Mother Wakes Up From A Coma After Hearing New Born Cry

A miraculous incident occurred at CMC North East Hospital when Shelly Cawley was awakened from a coma after hearing her new born cry. Shelly had undergone C-section in order to give birth to her child but did not wake up after the operation. Doctors in the hospital were highly doubtful about the chances of Shelly’s recovery and were unsure on whether she would make it. Shelly had been in coma for a week and her condition was not improving, until something amazing happened.

Staff Nurse Ashley Manus said that skin contact is considered very vital, especially to a new born, and because the child was healthy and thriving, they decided to try the same logic on the mother. Shelly’s husband brought the new born to Shelly and placed the baby on her lap. As a little bit of time passed, the child began to cry and Shelly woke up almost immediately to sound of the her child’s cries. Most people in the hospital who witnessed this consider it to be a miracle and are really grateful that the instincts and love within all of us helped Shelly overcome her medical condition to be with her child.

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