My friend's professor uploaded the "answer key" to their final exam

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My friend's professor uploaded the "answer key" to their final exam...
  • My friend's professor uploaded the "answer key" to their final exam x-post /r/funny
  • My friends professor uploaded the answers to their final exam
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  • Dillan Bergnaum Reply

    This. This is my final answer regis.

  • Monty Kovacek Reply

    Correct. Funny enough I did it right in my head and thus the final answer was correct. I've fixed it.

  • Omari Upton Reply

    I take it back, the old guy printed the intern made table. That's my final answer.

  • Nestor Schinner Reply

    Tsuyoshi Shinjo. That's my final answer.

  • Grant Mosciski Reply final answer

  • Nyasia Trantow Reply

    [I just usually put it in my pickup.]( Haven't lost a pick that's been inside there since I've started doing it and I'm sure someone will come along and say "You've wrecked your guitar you idiot" or something else because it's the internet and you never do anything right but the guitar has seen worse. way worse.

  • Declan Champlin Reply

    I'd like to see a better body pic to give my final answer, but so far yes

  • Ashlynn Christiansen Reply

    Guitar Hero I would beat me so bad that I would still feel the pain when I returned to my current life. Get wrecked n00b

  • Oscar Lakin Reply

    This is probably true, but Josh Brown screwed me over big time in the fantasy playoffs last year, so I refuse to accept that he was above-average, so my final answer is false.

  • Gretchen Morar Reply

    Others have answered your legal question.If after reading their comments your answer is "no, I cannot leave the building" then the answer to your final question has to be "how much do I value my relationship with my employer?"

  • Linda Mosciski Reply

    Allison Brie. That is my final answer.

  • Merritt Lehner Reply

    Interesting, I was pretty confident in my final answer.

  • Neal Toy Reply

    I used to play my guitar until my hands were completely wrecked, then keep going. I was sure I would discover the magic progression that would change the world!

  • Eldred Goodwin Reply

    my final answer is fuck people for 500

  • Claudine Fisher Reply

    Oh yeah I remember getting wrecked trying to play one on GH, van only imagine how hard it is on actual guitar

  • Rachelle Runte Reply

    C, and that's my final answer

  • Carole O'Reilly Reply

    John Mayer Yes I'm serious and that's my final answer.

  • Derrick Hahn Reply

    never played a final fantasy before so you can trust my answer, go with shit tv...or dont

  • Triston Senger Reply

    In my first 4 months of training I fucked up my neck big time while doing a backward roll in the warm up, I rolled too fast while my neck was cold. It was so bad I couldn't lift my head off a pillow or even swallow. For that I took 2 months off completely. It was so hard because I was making a lot of progress and was finally becoming a familiar face... then I disappeared and when I returned it was almost like I was starting my first class again. That was tough mentally. Even then when I returned I had to drill so light, took about 4-5 months to heal up. A few months ago I popped my finger and kept training through it by just taping the finger. It's still wrecked and I really regret not taking time off immediately, but I had comps coming up and I was feeling sharp. I didn't want to lose that edge. Now my finger is potentially permanently damaged. 3 weeks ago I folded my ankle underneath me in a takedown drill and popped it really bad. I went home right away and I've had to take time off and first off it was killing me! I was training so hard and going so well. I felt like I was finally getting to the top of the white belt heap and like blue wasn't that far off, just a few more weeks/months perhaps. Potentially my blue could have been a long way off anyway, but It feels like this taking time off is setting it back even further and that's the thing that hurts the most. I plan on giving it a few more days before going back and training really light as my ankle is still mega weak, so I can't really train or roll as much or as hard as I like. But back to the point.... Initially the time off killed me, but the more time I spend away from the mats the more I realise that the time away has done me good mentally. BJJ isn't my life, it's just a hobby that I enjoy and want to dedicate myself to for a long time to come. I've relaxed in the evenings after work, enjoyed playing my guitar more and spent quality time with my wife. I'm keen to get back, but I'm actually enjoying the things I miss while I have my training head on. I might make a habit of taking time off every few months... even just 2 weeks 2/3 times a year. Physically and mentally it's been nice to get away for a bit.

  • Elyse Medhurst Reply

    I think I did. My final answer is (√638)/28. Could you check what you get? It seems really messy to be the real answer lol.

