Naked Red Carpet Dress Fad — Stylish Or Not?

The nearly-naked style of the dress you see Rihanna wearing here isn’t new to the fashion world at all, but to those of you that are pretty prim and proper, you may be completely shocked knowing celebrities are walking out in public in clothing like this.

While most of them at least have the sense to cover up their nipples and other more private parts, some people are still not fans of this trend in women’s clothing. One of those that is speaking out about this style of dress is Carolina Herrera, a well known fashion designer.

Many female celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, are adopting this taboo look, but why? Just like your mom probably told you it’s better to leave a little something to the imagination, Herrera thinks these women are showing a bit more than they need to and should leave a little mystery.

If fashion designers keep making these almost naked dresses, hoping to attract a young audience, celebrities with the guts to wear them will keep strutting their stuff, almost naked.

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