :D) on its territory...

  • Shea Lebsack Reply

    Just think of it as another military team building exercise, teamwork makes the d(c)ream work!

  • Celia Kautzer Reply

    You give up NO rights when you enlist. Including the freedom of religion. Ask any military chaplain if they gave up the right to exercise their faith while on duty. Ask any military defense attorney if their enlisted clients have the right to remain silent after an arrest by a military police officer. And don't forget that you took an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States." Nowhere in that oath did it say "and not be subject to it anymore." Drink that kool-aid.

  • Newell Reilly Reply

    In all seriousness I would not be opposed to a united front fighting the results. The country has never been to this point in the modern age and of we do not proceed with the momentum it will be back to the status quo and having younger generations indoctrinated with the believe that the government is too big and corrupt to fight so why bother. They do a fantastic job pushing the "I've got my own problems in life I can't handle taking on a new exercise in futility" narrative that quells the masses.

  • Margret Leffler Reply

    **Two days ago:** > ["With [his age being] 31, I know he can [play on]," said Mourinho. "I know he can, I know he's a top player, I know he can play at the top level. I cannot make this kind of mental exercise of what is going to happen at 32, 33, 34 or 35. I can't say that. **What I can say is that he's a very good player, he's a very important player for us and he's going nowhere. We like him, he likes us.**"](

  • Tod Schamberger Reply

    You don't understand the first amendment. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

  • Adah Deckow Reply

    The move will take place next spring, with Denmark and France also taking part in the huge military exercise.

  • Peter Doyle Reply

    Truest patriots in every sense of the godamn work i say. Willing to defend their country, and exercise their very rights upon which their nation was founded. Some may say this act and flag is disrespectful, I say the founding fathers would wave it proud as a gesture to how far the united states of America has faltered on its path regarding personal freedom and liberty. God be with you men and may you not receive article 15s for this and don't smoke weed til you get out.

  • Scot Reichel Reply

    Gas station hamburger after a 30K walk/jog. (Military exercise)

  • Vernice Erdman Reply

    > I just thought about this: > > Conservatives were the ones that championed 'Citizens United' right? They think that companies should legally be able to exercise free speech. > > At this point, isn't Clinton just listening to constituents> I mean, they are people like you and me in the eyes of the law. Their voices deserve to be heard. That's some next-level spin. It appears you're admitting that Clinton represents the right wing better than the left wing.

  • Elwin Schiller Reply

    It was military helicopters, landed on Platt fields think they do it as a training exercise

  • Nico Ortiz Reply

    These are cops? I thought they were military on a training exercise.

  • Deon Hirthe Reply

    Joint military exercise in CFB Suffield with Canadians, Brits and Americans.

  • Wyman Nader Reply

    Because voting is a right and people can choose to exercise that right or not. It's better to explain it with guns. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to have arms. It doesn't mean I'm required to have a gun, just that I'm allowed to have a gun if I so choose. The United States is about Freedom after all, if people choose not to vote then its perfectly fine.

  • Emerald Auer Reply

    Cool, I'll be away on a military exercise for half this .... Excellent. Fuck me

  • Anibal Doyle Reply

    There's also a lot of tension there over the prince and the military government . Exercise caution.

  • Dariana Casper Reply

    British military here, physical exercise can't be used as a punishment.

  • Davin Maggio Reply

    I just thought about this: Conservatives were the ones that championed 'Citizens United' right? They think that companies should legally be able to exercise free speech. At this point, isn't Clinton just listening to constituents> I mean, they are people like you and me in the eyes of the law. Their voices deserve to be heard.

  • Gregg Carroll Reply

    /u/rollme [[1d20 Military Exercise]]

  • Eveline Harber Reply Might be this one. From Finnish military exercise.

  • Cecile Pagac Reply

    > I don't see how banning Muslims is an extreme. Amendment One, United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

  • Shawn Luettgen Reply

    Well to be fair to Yudkowsky, Trump supporters (1) *do* pose a clear and present danger to the good order of the United States and the world, in that they *might elect Trump*; and (2) his preferred methods of dealing with disagreement, the presentation of evidence and the exercise of reason, *don't work* on Trump supporters.

  • Cory Dibbert Reply

    He is going to side with China soon, I bet. Even said this next joint PH-US military exercise will be the last.

  • Emelie Littel Reply


  • Haven Macejkovic Reply

    No. I'm glad we won't do this in the United States. People should be allowed to exercise cultural, religious and ethnic freedom, as long as it doesn't trample on someone else's. These burka bans are insane. What's next Jewish skull caps and Sikh turban ban?