  • Gaetano Bayer Reply

    well, 5 months later, and I found my answer: VRIK, that beta part of Final IK on the asset store

  • Danielle Graham Reply

    I'm gonna say that weird, unpopular thing that's been nagging at me for the whole event so far-I'm not a Spiderman fan at all. My group is the Xmen and I know they likely won't appear-I've come to terms with this tho, it's cool (doesn't hurt that the movies kinda wrecked them for me but that's another story.) I come to this then mostly by way of the movies. I used to greatly dislike Cap (all the Boy Scout characters really-Supes can suck an egg even tho the Christopher Reeves movies were my first comic loves) but Chris Evans's awesomeness has totally won me over and even the doofy AvAc Cap voice can't convince me otherwise. Spidey, however, is another story. Another Boy Scout IMO, I've never liked him. He was most likely to interact with the Xmen but when he did he was always a pest. It's hard to explain. I also grew up watching both animated and live action Spidey shows, I enjoyed the movies, but the character still ranks highest on my list of Marvel characters that I wouldn't miss for a second if he was suddenly offed. I guess all of this is to say that this event has been a horrible and pointless shlog for me that has been made extra-annoying because it's all about the one character I want to throw in the trash compactor. I sooooo wish they'd just release the new content. I guess I'm holding out for that but between all the money grubbing and this being all about my least-favorite character I'm not sure if I can hold out to see Clint and his awesome guitar. I'd pay money for limited-time goodies related to the story but all this Spidercrap is making me want to get my money back from Apple and take every opportunity I can to trash on the game. I've spent way too much on it and feel invested but this event makes me feel like they're taking a crap on my chest with the worst character possible. And if you read this far, thanks for taking the time to do so. I may just step away for Act 2 but this really has got to stop. I want to level the basic characters and get back to the main timemists story and stop pissing around with cash-grabs.

  • Katheryn McClure Reply

    What was your initial opinion on Blonde after first listen? I loved how sparse it is. I love the live video of him performing I Miss You. Just him and and the Hammond. I've watched that countless times since '12. I was definitely onboard from the get go. What is your opinion on Blonde now? I feel like it's a special album. The kind that rarely comes into your life. It is beautiful. What are your 5 favorite songs off Blonde? Either in order or not Nikes, Solo, Self Control, Good Guy, Godspeed What are your 3 least favorite songs off Blonde? Either in order or not (not including skits) Skyline To, Pretty Sweet, Close To You Why is Self Control your favorite song? The pitch shifted vocals. "I'll sleep between y'all. It's nothing." The voice as guitar solo. Everything about the outro. Frank's voice at the two minute mark. Overwhelmingly beautiful. Why is Pretty Sweet your least favorite song? Tough to differentiate a song and interlude but it over stays it's welcome whatever it is What was your favorite musical moment in Blonde? (Non-lyrically) The guitar work in general. So unexpected. What changes would you have like to seen, if any? (Removing songs, combining songs, adding songs from Endless, etc) I could do without the interview on the end. Where does Blonde rank in Frank's discography? Top Where does Blonde rank in this year's music releases? Right there with Sturgill Simpson at the top. What would you rate Blonde? (/5 stars, 1-10, etc) Fuckin TEN! For real though Final thoughts on Blonde? That Trayvon line on Nikes. 2:37-3:07 of Ivy "GOOD!" "This is mom. Call me. " lol "I wanted that act right...just me and no you. " Good Guy and it's sketch are perfect in every way. "Jasmine fuckin wrecked my heart. " "Ewwww nani nani" I've never not started Solo (Reprise) over as soon as it ends. When he imitates the girl's snotty tone "Except meh on facebyook." The gospel of Godspeed. That organ. "Fuck me... If I hated on yah. "

  • Wava Ebert Reply

    Which parts of you do you want to keep? Someone on this sub once made that comment and I think about it every time I gear up to get on my bike. The thing is that you can get what you need without spending a fortune, so why not do it? I have 3 pairs of brand name Kevlar pants for the cost of less than one from a bricks and mortar via eBay. 2 new with tags, one slightly used. $150 for $600 worth of pants. It's a no-brainer, really. 1 textile jacket with armour, 1 leather jacket with armour - $300 total. The textile one from a local eBay seller, brand new. The leather one was clearance in US with added costs due to a 3rd party shipper. Last night I rode without my gloves because, to be honest, they're horrible and I hate them. Can't feel anything when I'm wearing them, they're annoying to take on and off. So I left them a home. Felt horrible the whole ride because I'm very conscious that I need my hands. Wrecked a great ride by not wearing gloves. I ordered new gloves the second I got home. Boots, I spent retail on at a retail store and regret it. The service has since turned out to be horrible (hubby bought a bike from them and best friend bought a helmet). However, the boots do have toe, ankle and heal protection and I enjoy wearing them, so they're my go-to boots. My guitar teacher once told me never to put my guitar in it's case while I was learning. Even though it's only a couple of extra seconds to get the guitar out, it's a barrier. If you're tired, you won't bother. If it's out on a stand by your lounge, you'll be more likely to pick it up. I apply the same thing to learning to ride. I made sure I have boots I'll wear every day, enough pants to put on every day - then it's just a matter of gloves, helmet and jacket when I want to go out. No big deal. Get stuff you'll be comfortable putting on every day. But get all of it. Later on you might decide you don't need various things, but new riders are statistically more likely to be involved in a crash, so it's a good idea to wear a lot of protection while you're learning.

