HMJB while I find out what 8 G's feels like

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  • mrw I'm getting a ride home from the cute guy I met at the bar and I spot an adorable puppy out the window. That's when the roofies take hold and I quickly realize I'm in for a long night
  • When you tune in for AS2 and accidentally lay eyes on 'Finding Prince Charming' and your brain cells are like
  • MRW as a Brit when I click on /r/all and see it's full of posts about US politics
  • MRW I look into the Ark of the Covenant, but it's actually a cheap knockoff
  • When you're a casual spliff smoker and you have a bong hit
  • This kid's face while he passes out from 8 G's on a plane
  • MRW I meet a great new girl and start to get to know her
  • My reaction when she starts telling me about her day
  • Oh somebody has GOT to work their magic on this one
  • MRW I look at my report card with high expectations
  • MRW I go out on a Saturday when I'm in my 30's
  • MFW The holiday turns out to be just a monday
  • When you're on cloud 9 with non stop suction
  • HMJB while I find out what 8 G's feels like
  • When you on Cloud9 and she ain't stopping
  • Wen I bust a nut but yer nan keep suckin
  • When you hit 8G and she still sucking
  • When you nut, but she still sucking
  • when u nut but she keep suckin
  • Too many G's puts this kid out
  • MRW I nut, but she keeps going
  • What 8 G's will do to you
  • Danger Zone
  • [GIFS] 8 g
  • Nap time
  • me irl

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  • Gustave Konopelski Reply

    Jesus you can practically see the blood get sucked from his face.