Nessie The Catfish, Mystery Solved By Monster Hunter?

One man has been studying the Loch Ness monster for 24 years now, and as he reports it, Nessie is merely a large catfish. The full-time Loch Ness hunter, Steve Feltham is now speculating that Nessie is not at all a prehistoric creature, but simply a Wels catfish, which can grow up to 13 feet in length.

He came to this conclusion after giving up everything, including his home and a good woman, to dedicate his life to learning about this mysterious Scottish creature of folklore. He believes that the long curved back of the catfish is what people have seen. However, his thoughts, true or not, won’t stop hoards of people from visiting the Loch Ness in hopes of catching a glimpse of this lake monster that has been around prior to 1934, when the first famous Nessie photo was snapped.

Even with this idea in mind, Feltham refuses to give up his search. Maybe he is just as unconvinced by his own speculation as you are!

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