  • Beau Koepp Reply

    I a guitar repair and builder type of guy I'll tell ya that guitar has another 21 years in it, no problem. Bridges pull up and need to be reattached, setting the action is as simple has having it set up, which any tech will do while reattaching the bridge (if they don't go elsewhere). You may even find in 10 or 20 years you need to pull the neck and have it reset as well. Not a problem at all for a well loved guitar. I would suggest finding your local folklore center or society and see who the top luthiers are in your neighborhood. After 21 years it may be time for a new nut and saddle and I bet your frets are wrecked. So take it to someone and have some life breathed back into it. Personally, I would stress to the tech that you dont' want the character of the guitar messed with. It's gorgeous. But let's say you get a new nut, saddle, frets, and reattach the bridge and you're in $500. That's expensive and it hurts but you likely won't have to do anything to it again for another ten years and that breaks down to just over .07$ a day, which is likely the best investment you'll ever make in your life. Goodbye intonation problems too. If you still have the head of the pin that broke off, bring it in too, you're tech can repair it. That way you'll still have that nice ah, patina, and the vibe won't be gone. Also, is this really your only guitar? After 21 years? Bravo my man, in 25 years of playing I've been through at least 15 gtrs. You will not, under any circumstances, find a guitar you are as comfortable with as you are this one. I'd fix it up, and think about getting a second instrument, one that is a totally different style than this one. It will make you appreciate this guitar more, it will extend it's life, you'll probably find some new guitar tricks hiding in your new instrument, and you'll have something you won't feel too badly about taking out of the house.

  • Kaelyn Upton Reply

    QotD - Ooh this one is for me. My first instrument was french horn. In school I also did trumpet and trombone. I dabbled in piano and guitar, but neither seemed to suit me so much. I now primarily play the flute, but I only have a single glass flute that survived the building fire that wrecked nearly everything I owned a few years back. I haven't gotten a lot of the instrument stuff replaced yet, since it isn't a "necessity" so hasn't been prioritized in my budget. Also when I say I play "flute" I mean pretty much all flutes, wooden/glass/whatever transverse flutes, shakuhachi, native american reeded flutes, concert flutes, etc. I really want a EWI, but they're so expensive I'll probably never be able to casually drop 800 bucks on one. I'm also a good singer, but the fact that people like it when I sing as much as they do generally makes me self conscious and shy so I tend to only do it when I'm drunk. I don't know why I don't mind compliments about instruments but get weird about the compliments on my voice. If you're a baby or a 3 year old or something, you'll totally get to hear me sing while sober because you won't be all like "whoa FlailStorm, I didn't know you could sing like that" and instead you'd just sing the ABC's with me.

  • Haylee Paucek Reply

    I've met some of the coolest and most genuine individuals via Craigslist. I parted out a truck I wrecked a while back and everyone that actually showed up was super cool. Lots brought their rigs to show off, smoked bowls with a few, friends with one guy on Instagram still and even drank beers with a guy while we watched his son do the hard work on pulling the engine out in a dark barn. Everyone got crazy good deals on stuff, I actually made over the cost of the truck back by selling it this way, and I got to meet some truly great fellow car/truck guys. I did meet one kinda odd guy when I was selling my old Gibson guitar, though. He had his mom do all of the conversing and actual exchanging of money. All he did was walk in, play one crazy complicated set of riffs, say yes then walk back to his moms car. Tame by some people's standards, but it was surprising to have that happen when his parents seemed pretty normal overall. He could have been a functional autistic or something, but he had this kinda gothy thing going on that makes me think he was acting that way intentionally.

  • Monique Lakin Reply

    Only for his team to get utterly wrecked because it was laughably weak. Such an epic moment with the piano to guitar switch, but such a lackluster battle.

  • Garth Kertzmann Reply

    nah my final answer is 106k because of float :)

  • Cleve Hayes Reply

    A senior at my school wrote "Jesus is always the answer" on a religion class final exam.

  • Carley Conroy Reply

    I guess my final answer would be : play Zenyatta. He calms me down

  • Zula Mayert Reply

    So my final answer would be maybe depends much on the country.

  • Jewell Auer Reply

    I was in the same boat as you. My final though was "Do I want a printer that can't print something as big as a phone case?" The answer was no, so I bought the Select V2

  • Clara Kozey Reply

    Nothing, and that's my final answer, Regis. What do I win?

