NC Police Officer Suing Starbucks For Spilled Coffee

A Raleigh, North Carolina, police officer is suing Starbucks after spilling hot coffee on his lap. The man spent eight hours on the witness stand, answering questions about the free coffee he was served, which he claimed came to him in a faulty cup, reports WRAL.

Matthew Kohr, who is a lieutenant with the special operations division, says he was given the free coffee at the Starbucks location on Peace Street in January of 2012. The lid of the cup was said to have popped up and the cup then folded in on itself. Kohr claimed to have suffered third-degree burns and blisters, and spent numerous months on sick leave, which made it a problem to return to his job afterwards.

The burn was traumatizing, according to Kohr, as it set off his Crohn’s Disease. Surgery to remove part of his intestine was required. He and his wife are trying to get $750,000 from the coffee company, but the defense attorney is arguing that Kohr suffered from illnesses prior to anything happening with the coffee.

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