Mr “Burger” and Miss “King” Are Getting Married and “Burger King” Are Paying For It

Joel Burger and Ashley King have known each other since kindergarten. They have been known as Burger-King since the fifth grade and will now celebrate the Burger-King wedding this summer after the happy couple announced their engagement this spring while standing in front of a Burger King restaurant. Little did they know the story would go viral and Burger King would find out and is now offering to pay for their wedding!

On Monday, Burger King offered to pay for the wedding and gifts on July 17 in Jacksonville and the couple graciously accepted. You can’t blame them though, because who would turn down a free wedding?

Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King Brand spokesman, said, “When we heard about the happy, Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage. On so many levels it felt like fate; they found each other and their story found us.”

Congratulations to the happy couple and enjoy your Whoppers for life!

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