  • Annamarie Hane Reply

    Oh you're worth his time. The problem is HE isn't worth YOUR time. Get a grip, Raja. You leave the door open in case Bird wants to come in. You stand in your COUSIN'S ROOM. It's pretty boring. His BED stands in the corner, clean and well made. An empty GUITAR HOLDER stands next to his bed, leaning against his NIGHTSTAND which has a DIARY on it. He told you not to read it, but you read it ages ago anyways. All you could gather was that it wasn't his - seemed like some girl who was heroic or something. She used _really_ long words. There's his TOOL BENCH with a neatly organized group of tools. You still have some of your FLETCHING MATERIALS neatly organized in the corner, just as he always pestered you to. Above it is the WINDOW which looks out to his GRAVE. There's also a TOOLBOX by it which has pretty much everything you could possibly need out here. A hand-made DRESSER leans against the wall. On top of it is a CLOCK which is still running but has drifted away from the correct time. He has a SHELF with various PICTURES on it. Most are pictures of the CITY YOU WERE BORN IN, which also was totally WRECKED MY A METEOR shortly after your birth. No pictures of your PARENTS though, probably because he was a bit sensitive about what you presume to be their DEATHS, which is just so CLASSIC HIM. Oh, here's the one interesting thing in this room. A PAINTING OF A FROG WITH THE SKIN OF A GALAXY dominates the southern wall. You think he painted this. You've never seen any of his other paintings, though, which is strange. Anyways, you weren't in here to gawk at his stuff. > Celia: Open the dresser, see what you're working with.

  • Jaylin Gutmann Reply

    >What significance did the Rangers Ron and Dave have with the plot? Or were they merely lore? I'm pretty sure Delilah sad that they were just some rangers or lookouts or something. Nothing much more about it. >The missing poster for the man that shares similar looks to Henry? Whooooo!!!!? Even if it does it doesn't make much sense since Henry never went missing, although you interpret that Henry is running away from his problems. > Little explanation for the burned out cabin with the wrecked guitar in the basement? Whose was it, and what happened? The area didn't look like it suffered a wildfire, but sure as hell the cabin did. It was never explained as when you ask Delilah she keeps quiet about it. Perhaps it was Ned's, or maybe it was just some random person's cabin. >Books? Books everwhere. I get them being in the caches, but there were some out of place that I couldn't help but wonder... Why here? For example, the Boy Scout camp, where you find the fire axe. If you look in the cabin's there's a book called.. If I'm wrong I apologize, but "one in ten" or something like that. It's obviously in a well kept shape, and hidden among the debris. Was it Ned's? Ned does mention at the end that he has ran out of books so perhaps it's something to that? There's not a lot to do in a lookout tower, maybe Henry just likes reading, but I'm pretty sure some of the books are references to real books. >Did Ned cut my rope in the beginning? I'm so sure it was him. No, the rope snapped, because you can see it literally snap in the middle. Ned doesn't want to kill Henry, he just wants him to get out of here.

  • Imogene Halvorson Reply

    When I was in high school one of my best friends told us he had some kind of rare stomach disease that was killing him. It would flare up every once in awhile and he would be incredibly sick for varying periods of time. We all did drugs together back then, so even though hindsight is 20/20 it made sense at the time. Went to great lengths to convince all of his friends (and worse, his girlfriend, who had no idea that he used) that he was dying from this awful disease. He would say he was going to the doctor to get treatment, and then he'd be good for a few days to a week before he'd have another "stomach attack". It took us all longer than it should have to realize his "stomach disease" was heroin withdrawal. He stole and pawned a guitar that I had borrowed from a friend, wrecked his car with his girlfriend in it, and let another friend of his get arrested and expelled from school for something HE did. When we finally called him out on it, he reacted similarly to your ex. We lost touch for years until my father (a police officer) called me tell me he had responded to a call and found him dead. He had been hit in the head with a baseball bat when he pissed off one of his dealers, went home to shoot up, and then nodded off and never woke up. There's a saying my dad taught me after all this, "An addict will steal your wallet and then help you look for it." You did the right thing, OP. Run far, far away.

  • Gracie Dicki Reply

    Absolutely. Be proud man. I never had those moments of clarity until I had -$ in my bank account, laying in bed on a Friday night because I have no drugs. No money to get drugs, and no friends to occupy me because I kicked them all out throughout the course of my addiction. I've wrecked two relationships with addiction. The first to prescription opioids, and recently one to kratom. I've lost all my muscle and athletic ability. I couldn't write a song for shit and didn't ever want to touch my guitar or piano. Then I smoke a bowl and get hit by this train of clarity. "You've turned in to a fucking loser, man" then I lay there, staring blankly in to space, tossing back and forth the "goods" and bads of my life long addictions. But as soon as pay day rolls around... "Just one more dose! Then you're done! Remember?" Good on you for seeing the signs. Especially with the oxy. You are like a lot of people on this sub, but were smart enough to back out before it really changed the chemistry of your brain. I've been addicted to substance since I was 12 years old. Today I'm 23 and on a very slow taper off of kratom. I've been to jail on three separate occasions, all for possession. I have a felony record that most no one know about, and most wouldn't believe me if I even told them. Be happy you're such a smart guy.

