NASA Wishes A Happy New Year To Mars

Mars, Pennsylvania, is celebrating the planet Mars’ New Years this weekend. NASA and many others will be getting together to celebrate an event that happens approximately every two years Earth time.

Mars, PA, is located approximately 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, it is a town proud of its name, hosting this celebration for it’s celestial counterpart. It is also home to a huge flying saucer sculpture that can be found right in the center of the town.

Since Mars is on a whole different timeline than Earth, while this celebration is happening in June this year, the 2017 celebration is planned for early May. The celebrations include many fun and educational exhibits and lots of things to keep you and the family busy for the weekend.

If you love planets, especially the red planet, maybe you should take a trip to Mars this weekend and celebrate with the martians. There are around 1,700 Earthlings living in Mars, PA. If you’re lucky, you may leave with your own martian antennae.

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