  • Myrtis Stracke Reply

    Funnily enough India and Russia are doing a military exercise right now in Russia, Indra-2016

  • Robbie Bergstrom Reply

    Religious organizations have restrictions on political lobbying, so long as they wish to retain their tax-exempt status. The United States government recognizes the doctrine of separation of church and state and does not strive to impose undue restrictions on the free exercise of religion - which, yes, means the RCC is still free to discriminate against the ordination of female priests. And, of course, the US doesn't actually have any regulation of ordination at all, so if somebody wants to start a rival Catholic Church that does ordain female clerics, that's cool too.

  • London Metz Reply

    My favorite one is when they got scared of the Greek military exercise

  • Myrtie Tromp Reply

    U.S. military saved $260 million, enough for an extra fighter jet training exercise

  • Rodolfo Blanda Reply

    Having a "limp wrist" for PotUS isn't a bad thing. A smaller federal government with stronger state governments is a great structure for our country; in fact, that's the way that the United States was set up. Johnson isn't weak, though. He was a strong leader of New Mexico as governor and will exercise the same strength (within limits) as President.

  • Tad Zemlak Reply

    There's a laundry list of things the United States is awesome for, and this isn't an all-inclusive list: * Highway/Travel: getting around vast expanses of space isn't difficult * Markets: an abundance of affordable goods and services make high quality of life accessible for almost everyone * Government: a system of accountability exists (if the electorate is willing to exercise it) * Human Rights: Individual rights are codified and guaranteed, with recourse for violation And more! It's the best nation in the world, that United States.

  • Deon Klocko Reply

    There's no clarity on Russia calling off military exercise though.

  • Mylene Legros Reply

    Could be a military exercise? I haven't heard them in a bit, I guess we'll never know

  • Sean Welch Reply

    > Between 5 and 10 million people get pneumonia in the United States each year, So that's roughly 1/30 Americans will get pneumonia a year (fairly high) > the infection kills 40,000 - 70,000 people each year. Death rate of 0.7%-0.8% > Elderly people who live in nursing homes or who are already sick are at particular risk. So old people who don't get a lot of exercise > Hospitalized Patients. The death rate for community-acquired pneumonia can range from less than 5% in mildly ill outpatients to 10 - 30% Patients who are in a hospital for another condition (aka a complication) What was your point exactly?

  • Jamie Metz Reply

    > The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. Its true that companies can have their own ToS which prevent freedom of speech, but i personally don't believe in censorship so shouldn't esports.

  • Marge Brown Reply

    Perhaps I'm wrong--and I am welcome to being corrected--but isn't this already the case? An EU citizen can't settle in the United Kingdom unless he or she is employed (either by a company or self-employed), a student, or retired and having a sufficient income to support a reasonable lifestyle. Right? It was my understanding that these are the only ways to exercise so-called "treaty rights" and, otherwise, an EU citizen is only entitled to stay for 90 days visa-free, just like everyone else.

  • Octavia Stroman Reply

    Vegeria on Nogalitos has some healthy stuff (some not). Not too far from sw military. Chick fil a (south ros) salads are very tasty. Luby's at south cross if you can exercise restraint.

  • Thea Herman Reply

    I've never personally seen any large scale kind of military exercise, nor have I really heard of any in recent memory. I doubt they would do it in populated areas.

  • Ephraim Stracke Reply

    Remember when people lost their shit because some military training exercise meant that "THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER TEXAS"

  • Geovanni Bruen Reply

    The F 35 is simply a "money making exercise" for the US Military Industrial complex.

  • Cloyd Heidenreich Reply

    There's no military exercise going on.

  • Brycen Torp Reply

    OTOH you DO know how Clinton will exercise her military power, don't you?

  • Fritz Deckow Reply

    No. Citizens United did not declare that money is speech. Citizens United said that you do not lose your first amendment right to free speech when you exercise your first amendment right to free association. >because those funding those candidates don't have actual votes in the election. Do I have that right? Yes. What are you accusing those outside people of doing? Making weaker arguments the stronger (with their money)?

  • Gunnar McKenzie Reply

    Going on a military exercise for 5 weeks is pretty normal.

  • Julie Ratke Reply

    Military woman are damn sexy. Would like to have some physical training with you, or maybe a long field exercise.