  • Davon Yundt Reply

    Then thats my final answer

  • Ricky Wiza Reply

    C my answer is C... final answer C

  • Reta Hettinger Reply

    i believe i do. i know he has a white blade-1 and a peavey basses from the 80's that still plays perfectly. he had a mahogany vox bass but it was too messed up from the elements (which is ironic since he moved most of his guitar gears when i was kid to keep them from being wrecked.) a Memphis company les paul copy from the early 60's that i was planning on updating. and a 12 string takamine dreadnought from the mid-60's and a well preserved 2013 les paul that my mother and i bought for him as a birthday gift( still got its original strings and set up from the manufactures). oh shucks i also got a fender one hundred bass performance amp and a bunch of old recording gear from his band days. But this is all i could find from just walking around his house, my grandmother and mother speaks of him having more gear in the attic that i got to get into one day.

  • Eliza Hammes Reply

    Right. It's the final cop out. Just before my husband woke up that was his mantra when I asked a question he couldn't answer - "you just have to have faith". When I hear a JW say that I know I've touched a nerve.

  • Kasandra Anderson Reply

    Thanks, so here's my new answer compared to the actual answer Why do they still have Pb in their final answer?

  • Kenneth Howe Reply

    4, that's my final answer

  • Bud Monahan Reply

    Got Eagle on my first try, but fucked up an answer in my panic. Second time around I got Dragon. My final/7th question was "Charm or Jinx."

  • Lucinda Koepp Reply

    My final answer is: Maybe.

  • Alda Runolfsdottir Reply

    My partner and I are pretty independent from each other. He loved that he could go off and play golf most of the day Saturday and I'd just see him when I see him (he only stopped because his knee is wrecked, not because of me). He worked really long hours (early start, finished at 9 or 10pm a lot of nights, and a lot of weekends), and it sucked but I knew he had to. It's changed a bit since he changed jobs, but now it's his own company, so he has to work harder to make up the shortfall though. They've just recently hired a few more staff though so it's getting better. But I don't want to watch cricket or soccer, or play golf. Or go to heavy metal shows or guitar festivals. He can do that by himself. Likewise, when I want to see a chick flick or go to a craft fair or something else he doesn't want to do, I'll go with my mum or a friend. We don't live in each other's pockets or need each other every minute of the day, and I think that helps our strength as a couple. We're still separate individuals as well. Going on 10 years + now.

  • Abbie Considine Reply

    Overreacting, no. You are, however, reacting poorly. Ignoring his calls will do nothing to solve the situation, and will reduce the possibility of any solution in the future. That said, he fucked up, and bad. It strikes me as unlikely that you would get permanently banned, as opposed to suspended for some insults, but I'll take your word for it. A suspension would still be a shitty thing for him to do, but less serious. You should treat this much as him destroying any other property of yours. He needs to make you whole, and be apologetic about it. It's *possible* he doesn't understand MMO's and the magnitude of his error, but that is only a mitigating factor, at best. Understanding or not, he wrecked your shit. He needs to, *at the very least* get you a fresh copy, if it's a box-game like WOW, and replace any money-store items that you had. I would also expect some additional compensation for things that can't be replaced, and for the game time. (if it's a subscription service, game-time cards would be a good step in that direction) If he won't do any of this, or tries to low-ball you, treat it exactly as if he had broken your computer, or your guitar, or something else that people don't understand the value of.

  • Betty Kub Reply

    There's nothing magical or sacred about putting stuff on your guitar. You can do whatever you want, as long as you realize that it might come off or get wrecked the next time you Windex your instrument. Just keep your paint/markers/stickers/decals/glitter glue and macaroni away from major coupling points (i.e., nothing inside the neck pocket or under the bridge) and you're good to go.

  • Demarco Bradtke Reply

    ..that is my final answer, Regis.

  • Lavonne Steuber Reply

    James Cameron is my final answer lol

  • Maverick Fisher Reply

    My All Access skipped. What were the guesses on the final question and the answer? TIA

  • Sunny Flatley Reply

    This guitar is pretty good and it looks absolutely gorgeous, but it has an extremely fragile body. If you play in a small room find yourself occasionally scrapping or bumping your guitar lightly into things, the damage really reflects more on this guitar. I have one and it's pretty wrecked, not gonna lie.

