Model With Bionic Arm Appearing In NY Fashion Week

An incredibly gorgeous model will be taking the stage at New York fashion week, but that’s nothing new within the world of fashion. What is new, however, is the fact that this particular model is the proud owner of a completely bionic arm instead of a flesh-and-blood right arm and hand.

Rebekah Marine, who was born without her right forearm or hand, has endured years of problems from various modelling agencies across the world because of her disability. The model, who is now 28 years old, is now ready to walk the runway during the FTL Moda appearance on September 13.

The young woman will be wearing her i-limb quantum prosthetic hand, which features advanced gesture technology. This allows her to wave and plenty more with the bionic arm.

Speaking to Mashable, Marine said: “Being a model with a disability has been extremely difficult over the past couple years. Agencies often won’t even look at my portfolio. But I’ve come to realize it’s all about finding your niche. I’ve accepted that most clients may not want to work with me based on my ‘disability.’ Above all, I hope to land on the cover of Vogue one day — that’s my personal goal. And I won’t stop until I get there.”

We find her to be incredibly beautiful, even with the bionic arm.

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