  • Katlynn Lowe Reply

    I don't know, but at the risk of getting all political up in here, I've been for Trump since day one. The United States is a business. It needs a seasoned businessman to run it, not someone from sales. The reason it NEVER gets better is because U.S. politics is an exercise in insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • Isaac Bernier Reply

    I wonder if the US government believes it has a right to make aliens (and I mean extraterrestrials) pay taxes, if they happen to be conceived over the continental United States when their spaceship was busy abducting some hillbilly. Just an intellectual exercise, don't take it too seriously.

  • Shanie O'Kon Reply

    I'm not familiar with military exercise, how exactly do you "sink" an ennemy warship during one ?

  • Tiara Streich Reply

    Plus the dude made Wargaming a hobby and not a military exercise.

  • Stuart Bode Reply

    That's me on the roof of a building during a military exercise.

  • Raymundo Hettinger Reply

    Alternatively they are there on a Military exercise

  • Kayden Morissette Reply

    There is a plethora of evidence that suggests foul play not to mention that the official story of what happened on 9/11 is nothing close to what the evidence shows us. And lets not forget the "military exercise" planned for that very same day that this happened on and ask yourself whether the United States, which has toppled democratically elected governments around the world to protect their own interests, really doesn't have the "ability to execute". Poppycock to your comment!

  • Kasandra Conroy Reply

    nail-on-the-head. Whiney voice of Dallin Oakes: I so want to live my religion as I see God has commanded me to. He says, "Kill faggots" so if you don't let me kill faggots, you are violating my free exercise of religion guarantee. It says so right there in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States. And you know faggots were not even recognized as existing at the writing of the constitution, so it doesn't have anything to say about *their* rights.

  • Anika Macejkovic Reply

    He didn't retire because he was played out of position. That is what the media jumped on when he did retire. Scholes quit because he never saw England as being a serious competitive venture. He's spoken at times about training being a joke for England and some of his lower placed team mates treating the whole affair as an exercise in self promotion. He chose instead to lengthen his career at United. If he'd come out and said that in 2004 there'd be all sorts of crying about it in the media.

  • Caesar Wilkinson Reply

    Alright, how about family laws in the United States, more specifically California state law dealing with distribution of children. Or primary aggressor laws in states all across the country? Look, I don't want an argument, I'm just saying that they have as much of a voice as you do and they exercise it more. Shit sucks, man.

  • Jamel Flatley Reply

    Yeah, that's what I was saying. However, he still has a great deal of military power he can exercise by himself.

  • Cecelia Runolfsson Reply

    17-18 hours straight; I'd been out in the field on a military exercise for almost 3 weeks getting under 4 hours sleep per night, with the last three days being almost zero sleep. I was a wee bit tired when I got home.

  • Misty Conroy Reply

    Nine days in the military during a training exercise. I know most guys that have been deployed and in the thick of it have gone much, much longer than that without even a hooker's bath.

  • Greyson Keebler Reply

    I'd rather not detail it completely to preserve my privacy, but he was in the military and died unexpectedly in an accident during a training exercise.

  • Tanner Grimes Reply

    He doesn't actually mean it. It's actually an ingenious training exercise. Trump is so committed to our allies in NATO that he wants to make sure they are prepared for all scenarios, such as what if hte United States were going to leave NATO becuase Donald Trump was elected President. He isn't actually going to do it, he just wants to make sure NATO is ready for it, shoudl he actually do it, which he absolutely will not.

  • Francesco Altenwerth Reply

    That military exercise where you're supposed to crawl under barbed wire, unless you like having a few extra nostrils in your head.

  • Kaitlin Yundt Reply

    Could be a routine military exercise. Could be they are zooming in on DB Cooper. Wouldn't worry.

  • Evelyn Skiles Reply

    Looks like Drill Demon has a new job now player barely visit his Military Exercise.

  • Aditya Leannon Reply

    US Military Artillery exercise. Nothing else, really.

  • Abner Heaney Reply

    Political protesting in the United States. We're already seeing the government set up 'protest zones' where protesters are 'allowed' to exercise their right to free speech. It's only a matter of time before protesting is deemed dangerous and outlawed because of homeland security concerns. I don't even give it 50 years. Maybe 10.

  • Hope Balistreri Reply

    Boredom? That the same shit every years a few weeks before the annual RoK/US military joint exercise.

  • Lazaro Harris Reply

    Haha unless you're part of a military exercise using them, it'll never be the correct experience.

  • Elisa Walker Reply

    > A military exercise LOL. Do you need me to pull up lists of US/NATO military exercises all over Russia's border?

  • Dusty Green Reply

    Selective Service registration in the United States. There is no actual draft and there never will be again. I don't care that women don't have to register because it's a meaningless paperwork exercise.