  • Beatrice Bechtelar Reply

    Gretsch 6120. He originally thought it was a ridiculous looking guitar. I wonder if I can find the quote again... >Pete Townshend PT: I never really got into old guitars until Joe Walsh (James Gang) rang me up one night and said, “I’ve got something for you,” because we buy one another presents. He buys me old concert amps and I buy him synthesizers and we have become very good friends. Anyway, he said, “I’ve got something for you,” and I said “What?” and he said, “A 1957 Gretsch.” >GP: Chet Atkins type? >PT: Right, with real f-holes. I said, “Great, cheers, man,” and it turned out to be a real knockout. I was being polite. I opened the case and it was bright orange and I thought, “Ugh! It’s horrible, I hate it.” I went home and went into my studio and plugged it in and it totally wrecked me out, it’s the best guitar I’ve got now. It’s the Chet Atkins model, with double pickups, f-holes and single cut-away. Joe Walsh is like the fairy godmother of guitars. He's also the one who sold Jimmy Page his No. 1 Les Paul.

  • Burdette Hansen Reply

    I had a guitar student once who was so bad. He had no rhythm, and it took him easily three times as long as anyone else to learn the most simple things. His parents were both musical and he was not. They put a shitload of pressure on him, and I think part of it was that he just didn't have any talent and part was he had a lot of anger at his parents for pushing him into music. I had him for three years of weekly private lessons. The first two years, he played 'Go Tell Aunt Rhodie' at the year end recital. The second year was worse than the first year, if you can believe it. He tried to play Greensleeves at the end of the third year but he train wrecked it twice before he manage to hack his way through. His parents lost their shit with me after three years and said I was a shitty teacher. I pointed out all the other students I had who had made great strides in far less time, suggested that perhaps their little snowflake might not have a musical inclination, and suggested that with a few years of practice and dedication he might one day learn to play the radio.

  • Jerel Price Reply

    Done with my cal 1 n 2. Our proff just want us to know that we know how to donit. If our final answer is wrong due to super simple mistake like 2+2=5 he wouldnt care bout it.

  • Alison Ortiz Reply

    3 is my final answer

  • Maci Brekke Reply

    After receiving really awesome feed back from you guys with my American Eulogy cover I decided to go back the the drawing board. So I decided to spend a lot of time mixing this one and getting the sound just the way I wanted it. Now the guitar I used for this was a Epiphone Les Paul Jr. with a stock humbucker. Which is very different from a P-90 since it's a single coil. But I felt I could provide a bit more beefy-ness to the sound using a humbucker. Now the way I got this tone is from the game Rocksmith 2014. this time around I used the X-Kid tone instead. Now there isn't really anything different between Oh Love's and X-Kid's tone in that game, it's just a matter of preference really. But I recreated tried to re-create even the way Billie picks the strings. It took a couple tries but I did it and trust me my shoulder was pretty wrecked afterwards. But I hope you enjoy, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Emmalee Bechtelar Reply

    Many years ago, I was really into Guitar Hero/Rock Band. I was pretty good actually, mostly because I played it like it was my job. I signed up for a tournament in (insert state capital) and absolutely wrecked the competition. I didn't expect to be so successful, and I started getting a bit anxious about it. I *really* wanted the prize, a sick guitar signed by flogging molly and some cash. Comes to the last round, and Number of the Beast comes up as the song. Alright, I got this. I know this song inside and out, and it showed. I aced the intro, first verses, chorus, get all the way to the solo without missing a single note. My opponent was lagging behind, having flubbed a bit here and there. As soon as the solo came, I choked. Missed a fraction of a beat, lost my combo, and just mangled the shit out of what should have been a resounding finale. The other guy won. I walked home with my head hung low.

  • Lilian Ritchie Reply

    My final answer is Willis mays, duke snider and Dave Kingman.

  • Mazie Shanahan Reply

    I used to creep on my super horrible ex who wrecked my car, stole my guitar, knocked some other chick up while we were dating and then stalked me when I left him. I did it mostly because it felt good and validating to see him continue to make bad choices while I got away. I stopped a little after babyNova was born (she's 18 months now) and found out when I visited my hometown recently that he FUCKIN DIED! And now I have no idea how I feel about it. I'm really mourning it for some reason. But I also knew he was headed down that road so I wasn't super surprised. I have also been creeping on /u/puffsdangerfield because I really feel for her and being from Alaska I know how isolating it can be and just how hard it is to get out. Puffs, I hope you know we are all pulling for you in the biggest way and thinking about you. Even those of us who don't comment on your posts. ...and now I'm crying. Dumb hormones. I love you guys.

  • Fannie Carroll Reply

    Long shot, but I thought I'd ask you guys. I've acquired, at no cost, an old portable record player with a wrecked gearbox. Plugged the amp into an audio source and it worked perfectly. Thing is, I've heard of guys getting electrocuted if their amp's aren't properly grounded or don't have the right sort of power input, so I'm hesitant to wire up a guitar cable to the thing, lest my guitar and myself wind up coursing with mains voltage. The player had this schematic sitting inside the case (SCORE!), so I wondered if anyone might take a look and know if it's safe to use or not. I know it doesn't have a ground on the plug, so I thought I might ground the chassis or something? I'm not in any rush, this is going to be a long project if it's even possible. Any information at all would be great. Thanks, r/diypedals!

  • Rocio Hilpert Reply

    yeah my bad- I edited my comment. so I think my final answer is (5x^(3)y^(12))/7 or I'm atleast pretty close to the end here.

  • Maci Doyle Reply

    Honestly, that's not even something I would hold against him. It was a really inappropriate thing for a fan to say, especially a fan that had *just met him before the gig* and who claims to be the one who requested and got Dead Star played at the gig. If Matt was behaving that way because of the heckler, well, he's human, and was likely angered or embarrassed by the comment. Anyways, I think the issue wasn't the heckle, so much as the guitar malfunctioning. He wrecked it after it failed during the song outro, and that's something he typically does during other gigs when his guitar fails, too. (Was it Newark this tour where he dragged the copper bomber all the way up the ramp before throwing it up in the air and almost hitting himself with it?)

  • Shea Schumm Reply

    Ok how about this - HELP OR IGNORE. There, thats my final answer.

  • Shanny Miller Reply

    I wish I could play that naturally. I used to be a bass player until I wrecked my arm REALLY badly (right/plucking hand), and can't play without some serious pain for literally about a month per session. Anyway, so I switched to acoustic/finger style guitar, but it feels so...alien and artificial and i have a really hard time "feeling" the music. Didn't mean to hijack your post. Your playing is fucking fantastic. Reminds me of how I used to be able to play melodies in a million styles off the top of my head on bass (i was a show off, what can ya do?). Seriously though, very impressed. Keep it up. If you stopped you'd be depriving the world of something beautiful. 👍

  • Noemi Hahn Reply

    For me half the fun of guitars as a hobby is finding awesome guitars on the cheap to show my serious guitar playing friends. Does their $2000 Taylor acoustic sound better than my $100 rebuilt-by-a-friend from-a-garage-sale Alvarez? A little—but only a little. My $400 Blueridge Martin clone stands up pretty well to the corresponding actual Martin. Plus, I can take these guitars camping and not worry about the second mortgage I'll need if they get wrecked. So...yeah. I'm a gear snob. But I'm snobbish about how cheap it can be and still sound good. I mean, I don't really play that well anyhow, so why not have fun with it?

  • Johann Witting Reply

    From my quick research. Quincy Carter, Matt Hasselbeck and Chris Weinke would be my final answer

  • Kiley Boyer Reply

    I just did this exact thing! I posted it in r/(DIY before they took it down for not being good enough for them... I had wrecked a guitar (neck and body seperated) and needed to do a total strip and refinish. I wasn't convinced the repair would even work, so I didn't want to invest. I used liquitex spray paints and plastikote spray. I was REALLY lazy with the finish, mainly in not prepping the guitar body. But with some better ground work and more work sanding and adding more coats (I only did a few) you could get a pretty decent finish. Check out my full story [here] (

  • Alanna Schneider Reply

    So this is your final answer? Confirm that you will not remove my name although i'm not banned? If you want to confirm it, check my message above, I edited my message before I saw that you replied to it.

  • Dedrick Simonis Reply

    14,7 squats. That's my final answer.

  • Laney Ruecker Reply

    At very low volumes for very short periods of time, it won't wreck the speakers. It won't be healthy, but it won't automatically burst them. It's not necessarily the amp that gets wrecked, but the speakers. You could run a guitar amp head with a bass cab and you'd be okay. If you're just going to have the bass to solely mess around with , I would just wait to pick up a cheap practice bass amp.

  • Flo Brown Reply

    is the final answer my %age? the .205?

  • Thurman Effertz Reply

    C. That is my final answer.

  • Kelley Fahey Reply

    I've always wondered how his guitars don't get completely wrecked, considering it's far from the first time they've played in the pouring rain. Either he has far more of those blue DG-335's then we know about, or one hell of a guitar tech!

  • Carissa Green Reply

    3 is my final answer.

  • Makenzie Green Reply

    I think that could be said at the same time about Audrey 2; as you pointed out in your other post she doesn't have a power level at the moment. So for arguments sake lets put her at the level of end credits; Howard the duck is still insanely strong and honestly has wrecked enough giant monsters to take her down. I mean Howard the duck has saved the earth before and I don't think a talking salad is going to stop him when he crushes a giant fly with a normal guitar. The guy has some chops and can tank with the best of them.

  • Lonnie Renner Reply

    I'm not sure if you've ever read [Eric Garland's blogs on the GC saga](, but I highly suggest them if not. He's a business guy (or economist, something like that) who also happens to be a musician, and has been following the whole thing for several years now. It's a fascinating slow-motion shitshow.

  • Ebony Tromp Reply

    Maybe I went wrong somewhere or missed something but my final answer was (a-b)/(b^n+2 * a^n-2)

  • Eladio Kreiger Reply

    This is my final answer!

  • Juston Keebler Reply

    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but that guitar is absolutely wrecked. Sentimental value aside, any money you put into this thing is going to be pretty much a waste. I don't have it in my hands to evaluate, but getting that back in playable condition will be a challenge, if not close to impossible (without basically rebuilding it)

  • Bernadette Okuneva Reply

    My friend and I split 14 pieces a few days ago. I've eaten a whole pack by myself on more than one occasion... ....all of it. That's my final answer.

  • Verda Jacobs Reply

    **NO! That's it! Stop it with this yes speak! No, and that is my final answer! I'm not budging from it! Never!**

  • Arden Rath Reply

    I'll like to update my Bonus answer a final time to BONUS: Vileplume & Golduck

  • Carmine Lakin Reply

    Duuuuuude, I picked this pedal up about 2 years ago used at a Guitar Center and it is a freaking beast! Not the most practical delay but if you set the modulation to "wrecked" you can get some awesome vintage spacey ambient Pink Floyd-esque warbles.

  • Daniela O'Keefe Reply

    Thank you. This is very relieving; I was worried I'd wrecked the guitar.

  • Sonya Kessler Reply

    I'd answer you but you twist everything to fit you and make up words and opinions for others. That's why I think you are a blistering idiot. My final words in this thread, bye.

  • Bennie Gulgowski Reply

    Final Fantasy 7. Of course, they are doing that, so my backup answer would be an updated GTA: San Andreas.

  • Van Mraz Reply

    I'm gonna keep that as my final answer. For both of our sakes I dare not guess any higher.

  • Tremaine Sauer Reply

    Crap, up or down? >:O My last guess will be $594 >:) lock it in, final answer

  • Alberto Steuber Reply

    Touchdown Boy, Wrecked Him, and Zulu always seem like brother songs to me for some reason. Super fun guitar parts and just really great skate punk songs. Easily some of my favorite blink songs

  • Davon Halvorson Reply

    Humerous? Nah, try TUMEROUS. That's right this comedy is a cancer and that *is* my final answer. You think that it's absurdist multimedia? How about on-purpose leukemia. And this time? It's for real!

  • Hank Cruickshank Reply

    My dad has a Martin from 1947. Still plays it every day. If I'd taken his old Corvette out for a joyride and wrecked it he probably would've been less upset than if anything happened to that guitar.

  • Jan Bahringer Reply

    Then I would just expand those 3 values for my final answer. Or can I leave it in that form?

  • Sister Pollich Reply

    Mug I is physically strong though as seen carrying her guitar and effortlessly bearing the arm wrestle thing in the arcade wen it wrecked Ritsu

  • Ulises Fritsch Reply

    You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing.

  • Nat Greenholt Reply

    Yes Regis, that is my final answer.

  • Santiago Denesik Reply

    Trying to eat less, and working on my guitar skills again, i want to get away from video gaming, cause all the games are wrecked and twice the price.

  • Jules Mueller Reply

    Jessica Green fosho. QUESADILLA ALL DAY I like Guinness. No, wait, Gin and Tonic is my final answer. What is the first thing you do every morning after you got up?

  • Celia Pollich Reply

    No. She kept re answeringit every 30 seconds or so. But shut the fuck up Meredith is MY final answer.

  • Alanna Little Reply

    That's my final answer.

  • Suzanne Reichert Reply

    Huh. Must have been a particularly wussy set of nailclippers I used when I was 15 to clip my guitar strings. They got totally wrecked.

  • Deven Kunde Reply

    Tired of Sex has one of my favorite Weezer guitar solos. I also really like Zulu, but I prefer Wrecked Him.

  • Tavares Bechtelar Reply

    Sounds like you wrecked the guitar. Everyone knows the guitar needs wood to play, dumass

  • Arnoldo Hilll Reply

    ive had 3 XJs in my life. rear main seal. final answer

  • Krista Morissette Reply

    82.5 hours, my final answer.

  • Timmy King Reply

    Okay so one character so does that mean a character that is in both dimensions? (Example but not my final answer: HD Uni and CD Uni)